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  1. booradley

    For Sale Section

    Free to good home: I can't imagine why anyone would want this, but I will bring it to the club meeting on Thursday if someone claims it, otherwise I'm chunking it. Radio was working fine, CD was not, don't know about the cassette.
  2. booradley

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    New Kenwood radio and subwoofer in the back. Kickin' now.
  3. booradley

    100 Sound

    I solved this equation this week. I can recommend Sounds Great in Hoover. Rick and Emmitt are nice guys to deal with. New Kenwood and subwoofer. The door speakers were fine. I guess I was lucky to have the single sub in the back instead of the double? Apparently the double is a hard-fit...
  4. booradley

    7th Annual Mardi Krawl, April 4-7

    Finally got registered. If you are planning on going there is a small price jump on 2/15. Let's go up there and represent!
  5. booradley

    Should this rust scare me from buying?

    Agree. That one looks rusty. I've got one from AL and one from OR. Zero rust. If you are willing to travel they are out there. Good luck.
  6. booradley

    Choccolocco on Groundhog Day

    Hate to miss it; this sounds like a good one. You all have fun.
  7. booradley

    Dixieland Brewery Tour

    We might.
  8. booradley

    7th Annual Mardi Krawl, April 4-7

    Dianne and I are in. Will be staying off-site but in it to win it.
  9. booradley

    DixieLand Shootin'

    Good times today. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  10. booradley

    DixieLand Shootin'

    Anybody up for some shootin'? Some options: - Meet up at Hoover Tactical one Saturday. It's a popular place for car clubs. They've got breakfast. Do some shooting. - Head to CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park - Civilian Marksmanship Program at Talladega. It's like Disneyworld with guns. If time...
  11. booradley

    HAMOM - October 27th

    I need you all to install my diff drop while I eat donuts.
  12. booradley

    What brand of power tools?

    Random unhelpful thoughts: I had a full set of Porter Cable cordless tools that I bought in 2002. The tools were top quality; the batteries were crappy. I kept having them rebuilt at the battery store, but still they would die without warning. Sold them for almost nothing several years ago...
  13. booradley


    Good to see everyone tonight! i will meet wherever, but FWIW I vote we go back to Billy's .
  14. booradley

    DLC Club T-Shirt Order

    I am in for several. Just let me know what do when the time comes. Thanks.
  15. booradley


    I don't care really. I work downtown and no big deal wherever it is. But Billy's has a very good combination of all factors (central location, good parking, good food and drink). Agree that whatever location gets the most people there consistently is the biggest consideration.
  16. booradley


    One vote for leaving it at Billy 's. Whatever though.
  17. booradley

    DLC Christmas Party - Nov 30th

    or about 11 or 12 or 13
  18. booradley

    DLC Christmas Party - Nov 30th

    Citrus bourbon punch got added to the menu today.
  19. booradley

    DLC Christmas Party - Nov 30th

    Bump Christmas Party is this Friday. Spouse is making chili. Dirty Santa. Much fun. If you have been a DixieLand cruiser in the past and want to reestablish please come on. Looking forward to meeting you Friday night. Nick might drop in on his way to ATL. Gus has sent his regrets.
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