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  1. Rifleman

    Need A Source for Factory Style Cat Exhaust Flanges

    I'd like to make 2 "test tubes" to temporarily replace the factory cats on my 94 Land cruiser. But I'm having a problem finding a source for cat exhaust flanges that will marry up to my exhaust pipes that use the factory doughnut style exhaust gaskets. If anyone knows of a source please PM me...
  2. Rifleman

    Don't trust that factory temp gauge

    I installed a Koso water temp gauge a few months back when i installed my new factory radiator. Today i decided to do a little test. So i watched my factory gauge as the water temp started to warm up. At a temp of 135 degrees showing on my Koso water temp gauge, my factory water temp gauge...
  3. Rifleman

    27 years old and still like new

    This past weekend i replaced my original 27 year old radiator with a factory new one. While i was doing this job i replaced my 27 year old heater control valve too. I'm really surprised to report that my old heater control valve still looks, and functions like new.
  4. Rifleman

    Does Motor oil have a shelf life?

    Well i stopped by a buddy's shop today, he was in the process of cleaning out some of his storage cabinets. On one of his work bench's i noticed 3 unopened cases of 10W40 motor oil. I ask him what he's planing on doing with that oil. He tells me he's going to take it to the parts store to...
  5. Rifleman

    New Factory Toyota radiator

    Well Santa showed up today, only a few weeks late, but he did bring me a new Factory Toyota radiator for my truck. I do have a word of warning about the factory box that these radiators are shipped in. They offer VERY LITTLE PROTECTION to your radiator during shipping. I got VERY lucky that my...
  6. Rifleman

    1994 plastic fender flair clip part number

    I need the part number for the plastic clips that hold the plastic fender flairs to the rear door of my 1994 land cruiser. Along with the part number for those clips, i need the part number for the plastic part that snaps into the door that those clips fit into too.
  7. Rifleman

    Lost My 2 Cats.

    Well it's been a super ruff two days for my wife and i, first we lost our oldest cat two days ago to old age, she was 14. So i no sooner get done burying her in our back yard, and then this morning her 9 year old son had a stoke and was no longer able to walk. We rushed him to the vet right...
  8. Rifleman

    I Need Factory Suspension Bushing Part Numbers.

    I need a list of Factory part numbers for all the front and rear suspension bushing used on a 1994 LandCruiser. I'd like to order replacements before they become NLA from Toyota.
  9. Rifleman

    Qustion About Spindle Needle Bearings

    The other day i was teaching my son how to clean, repack, and reinstall wheel bearings on my land cruiser. Once we got everything apart i noticed that my spindles had about .010 wear on them where the outer wheel bearing rides. So i called up, and spoke to one of Kurt's guys at Cruiser...
  10. Rifleman

    Need Help Finding Brake Caliper Torque Spec.

    I was doing some PM on my truck today with my son. I told him to remove the brake rotors on my Land Cruiser so i could teach him the correct way to clean, inspect, re grease, and reinstall/tighten a set of wheel bearings. Problem is, my son made the mistake of removing one of the lower bolts...
  11. Rifleman

    Toyota Land Cruiser does it again

    Here's a good read about an overland and water trip covering almost 25000 miles.
  12. Rifleman

    I Hate Water Leaks

    Well we had a steady rain here for 2 days in a row, during that time my truck was parked in my driveway never moving. The day after the rain stopped i got in my truck and noticed that the drivers side floor mat looked wet, sure enough it was damp, along with the carpet under the mat. The only...
  13. Rifleman

    1993/1994 AFM (Volume Air Flow Meter) Interchange List

    I'm trying to make up a list of other Toyota cars, and trucks that use a AFM that will work on 1993, and 1994 Land Cruiser. I've read that some early production 1995 Land Cruisers came with a AFM, but since 1995 was the change over year from OBD1 using the AFM, to OBD2 using a MAF, I'm not sure...
  14. Rifleman

    Fuel pressure regulator thread size.

    I'd like to check the fuel pressure on my 94 Land Cruiser, but the way the FSM says to perform this job is by removing the fuel line Banjo bolt from the fuel rail back by the EGR valve. Then you install a Schrader valve adapter in place of the Banjo bolt so you can connect your fuel pressure...
  15. Rifleman

    Planing ahead, and why you should always carry extra gear.

    My wife and i planed a day trip to go look at the snow up north. Before we left we checked the weather report where we were going, it said it was supposed to be partly cloudy and cold. Even so we still packed up some extra cold weather clothing, sleeping bags, along with some food and water...
  16. Rifleman

    No check engine light, ruff idle problem

    I've run into a intermittent ruff idle problem the past few days, but do to limited time i haven't had a chance to trouble shoot it yet. I'm working with a 1994 Land Cruiser. So far the problem seems to only cause the idle to drift up, and down between 650, and 475 RPM while in drive, with AC...
  17. Rifleman

    Installing Old Man EMU Stock Height Replacement spring kit

    Well since my truck is now almost 25 years old, i thought it was high time for some fresh springs. Since i didn't want to install a lift kit, and all the extra work that comes along with doing a lift, i went with stock height springs. Even going with OME factory stock height springs, they still...
  18. Rifleman

    For Sale 94 Arizona rust free low miles 3Xlocked

    First off this is not my truck, found it on Craig's list so don't contact me with questions. Rust free Arizona only truck with 151000 miles. Located in Phoenix Arizona (602) 570-4029 If you are from out of state, and would like me to look at this truck to do a pre buy inspection, PM me. 1994...
  19. Rifleman

    Parting Out 91 to 97 factory duel fuel filler neck

    This is not my item so don't contact me, i saw this on a craigs list ad. Call (928) 358-3897 item is located in Payson Arizona. Cost $375.00
  20. Rifleman

    Bolt On Spare Tire Carrier

    I, like most Mud members have wanted to get my spare tire out from underneath my truck since i bought it, in order to gain more ground clearance. With the summer camping season coming up i wanted to buy a bolt on spare tire carrier, but i didn't want to wait months to take delivery, so i built...
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