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  1. beanz2

    1HDT ACSD replacement

    Posting this as a new thread to make it easier to search. My 1HDT has been clicking loudly from the area of the fuel pump when it is cold. When the engine is at normal operating temp, the clicking disappeared. Dana Adams told me his had the same problem and he disabled his Assist(?) Cold Start...
  2. beanz2

    Semifloater vs. fullfloater differential question

    Before I go through a deal with a fellow club member, please let me know if I am selling what I think. He is buying two third members from me, one is a factory LSD and the other is an open diff: Question: Does the diff on top look like it can fit a semifloater cruiser rear axle...
  3. beanz2

    2.8L TGV turbo diesel

    Interesting finding a local cruiserhead found on eBay: 2.8L intercooled turbo diesel that fits a standard Chevy small block bellhousing pattern. Seems that these engines are brand new and built to order. 135 hp but can be cranked up to 170 hp. Note the pics are not of the engines. Dave
  4. beanz2

    kiwimidi: hybrid turbo?

    Kiwimidi, in your post to Readers Rides, you said you have a CT26 hybrid turbo in your BJ74. Care to tell us about it? Do you get a higher output, better spool up, etc.? The spring over conversion looks good, BTW. Dave
  5. beanz2

    Blanked out windows on Fred75's troopy

    Hi Fred, Welcome to the board! I notice the 73 and 75 series landcruisers that were sold in Belgium and the Netherlands have blanked out rear side windows. Is this so that they could be classified as a van instead of a passenger vehicle or a bus? Dave
  6. beanz2

    Widening a 70 rear axle or narrowing an 80 rear axle

    Most of us are familiar with the IFS Hilux front hub conversion to gain an extra 3" of axle width on our cruiser front axle. Aseif007 and I have been discussing how to narrow a late/US model 80 series rear axle to get it to match his front 60 series axle width. So I am posting this to share...
  7. beanz2

    New J70 dash

    Have a look at the dashboard on this 1993 KZJ70: It looks as if the instrument cluster, steering wheel column and the metal part underneath is not changed from the model that debuted in 1985, but the top upholstered part sure looks nice IMO. This is what the vehicle looks like: so...
  8. beanz2

    Non-US FJ55 taillight lenses

    Sold How do I delete this ad?
  9. beanz2

    Gearless ratchet wrenches

    Has anyone here used gearless ratchets, such as the one made by Mac Tools? What attracted me to it is the ability to ratchet in less than 5 degrees. What's your impression? Would you buy it again? Would you recommend it? Dave
  10. beanz2

    1975 FJ40 brake booster and 1" master - $10 or FREE if picked up from Pismo

    Booster and 1" bore brake master cylinder off my 1975 FJ40. Worked fine when I had 4 wheel drums, taken off for a 4 wheel disc conversion. I will also throw in a functional clutch master from the same vehicle, but the rubber cap shows cracking from age. Bsically I'm giving it away but I'm...
  11. beanz2

    US legal BJ74

    Repost from POR: The seller has sold two Town Aces and an HJ61 licensed in Washington State with positive feedbacks. Time to put up money where...
  12. beanz2

    locker cable routing

    Fitting cable lockers to my cruiser. Question for those who have a long wheel base cruiser with factory cable lockers (such as the HJ60 or HJ61): Does the rear cable go next to the fuel tank or does it run along the frame rail? Thanks, Dave
  13. beanz2

    Pitted t-case gears = whine?

    I bought this transfer case from another guy in this forum. I'm in the process of rebuilding it and I noticed the high range idler gear is pitted like this: About 2/3rd of the teeth on the gear are pitted. The input and output gears and the low range idler gear are in good shape...
  14. beanz2

    FZJ80 5 speed manual transmission

    I'm selling an H151f 5 speed transmission to fit an FZJ80. It comes with a fulltime transfer case, bellhousing, clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, clutch pedal assembly including pedal hanger, a clutch master and the transmission wiring harness. I'm asking for $2950.00 for it...
  15. beanz2

    vehicle dollies

    Been thinking of a set of vehicle dollies, those metal plates with casters, to move my other cruiser around in storage. Any recommendations? I need to move it around mostly side to side, to get to parts on the other side, etc. The cruiser in storage has no driveshaft so it is not moving under...
  16. beanz2

    Longfield spline engagement

    I'm trying to install the inner axles into my new 30 spline Longfields. In the first one on the left, there was a click when I pushed the axle shaft in and I was able to stop there. In the second one, I pushed hard as I had a much harder time getting it in and the axle went in all the way...
  17. beanz2

    Cheap 2LT motor

    Not my ad, but too cheap not to pass along: POR ad Dave
  18. beanz2

    Scrub radius with IFS widening kit?

    I need to decide if I should go ahead with the Sky IFS hub modification to add 3"of width to the axles. My wheels have 2.5" backspacing, so I am already at the equivalent of 57" width if I were using standard backspaced wheels. If I use the IFS hubs I will be at the equivalent of 60". Would...
  19. beanz2

    Taps (newbie questions)

    Newbie questions: The usual thread we see in our trucks are right hand threads, right? What's the difference between plug taps, bottom taps and taper taps? Planning to redrill my knuckle housings to fit Dana 44 9/16" studs. Dave
  20. beanz2

    Euro mirrors

    John, As you may know, Marv can order any non US OEM parts. Have you asked him? Dave
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