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  1. wkbogie

    1991 LC80 barely moves under own power

    Hey Guys! Well I bought a 1991 LC80 last month site unseen. ;) It has 250k on it and "looks" great. How ever when the flat bed rolled up, the LC started and idled decent but would not pull itself off the trailer. It will rev up to 2000rpm in neutral if I go very slowly on the accelerator. Looks...
  2. wkbogie

    Drivers front window clips

    Hey guys, My 98 LX470 has broken both window clips on the bottom of the glass. The ones that attach the glass to the regulator channel/bar (?) I have no idea where to find them online and the guys at the dealership didn't have a clue what I was talking about on the phone. Anyone know where or...
  3. wkbogie

    For Sale Wanted. Lx450 running boards

    Hi guys! I have a 1997 lx450 that needs some running boards. Lmk if you have a set for sale. Thanks, Kevin 9195598418
  4. wkbogie

    LX470 Headlight Bulb Upgrade- Pics

    Hey Guys, Thought I would share this quick upgrade to the low beams. I bought this 1999 LX a couple months ago and have been disappointed with the low beam headlight output. The high beams are fine, but the lows suck. I have terrible night vision so I needed a quick upgrade. I did a lot of...
  5. wkbogie

    LX470 AHC Stiff Ride Correction

    Hey Guys, I bought a 1999 LX470 with 165k on the clock. It rides extremely rough on expansion joints but handle speed bumps like velvet. It is all stock and I plan to keep it that way except for some 256/75/16BFG's and roof rack. After spending countless hours on here I decided to buy...
  6. wkbogie

    BFG A/T KO Tires 265/75r16 Vs 32x11.50 Vs 33x10.50

    hey Guys, I know this is random, but i have looked for a side by side comparison of 265.75 Vs 32's and couldn't find one. I am trying to decide if i like the 265/75r16 or want to try a 285/75r16. My LX feels every little bump but great on big bumps. I liked the 32x11.50r15 I had on my Jeep so...
  7. wkbogie

    Door Handle Rattle

    Hey Guys. My "new" 1999 LX470 Pass front door has a bad rattle when you shut the door. I took the inner panel off to have a look. Someone has been in there before and did not reattach the moisture barrier (booo). Vapor barrier removed by previous owner by wkbogie posted Jun 16, 2016 at 11:37 AM...
  8. wkbogie

    Leather Repair/Replacement for my 1999 LX470

    Hey Guys, I bought an LX470 a couple weeks ago. It is a great truck so far, but like most cars with 160k on the clock, it needs a few repairs. has a 65mph shimmy, rough ride, bad brakes, doors rattle and the front seats are not up to par for my wife (or me). So, I have read and reread the...
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