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  1. patchagan

    Wanted Atlanta: ARB or Eaton Lockers, Transfercase regear kit, locked rear axle (100 series)

    I'm looking for the following: Eaton or ARB lockers for a 100 series front diff transfer case/center diff regear kit for a 100 series center locked 100 series axle located in Atlanta Thanks, Patch
  2. patchagan

    Wanted Atlanta: Eaton or ARB locker(s), OEM 100 series rear locked axle

    I recently granddad my front diff and happened upon a new 4.30 opened front diff. Rather than rehearing both ends and throwing in lockers, I would prefer to lock the existing front diff (new to me) and regear the transfer case/center diff. I'm looking for an Eaton or ARB locker to install in...
  3. patchagan

    MUDShip Atlanta Cross-Country

    I will be driving my 100 series cross country and making the following stops: Atlanta, GA-------------------18th July Nashville, TN-----------------18th July St. Louis, MO-----------------18th July Kansas City, MO--------------21st July Denver, CO--------------------22nd July Salida...
  4. patchagan

    Wanted Atlanta: 100 Series Front Skid Plate (aftermarket)

    I recently banged up my front OEM skid plate pretty thoroughly and need to source an aftermarket replacement if possible. Searching for used or new. I will be driving from Atlanta to St. Louis, then Kansas City to Denver, then Salida to Moab from July 18-August 2nd. I’m happy to stop...
  5. patchagan

    100 Series Rear Door Prop Failure - How Common Is It?

    I bought my '99 LX in 2020 right before the price spikes. When I took it home, I noticed that the sheet metal had small cracks forming around the rear door props. Unfortunately I did not address it immediately and this happened: ***Check your rear doors for signs of this. Address it...
  6. patchagan

    SOLD Atlanta: 100 Series Suspension Parts (Diff Drop, Springs, Torsion Bars)

    Trail Tailor diff drop (never installed): SOLD Ironman TOY025C 440-880 lb "Heavy" springs (about 50 miles on them): SOLD Landcruiser Torsion Bars (140K miles): SOLD LX Torsion Bars (260K miles): Free - will ship on your dime DM me for any other info. Located in Atlanta.
  7. patchagan

    Antenna Switch Winch Control Mod for 100

    I've read through several of the threads already but have not found any straight forward write-ups on a switch conversion. I understand that adding two relays ought to supply power to the winch...
  8. patchagan

    Wanted Atlanta: 100 Series Roof Rack

    I'm interested in a roof rack for my '99 LX470. If anyone has a low profile (something like Prinsu) or a Gamiviti etc. I am willing to drive to pick it up. I'm also doing a road trip to CO and UT later this July so anywhere along that route (stopping in Denver) is also an option.
  9. patchagan

    For Sale Atlanta: 2UZ-FE Idler Pulley Bearings NSK BD20-15DDUL

    Part no. BD20-15DDUL from NSK fits the drive belt Idler Pulley part # 16604-0F010 in the 2UZ-FE engine. Found on the 100 Series Landcruiser/Lexus LX, GX, etc. A new pulley from Toyota costs $77.19 as of 6.15.2022 from McGeorge Toyota I currently have 14 available units. I thought I'd open...
  10. patchagan

    SOLD Atlanta: 100 series springs (Ironman 440-880 TOY025C)

    I recently deleted my AHC but guessed incorrectly as to how heavy my truck is. I put the 440-880 lb springs in and only achieved 1” of lift. I just swapped them out and installed the 880 lb+ springs (super heavy duty). The 440-880 have about 200 miles on them. Brand new $180 with 25% off...
  11. patchagan

    Wanted Atlanta: Blown 100 Series Front diff

    I’m interested in attempting to install my own gears and lockers in the event that my front diff grenades itself. I’d be looking for the diff housing and the third from someone who no longer needs it (exploded). Thank you. Patch
  12. patchagan

    SOLD Atlanta: 100 Series Landcruiser & LX470 *Limited* Part Out

    External link: Patch on eBay ***If someone local wants it all for $750, let me know*** Helpful info: Located in Atlanta. I cannot accept returns at this time. I will attempt to process and ship orders as quickly as I can. I am cleaning these parts out of my shop. All parts removed were...
  13. patchagan

    SOLD Atlanta: AHC Fluid

    I have one unopened bottle of AHC fluid and one half-full bottle. I bought five bottles two years ago from my local Toyota dealer. I used three and one half of them in my truck and had zero issues with the system. $20
  14. patchagan

    For Sale Atlanta: AHC parts - 1999 & 2002 LX

    I have a myriad of AHC parts from a delete (1999 LX) and from my spares (2002 LX). I'll add pictures as soon as I can. Local pickup or buyer pays shipping. Applies to all items. I also have a set of LC Torsion bars for anyone interested - SOLD 1999 LX (259K mi.) PS front shock - $30 LX...
  15. patchagan

    SOLD Atlanta: REI foldable table, Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp

    I have two things up for sale in Atlanta. Local pickup or buyer pays shipping. Slumberjack tarp: $60 SOLD REI table: $40 SOLD Tarp is in like-new condition. I lost the spikes/tent pegs off roading (whoops) which is why the price is so low. The table is also in great condition. It is too big...
  16. patchagan

    Wanted Atlanta: 100 series Extended Sway Bar Links - Panhard correction kit - bump stops

    I'm looking for a few upgraded miscellaneous parts to be paired with my Ironman FCP 2" lift. Extended sway bar links Panhard correction kit Bump stops (aftermarket) I'm running a 1999 LX470 and am located in Atlanta.
  17. patchagan

    Patch's Build Thread (Contains extensive part numbers)

    ***IMPORTANT*** These are the most helpful resources I have to offer to anyone: Self-Updating Maintenance Schedule: Maintenance Schedule Massive Parts List: 1999 LX470 Parts List How to use thread: How to use these sheets If you look at nothing else, please check out the parts list I have...
  18. patchagan

    Wanted Atlanta: 100 Series Aftermarket Roof Rack

    Looking for a Prinsu, Gobi, Gamivit, really anything that’s out there. I’m headed to Colorado from Atlanta in July and need the extra storage space of a rack (also a place to mount an awning) I have a 1999 LX470
  19. patchagan

    100 Series SPC UCAs (Atlanta)

    If anyone has some second hand that they need to get rid of, I'm in the market. Also looking for discounts if anyone has anything. About to delete AHC and throw in an IM FCP
  20. patchagan

    Wanted Atlanta: 100 Series Torsion Bars (Landcruiser)

    I recently installed a front bumper on my LX470 and the front AHC pressures are barely over spec. Already have KTRS-79 in the rear. Looking for a set of beefy TBs to offset the additional weight a bit more. TIA, located in Atlanta, GA Patch
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