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  1. light_duty

    Part # request

    Hi all, My EPC is crashed, and a search revealed nothing: would anyone be kind enough to find me a part# for a master brake cylinder for my '90 LJ78? Just wondering if there's a cross-reference to a North American model. Many thanks. Robin
  2. light_duty

    LJ78 Hockey puck lift?

    Hey all, I remember from my youth reading in 4x4 mags about hockey-puck body lifts. Is this still done at all? I'm interesting in lifting my LJ78 by 1" or so when I move to larger tires, and the hockey-puck lift seems like a pretty cheap way to do so. Being a JDM, there are no domestically...
  3. light_duty

    Part # confirmation pls

    So I blew the rear diff pinion seal on my LJ. Can anyone confirm these part numbers? I'm not sure which one to order. Also, my EPC seems to be f%%ked so I can't cross-reference to any NA models. Here are the number I got from my EPC: 04412-60100 04412-60120 Which one would I use? Thanks...
  4. light_duty

    Long Weekend Wheeling - Chewed Bridge Ranch

    Well, this is my first trip report, and it may be a little on the short side as I am at work. This was my first proper off-roading weekend, and it was a blast. It was also my first chance to wheel a cruiser and put my truck through its paces. Anyway, the home base for the weekend was the...
  5. light_duty

    LJ78 Question - autobox

    Hey all, just a quick question if you don't mind: I notice that my AT Pressure warning light does not come on at ignition, but the AT Temp warning light does. I'm wondering if the pressure warning light is burnt out. Has anyone else noticed this, or would anyone else be willing to check out...
  6. light_duty

    Lame JDM wiring

    The way my LJ78 is wired is really annoying, and I'm wondering if it's common to other JDMs or if mine was modded somewhere along the line. Anyway, it drives me crazy that I need to turn the key to "ON" in order to open/close the windows or sunroof. I'm learning to make sure that I've got all...
  7. light_duty


    Well, after almost 6 months of learning and wrenching, tonight I put the last few pieces on my truck and turned it over. To my surprise and delight, it started right up and settled into a happy little rattling idle. For those that don't know, I imported a 90 LJ78 last fall, complete with...
  8. light_duty

    Timing belt deflection - 2L-TE

    Does anybody know the correct timing belt deflection for the 2L-TE? I don't have my FSM handy and I going straight from work today to work on the truck. Anyone know how to properly tension the timing belt on this engine? Thanks, Robin
  9. light_duty

    Valve Lash 2L-TE

    Anybody know the valve clearance settings on the 2L-TE? I've got the 2L-T manual, just want to make sure the settings don't differ for the EFI model. Yes I've done a search. Thanks, Robin
  10. light_duty

    Noob question - water pump install

    Hey all, this is a newbie question. Since I've always been an air-cooled VW guy, I know jack about water pumpers. Forum search didn't help. Anyway, I'm about to install my new Toyota Water pump into my 2L-TE, with a new paper gasket. Question: do I need to add some kind of gasket sealer to...
  11. light_duty

    Pulling the head ?

    Hey all, I'm all ready to pull the head on my 2L-TE. Everything's off, stretch bolts out, but the sucker won't budge. I've tried the screwdriver under the joint, cold chisel, thin scraper, tapping head with a dead blow hammer, levering, you name it. Can't get it to move. Does anyone have...
  12. light_duty

    Water temp question

    Hi All, I've searched this forum and others but have found nothing...maybe i'm not searching the right keywords, but anyway, I'm going to ask my question of the fine folks here in the international section. This evening I plan to install a mech water temp gauge in my LJ. I had thought about...
  13. light_duty

    ATF question - LJ78

    Hi all, I pulled the rad on my LJ78 this week, and lost some ATF in disconnecting the hoses, etc. Just wondering if I can use Dexron III to top up the tranny. The FSM says Dexron II, so there might be II and III mixed up in there once I top up. I can't seem to find Dexron II around these...
  14. light_duty

    Rear disc caliper question

    So I take the rear calipers off my LJ78 to install my new pads, only to discover that the piston is pretty much siezed in the caliper. I had to use a bench vise to push the piston back into the cylinder. I made a couple of calls to local brake shops, and was told "we usually just replace the...
  15. light_duty

    New Brake Shoes BJ60/BJ70

    It's a sad story, but anyway I've got a set of BRAND NEW (still in box) shoes for your BJ 60/70. Fits 1980/8 on. Premium shoes, made in Japan. All I want out of them is what I got into them...about $75 CDN. If you're in Calgary, or thereabouts I can probably deliver...if you're not in a...
  16. light_duty

    strange engine behaviour on 2L-TE

    Hey all, any ideas apprciated: Here's the lowdown: I picked up the LJ78 this morning in Calgary. Everything ran great: engine temp never left the lower part of the dial, EGTs never topped 850F. Ran a steady 100kph at about 2800 rpm for over 2 hours, no problems... ...until I hit...
  17. light_duty

    2L-T, 2L-TE Clearinghouse

    Greetings, So, I've decided to gather the results of my extensive web-based research about the 2L-TE engine into one spot and make it publicly available on my website in a sort of clearinghouse format. Here's the link: 2L-Tx Clearinghouse A lot of the links are to various threads in...
  18. light_duty

    Getting parts

    Can anyone give me the skinny on ordering JDM parts through CDN Toy dealers? I haven't encountered this yet, since my truck is still on the boat, but when I finally do venture into their parts department, I fully expect them to say "Can't do it." What I really want to know is: Is it that...
  19. light_duty

    The Newest of the New

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, new to Land Cruisers, new to diesels, new to turbos, new to JDM trucks. But I'm keen to learn and contribute any way that I can. Anyway, I've got a 1990 LJ78 that's on its way over - should be in Vancouver end of this week. The truck's got about 69,000km on...
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