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  1. KLF

    What’s up with my power port?

    Having been behind the dash where the ports are (next to the ashtray) I can confirm the factory wires are pathetically thin. They sure don't look like they are rated for 15A to me, which is the size of the fuse. This is one of the reasons why I am in the process of running a #4 wire from the...
  2. KLF

    New Wipers OE vs Aftermarket

    Here's a very informative thread on this topic, with part numbers: This is what I came up with after too much time spent researching: Left (driver) side: 85222-42110, length is 600mm, right on the box. Rights...
  3. KLF

    Costco oscillating tool?

    I have two, and have since given many as Christmas and birthday gifts. They don't look useful, until you have one. Then they save the day. One is an older Rockwell, and I have a cordless Makita. Advice: Get one that doesn't require a tool to remove/replace the blades. Get one with a light on...
  4. KLF

    ARB skid plates: good idea?

    If it was an Audi, they would just cut a hole in it to change your oil: I would remove the skidplate before taking it in for an oil change. But, by the time you get that done, you might as well just change...
  5. KLF

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    This is what I'm talking about, drives my OCD off the rails: That Blackhawk thing looks perfect, but is probably a little too big to fit in that spot. Unfortunately "Currently Unavailable" :frown:
  6. KLF

    What have you done to your 200 Series this week?

    I'll post this, even though it might not be popular... I used the tip from @Markuson and ordered four of those 5.11 Tactical "Light Writing" pouch thingys for stuffing tools and other quick grab items, to stick on the fuzzy part like that. I don't like them, they are not working out. Every...
  7. KLF

    Builds New To Me 83 Long Bed Pickup

    Quoting this for later, for when the truck is a tubed-out buggy trailer-queen. :p
  8. KLF

    What’s up with my power port?

    That's strange. They're on the same fuse.
  9. KLF

    Oil consumption, 1 quart every 1,000 miles

    It's probably worth taking out and hosing out with brake cleaner. Takes only a few minutes.
  10. KLF

    The life and times of my 1987 Toyota Pickup - KLF Special

    Well I do admit that I do miss it sometimes. Then I get in my Cruiser with a real V8 engine, heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel, cold AC, fridge in the center console, radar cruise control, and so on... Life isn't so bad.
  11. KLF

    A Few Quick New LC200 Owner Questions

    I agree that you shouldn't need an alignment, but insist on Road Force Balancing with your new tires, it takes a special Hunter machine. If the tire shop doesn't have one, go somewhere else. Very important with tires that size, especially with the KO2s.
  12. KLF

    Pulled Skid Plate - Trans Drip

    I had one of those as a company vehicle when I was working in the oil patch, mid 80's. 300 ci inline 6, 4 speed manual. I beat that thing like a rented mule and it showed it. The one redeeming thing I did like was the plastic interior, I would come back to the shop at the end of the day with the...
  13. KLF

    Keyless fob not working on left side (driver side)

    After you get them cleaned, I would put a light coat of dielectric grease on all the contacts. Kind of a dumb place to put a connector like that.
  14. KLF

    The life and times of my 1987 Toyota Pickup - KLF Special

    Finally got this thing framed, now hanging in my office:
  15. KLF

    Stock running boards on a 1989 Pickup?

    There is a set of OEM running boards available for that generation, I'm betting they are dealer installed. But that is not them. Those are most definitely aftermarket.
  16. KLF

    Keyless fob not working on left side (driver side)

    The rear antenna in the 200 is in the rear bumper, above the rear crossmember. There's another one in the center console, I presume that is part of the system that detects if you are inside or not.
  17. KLF

    Pulled Skid Plate - Trans Drip

    Very interested to hear how this turns out. Hopefully they won't pull the "suspension has been altered, warranty void, here's your bill!" crap.
  18. KLF

    LX570 door advertising. Wait....what?

    Fwiw, my brother bought a brand new 2017 Platinum Highlander, and it shines "HIGHLANDER" on the ground like that, the lights are from the factory. We laughed pretty hard when we found that little surprise the first night.
  19. KLF

    LX570 door advertising. Wait....what?

    This is why every time I buy a vehicle from a dealership, I put in big letters on the sales contract: "ALL DEALER LOGOS AND BADGING TO BE REMOVED FROM VEHICLE PRIOR TO FINAL DELIVERY" They don't like it? I start putting my coat on to leave.
  20. KLF

    White 200 owners: what are you doing with your chrome?

    You can't just easily remove the door trim, it has clips that pop into holes in the door. I think it would also leave an ugly "wrinkle" in the sheetmetal. My plan is to find some gray 3M wrap material that matches the middle section of my RW wheels, do the door trims and the tailgate edge trim...
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