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  1. Martyt

    Aussie HJ74

    Nice work mate (as they say there):)
  2. Martyt

    Correct Valve Cover Nut's for F135/145/155?

    Same for 5/69
  3. Martyt

    For Sale FJ40 Ignition Coils

    Can you provide th numbers of the coils? Thx
  4. Martyt

    Dizzy advance / retard highway backfire

    Wow, @Dizzy and @Pin_Head — good detailed info. I don’t have the issues that the OP has but love MUD for expanding knowledge about our beloved 40s
  5. Martyt

    For Sale 60 Series PTO winch (WA state)

    Nice deal for someone!!
  6. Martyt

    Sky Blue 69 Build

    Looks nice! Why did you change the turn signal lights?
  7. Martyt

    1969 FJ40 FST No Footman Loops

    I have an original 69’ FST and can take some pictures for you if you want.
  8. Martyt

    Differences between the year models

    There were also mid-year changes as well— the 3/69-9/69 carb as one example
  9. Martyt

    For Sale Fst door handles

    The nos ones that is— Will send PM
  10. Martyt

    For Sale Fst door handles

    I will take them
  11. Martyt

    turn signal wiring help

    In my view, as long as the wiring is schematically correct in terms of functionality, I would not have any qualms about running a new wire here and there.
  12. Martyt

    Rebuilding 73 Trail Rig

    Nice work! Funny (or maybe not so funny) how one issue can beget (or reveal) another issue—- sometimes willful blindness is not such a bad thing (unless you have to deal with a sheared crank of course):)
  13. Martyt

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Thanks to @S4Cruiser, I have the period correct (and old) FST safety straps. I will now put the new SOR ones I just bought up for sale on MUD. He also had the FST outside handles for my FST doors!! Those are hard to find!
  14. Martyt

    Challenge Accepted: Project #FarmForty

    Wow!!! Love the video— I don’t think you need to anything to it for a farm truck. Heck, with all the posts I read on MUD about this and that engine problem on rigs that have been well cared for, I would say you found a diamond in the rough
  15. Martyt

    2F into a 72 FJ40 need transmission advice

    For the record, it is called an “FJ40” or “40” not an FJ:)
  16. Martyt

    First time cruiser-er

    I would rebuild the original motor (but that’s just me):)
  17. Martyt

    Is this a 1979 FJ40

    I would say 78.
  18. Martyt

    For Sale Reproduction Early FJ25, FJ40 Light Switch Knobs

    I saw an OEM used one on eBay for $350– yours are a bargain and look great!
  19. Martyt

    Choke cable variations

    Hilarious!!! So all those throttle controls were whisked away— an abduction. LMFAO
  20. Martyt

    Choke cable variations

    Inferential—- spoken like a lawyer:). The logic makes sense to me. Part of the fun of the 40s is figuring out some of the factory changes. Some had to do with the US market—Toyota was always playing catchup on emissions; hence the carb on my 69’ which was on 3/69-9/69. With that said...
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