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    Wanted Los Angeles, CA or Socal: 4x or 5x 285/65/18 AT Tires

    Looking for all-terrain tires in good-like new condition for my 2005 LX470. Looking for this size: 285/65/18 which is a 33" tire. It would be awesome if the tires came with discount tire warranty or at least purchased at discount tire so that I can buy the insurance for the tires myself. If...
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    For Sale 5x 100 Series Wheels with 4 Tires (Suwanee, GA)

    Selling 5x 100 series 16 inch wheels with no caps and screws. 4 of the wheels have tires on them which are Michelin LTX M/S 2. The tires don't have much life left on them. I have a LX470 and was going to use these instead of the standard 18 inch wheels but ended up never using them and they have...
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    SOLD Air Down Gear Up - SS1 Sleeper Platform with Charcoal Coating (LA)

    Planning to sell my car soon so am starting to part with things. This was used for about 2-3 months and only slept on a handful of times. Everything is in great condition, works, and looks great. Some scratches on the coating. I also added some spacers to get about a half inch extra height...
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    Wanted Location: Atlanta, GA Looking for 275/60/18 Defender LTX M/S (1)

    Hello, I currently have a full set with about 15k miles on them. At the time, I didn't buy a spare and now I need one for a long trip. Anybody looking to sell one?
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    Wanted GA: 275/60/18 Tires for a 2005 LX 470

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for OEM size tires for my lx 470. OEM size is 275/60/18. I am located in GA but I am willing to travel to states nearby GA. Please let me know what you have. Thanks in advance.
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