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    For Sale Springville, UT : A440F Transmission for sale 165K miles, $300

    I've got an A440F automatic transmission from a 1992 FJ80. 165,000 original miles. Pulled from my cruiser along with the motor to make room for a modern engine/transmission conversion. Trans worked fine when pulled last June. Been stored in my garage. DM me and I can send more detailed photos...
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    For Sale FJ80 Complete Engine & Transmission 3FE A440

    I've got a 3F motor and A440 transmission from a 1992 Toyota Landcruiser FJ80. I pulled the engine and transmission myself as part of an engine conversion i'm doing. The motor and trans were pulled in June and have been stored in my climate controlled shop ever since. I have video of the truck...
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    For Sale Salt Lake City, UT 1992 FJ80 A440F 165,000 miles

    Pulled the engine and trans out of my ‘92 FJ80 and am selling the A440F automatic trans. Truck had 165,000 when pulled. Trans functions were normal. No leaks. The oil buildup is from a leaky rear main and engine oil pan seep. During disassembly I discovered 3 broken bolts on the flexplate/torque...
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    For Sale Con-Ferr Roof Rack with Gutter Clamps

    I've got a Con-Ferr roof rack used on an FJ40 that I just don't use. Condition is good, includes 6 gutter clamps. Located near Salt Lake City, UT. Includes two small aluminum boxes that are bolted to the rack. I don't really know what its worth, so PM me your offers.
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    For Sale FJ60 Complete Axles 1984 model

    I've got complete axles from a 1984 FJ60 I'm looking to clear out. I don't have any clue what these are worth so please give some feedback. I was going to use these on my 40 but decided to keep the stock axles. These came from a running/driving 60 that had 245k on the odometer. Brakes worked...
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    For Sale Man A Fre V8 Radiator - $350

    Hello there. I have a Man A Fre aluminum radiator designed for use with V8 conversions for an FJ40. The radiator is about a year old but was installed for only a few months prior to me pulling the V8 and going back to Toyota power. Condition is excellent. Link to item description on from Man a...
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    For Sale SBC V8 Ranger 2 Speed FJ40 Conversion Utah, USA

    I've decieded to sell the SBC V8 and Ranger 2 Speed overdrive currently in my '74 FJ40 in an effort to return to Toyota power. Included in the sell are the following items: SBC V8 Edelbrock 4bbl Carb Distributor Accessory belts and pulleys Exhaust manifolds Altenator self-regulating Ron Davis...
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    For Sale 40 Series Soft Top

    I have a used soft top from my 1974 FJ40 I'm looking to sale. It is a Bestop Tigertop. Also have Bestop soft full doors and Bestop half doors. I'm looking to sell this stuff to fund other goodies for my cruiser project. Everything is in very good shape and according to my assessment includes all...
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