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  1. Mtntopper

    For Sale Colorado: FJ45LV Reproduction Cat-eye Tailight Lenses.

    Bought these with a whole box of OEM NOS goodies without clarifying their status, my mistake, I was blinded by their beauty. These are reproductions. I'm just really OEM focused on this project. They are in excellent condition, the right side lense has a couple of small bubbles in the plastic...
  2. Mtntopper

    For Sale Powell, WY. FJ55 parts

    Not mine. But I have dealt with this seller on some parts and he's been really great to work with. He's not on Mud, so I just went rogue and posted this here so it get's more exposure. TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ55 40 1967-80 1970's PARTS HUBS DOORS AXLE...
  3. Mtntopper

    Montana 65 FJ45LV "Tin Zen"

    I've had this LV for about three days now and it's starting to become clear that I've got a long road ahead to restore this old queen. My other major realization: I had no idea the cabin of the LV was such a special place to be, it's very proper modern design from the 60's. I bought this one...
  4. Mtntopper

    For Sale Mizzoula, MT 63 FJ45 SWB

    Sorry, duplicate post.
  5. Mtntopper

    For Sale Idaho 1963 FJ45LV

    Not mine, just posting for reference. I drove all night from CO to Idaho for this one, it was listed for $2500 and I was all over it. Then the guy calls back and says people are offering him $10k plus for it, sight unseen. Well I saw it and $2500 is the right price, he was stuck on $10k, we...
  6. Mtntopper

    For Sale Wyoming 77 FJ55

    Not mine. 1977 Toyota Fj55 Landcruiser driver
  7. Mtntopper

    SOLD Montana, 67 FJ45LV

    Not mine. Edit: Wasn't mine, is now.
  8. Mtntopper

    For Sale WA, (2) 1969 FJ40's

    Not mine, (2) 1969 FJ40's for $10,950. 1969 fj40 landcruisers two qq
  9. Mtntopper

    For Sale 71 FJ40 Colorado

    1971 Land Cruiser FJ40
  10. Mtntopper

    For Sale 71 FJ40 Aspen, CO

    Not mine, just posted today to Craigslist. Looks pretty good for the price. 1971 FJ40
  11. Mtntopper

    Memorial Day

    My dad's latest blog post. Speaks for itself, but thanks to all the Veterans out there.
  12. Mtntopper

    SOLD Colorado, 1965 FJ40 Factory Correct

    Not mine, kind of wish it was though. Original owner with a corrugated top and front drive flanges!
  13. Mtntopper

    For Sale '69 FJ40 Rusty, but priced ok.

    Not mine.69 TOYOTA FJ 40
  14. Mtntopper

    For Sale Colorado 1969 FJ40 3 speed box

    Not mine, just sharing.1969 FJ40 3 Speed Transmission
  15. Mtntopper

    For Sale Gypsum, CO 69 FJ40

    Not mine, but it's close to me if someone wants me to check it out. 1969 FJ40 Land Cruiser
  16. Mtntopper

    For Sale CA 1972 FJ40

    Not mine, just sharing. Looks pretty rust free. 1972 Toyota land cruiser fj40
  17. Mtntopper

    For Sale WA 1974 FJ 40

    Not mine, just sharing. Should be able to scrap all that diamond plate to offset the price. 1974 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
  18. Mtntopper

    For Sale CO 1973 FJ40

    Not mine, just sharing. 1973 fj40
  19. Mtntopper

    For Sale WA 1975 FJ40

    Not mine. Craigslist post, just sharing. Is that a fiberglass tub? I haven't seen fender flares like that before. 1975 FJ40 with Snow Plow!
  20. Mtntopper

    For Sale Colorado 1970 FJ40

    Not mine. Craigslist post, just sharing... 1970 Toyota FJ 40
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