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  1. shocktower

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I did front and rear hatch and hood struts, got them from Mcmaster carr, had to replace my belt tensioner it died and killed my belt
  2. shocktower

    FJ80 Fuel Pump life expectancy

    I have tossed a bunch of those cushions and fuel pumps
  3. shocktower

    Black carpet

    I know of a black vinyl floor covering made in Australia , but shipping it is a high, they make a high quality vacuum formed trufit is the company , I want to go this route
  4. shocktower

    Builds Cummins R2.8 H151 Swap into 1993 FZJ80

    I have one thing I would ditch those spring clamps on your heater hoses, I would go regular hose clamps, and replace your heater valve, it looks ready to blow. Tire size for the gearing I run 35's but I am running a 6bt and I want to go to 37's . I am able to go 70 MPH @ 2300 RPMs 4:10 gearing
  5. shocktower

    Which FOB for the RS3000?

    The place for these 20+ year old junk alarms is the garbage I have tossed a bunch I hate them, but a new one with remote start up :flipoff2:
  6. shocktower

    Rear Heater Delete Hose with a Factory look

    I use gates when I swapped my cummins I have 2 sets of rear hear hard pipes that go down the firewall brass ones
  7. shocktower

    94 FJ80 Transmission Woes

    Most lose the D power and need blue pill's
  8. shocktower

    Should I replace non-faulty fuel injectors?

    There is a Dr Injector in Gladstone Oregon that are a pretty good place, I had my BWW injectors done there, they are a very competent shop in PNW
  9. shocktower

    94 FJ80 Transmission Woes

    :moon:Well I must have missed what @baldilocks said as well as the OP mentioned, I tend to always read to be sure I am not repeating redundancy, I try
  10. shocktower

    Are any of you daily driving their 80-Series?

    :bounce:I daily mine, but I did the dirty diesel swap and get a solid 20mpg and I enjoy it more than ever
  11. shocktower

    94 FJ80 Transmission Woes

    Ok here is a diagnoses , un plug the transmission from ecu, and now drive start in 1 st then shift 2nd and then 3rd and four, the torque converter will not lock, but if you shift ok manually you have bad solenoids change them, this is a common problem, and there is no set mileage it just does...
  12. shocktower

    Won’t start after maintenance

    When in doubt fuseable also is you igniter, plugged in
  13. shocktower

    Builds Dirty Koala Build - Cummins 6BT + NV4500 + HF2AV Swap

    That's a nice brace, on mine we just cut 7/16 " out of the brace and a little heat bend it down 1" and welded some gussets, seems to work out , I am glad you did not get in a accident . On cold day's here I use my block heater, I was told that if you bump the timing up a little it help with the...
  14. shocktower

    Bait and Switch 94

    What happened without carfax did we die
  15. shocktower

    Bait and Switch 94

    So it runs and drives good, and you looked into the past history way after you bought it, who cares just drive it, and quite whining :zilla::flipoff2:
  16. shocktower

    Are any of you daily driving their 80-Series?

    Every day but I swapped it to a Cummins and I get waaaaay better mileage, and I can pass people :bounce:
  17. shocktower

    Getting ready to buy an 80 series hoping for some advice

    The prices are all over the place, these are 22 years old and gaining more miles, you could find one from 6K - 16K , my friend sold his it had 157K 3X ARB front OME lift OBA he got 13K for his 94
  18. shocktower

    Bad Brake Bleeding vs. Badly Adjusted LSPV

    Once I used a pressure bleeder, I will never go the old way, I can do them by myself faster than a 2 man crew , and it can be a flush bleed
  19. shocktower

    Replaced the middle row seats in my LX450 with rear seats from a 2015 Audi Q5

    o_Oo_Oo_O Many people miss them, they are nice because the hold the seats up
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