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  1. BHillteq

    Builds George - 1983 Pickup SR5 Long Bed

    Giving an old Toyota a new life is wildly rewarding. I know, I know. Most of you already knew this, but as much fun as fixing up our Cruiser has been, saving this Pickup has been oddly more satisfying. It couldn't replace our Cruiser, by any stretch, but it's scratching an itch I didn't even...
  2. BHillteq

    FJ62 Transmission fluid coming out of dipstick tube

    Ohh boy. Here we go again. I spend a few weeks getting this old gal to pass emissions, and on our first trip to Idaho post smog pass, and things go sideways. Driving along at a cool 72 miles per, and about 90 miles into our 100 mile trip, I feel the torque converter unlock, while I'm pulling a...
  3. BHillteq

    Cruisin Hills Adventures

    My wife and I are by no means expert videographers, nor world traveled explorers. But we are inspired by them, and share the same desire to get outside, explore new places, and share our experiences with friends and family. Both of us are Toyota fanboys/girls respectively, having owned Pickups...
  4. BHillteq

    FJ62 TBI 350 correct temp sending unit?

    Hey mudders! I have a 90 FJ62, and the PO had a TBI 350 swapped into it, and I'm still ironing out everything from the swap. When I got it, the engine temp gauge didn't read anything, and about an hour of diagnosing we figured out the wiring was good! The sending unit just wasn't reading. I...
  5. BHillteq

    Failed emissions, poor idle, high in hydro carbons, temp spikes

    Well, I finally bought my dream car! 1988 FJ62. She's a beaut, but she needs some love. I live in Salt Lake and I'm having a heck of time getting it to pass our super strict emissions. I know this is a very common occurrence for Cruiser owners, and I've used the nifty search tool quite...
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