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  1. NMuzj100

    Would a lifted 100 benefit from adjustable upper rear control arms ?

    Cruising Slee's site and noticed his Adjustable Upper Rear Control Arms for lifted 80s series trucks and wondered if it is something that would be useful for a lifted 100. Slee - Toyota 80 Land Cruiser Series Suspension Arms
  2. NMuzj100

    Built White AZ 100 in Denver

    Spotted in motel parking lot south of C470 a very nicely built 100 traveling with a built 80 both with AZ plates. Nice trucks! Who was that ?
  3. NMuzj100

    Marks Adaptors - Chevy 5.7L into a 100

    Just read this article off the Marks 4WD Adaptors' site. V8 Super Cruiser from Marks Adaptors For those looking for more power this might be a nice option.
  4. NMuzj100

    Fridge drop slide from Slee - Anyone try one yet ?

    Just saw this on their website. Looks very nice !
  5. NMuzj100

    New LED Off Road lights from Slee !

    Anyone have these on a 100 yet ? Slee - LED Lights
  6. NMuzj100

    Power Steering filters w/ new rack

    Several members are replacing steering racks and some (Shotts) have had trouble getting good life out of the new racks. When putting a new rack into an old system (pump,reservoir and hoses) it is a good idea to install an in-line filter to catch debris from the failed rack and prevent it from...
  7. NMuzj100

    VIN and Production date range for problem transmissions in the 100

    If everyone who has experience transmission problems will PM me with the some data I will figure out a range of dates or VINs that could experience a problem without revealing any individual vehicle information. PM me with... Year, Model, VIN, date of production, mileage when problem...
  8. NMuzj100

    200 Trayback

    You don't see one of these everyday! I wonder were the market for these comes from. Do they not have standard pickups in Australia ?
  9. NMuzj100

    A340F,A343F Automatic Transmission Repair Manual RM479U

    Does anyone have this on CD or PDF ?
  10. NMuzj100

    Steering damper for 100 with IFS ?

    Can a steering damper be fitted to the 100 ? Would there be a benefit ?
  11. NMuzj100

    What is this piece of 4x4 equipment ?

    What is the device on the front wheel of this truck ? At first I thought it might be one of those "Hub winches" but I don't think so. Edit - I guess it's on the rear wheel too. Now I'm thinking it's some sort of central tire inflator ....
  12. NMuzj100

    Clean Black LC 100 in Castle Rock

    Who is driving a very clean glossy black 100 around Castle Rock, Colorado ? - looked lifted - spoiler removed and no roof rack - All rear emblems removed (maybe a embarrassed LX) The truck looked great and pictures need to be posted on the board. Pint ? BMWStoy ? Also saw a nice lifted one...
  13. NMuzj100

    Wanted 100 series Right OEM fog light

    Willing to pay a fair price. Please PM me if you have a take off from your ARB Upgrade. Thanks
  14. NMuzj100

    Wanted FSM for 1995 4Runner

    Need FSM for 1995 4runner. If you have one you are looking to part with give me a PM. Thanks
  15. NMuzj100

    Rough Idle/Sputtering/CEL/Misfire = Coil pack problems

    A relatively common problem so I gathered some of our threads in one place. Landpimp - Finding the pack to replace MIL Codes P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected P0301 - Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected P0302 - Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected P0303 - Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected P0304 -...
  16. NMuzj100

    Wanted 100 series right foglight

    Need 100 series right foglight. I'll pay a fair price.
  17. NMuzj100

    Jayco Popup Trailer - Colorado Springs, CO

    Jayco Popup Trailer - Colorado Springs, CO -sold Sold. 1999 12' Jayco Eagle ST Popup trailer for Sale - $4000 Big Popup with lots of room when open. Tows easily with my 100 (2800 lbs GTWR). Inspected and greased bearings w/ new grease seals at the start of summer. New brake pads and new...
  18. NMuzj100

    Will Slee Stepsliders for the LX fit a LC ?

    Looking at a used set but I don't know if they'll work.
  19. NMuzj100

    Rapid blinking from turn signals - 99 Camry

    I am getting an annoying rapid blink from the left turn signals in my 1999 Toyota Camry. I've checked from the outside and all the lights are working. They are just blinking fast. Is this a relay are something ?
  20. NMuzj100

    linking to specific posts within a thread ...

    Is there a way to refer a link to a thread but have the thread open at a specific post number. I know how to link a thread ... I know how to link a single post ... But can I link an entire thread with the thread opening on a specific post number. This could be helpful for...
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