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  1. 04UZJ100

    European Formula Castrol 5W30 Good to Go?

    Accidentally picked up 20 quarts of Castrol Edge synthetic 5W30 European Formula. This good to go in the 2UZ?
  2. 04UZJ100

    Exhaust/Manifold Crack and Leak - Any Potential Damage? How Urgent to Fix?

    I have began to hear a tick during the initial crank/fire of the 2UZ in my 100 series. After about 1 second of audible ticking, it cannot be detected at idle anywhere around the car. The tick is then noticeable when driving under light acceleration until the car warms up. What's confusing...
  3. 04UZJ100

    1MM KM 5.7 LX570

    Saw this on Reddit…..a 1,000,000 KM 5.7 LX570….. Pretty cool.
  4. 04UZJ100

    Mystery Rain Water Leak Rear Driver Side

    Hello folks, Trying to diagnose a mystery leak from the very rear driver side. When the 100 is exposed to rain, the truck proceeds to drain from the rear near the tow hitch on the driver side when repositioned. Sun roof drains are clear so not sure what could be causing this. Any ideas?
  5. 04UZJ100

    Mystery Rain Water Leak From Very Rear Driver Side

    Hello folks, Trying to diagnose a mystery leak from the very rear driver side. When the 100 is exposed to rain, the truck proceeds to drain from the rear near the tow hitch on the driver side when repositioned. Sun roof drains are clear so not sure what could be causing this. Any idea?
  6. 04UZJ100

    2022 Tundra = US 300

    Lots of interesting info here from the Tundra’s development team. Literally spent years in Japan working with Land Cruiser team. Frame looks very similar. Shameless plug for the absolute best car review crew on YouTube as well. Check their channel out. No affiliation.
  7. 04UZJ100

    Rear power lift gate….does it have a auto-stop feature?

    Our 18 month old was playing with my keys in the kitchen and later in the day I found the rear hatch opened and jammed against our garage door. Luckily no damage; however, I was unable to prove if the hatch has an auto stop feature during the open or close sequence. The mechanism exerted more...
  8. 04UZJ100

    Slim LED Recessed Lighting w/o attic Access: DIY or Call Someone?

    I am contemplating buying the necessary tools (hole sale, wire fisher, flexible drill bit, drywall saw) etc to DIYing the installation of 4-6 4” slim mount recessed LED lights in my basement office. If there is a room to learn DIY in the house, it’s this one; however, I am not so sure about...
  9. 04UZJ100

    Fuel Pump Recall: Any Way to Check Work Quality?

    Having the fuel pump recall done tomorrow on my 14LX in an area where they’re common. I know they access the tank from under the DS back seat so I don’t think they’re dropping anything underneath. Is that’s all that’s entailed? Do they need access anywhere else? Under the hood/truck?
  10. 04UZJ100

    Video: Rain Water Leak Rear Driver Side

    Cruiser was parked outside horizontal and then moved to slight incline. Water started leaking from above the tow hitch wiring on driver side. What does this indicate? Leaking taillight? Sunroof drains?
  11. 04UZJ100

    CDL Disengaging with Clunk/Thud

    I was driving my wife’s LX today and doing the regular actuation of 4Lo and the CDL. Typically, I engage and disengage the CDL while driving/coasting on a straight road less than 30mph. The CDL engaged well and quickly each time today; however, it was taking longer to disengage. Each time it did...
  12. 04UZJ100

    Heritage Edition Part Numbers: Grille & Side Mirrors

    I have been unable to locate the part numbers for the black side mirrors or grille assembly from a heritage edition.....anyone have insight as to what they are?
  13. 04UZJ100

    Car Seat Second Row, Middle Seat - How to Keep Level?

    Does anyone have a car seat mounted in the second row middle seat? Looking at the seat bottom, it’s not level from passenger-driver side causing our child’s Clek car seat to sit uneven. My wife and I prefer it there so that the front seats can be on their normal position. I have thought about...
  14. 04UZJ100

    Anyone have Land Cruiser roof rails laying around?

    Anyone have full length Cruiser roof rails laying around? Would pay for shipping to Illinois + the cost of your favorite 12 pack 🍺
  15. 04UZJ100

    Where Did Your 200 Take You in 2020?

    I think we can collectively say 2020 has been a year that we will remember for the rest of our lives. My wife and I were able to celebrate the birth of our first son, relocated across the country, I started a new job, spend lots of time with family, and add another 200 to our stable :) Between...
  16. 04UZJ100

    Anyone recommend a fluid transfer pump that will fit PS reservoir?

    Going to do an exchange on the PS fluid soon and would like to extract the existing fluid in there. The opening to the reservoir doesn’t appear any bigger than 3/8”. Can anyone recommend a fluid transfer pump that will fit the small opening? Plan on doing a few evacuation and refills over a...
  17. 04UZJ100

    For Sale Chicagoland: 4Th Gen 4Runner Sport Edition 17” Wheels

    Putting a feeler out there for (4) 4th Gen Sport Edition 6 spoke wheels in the Chicagoland area. Looking for $200; however, make an offer and can meet in a 75 mile radius around Chicago. Can take pictures if interested but they are boxed up and are in B+ condition. No rash/peeling of the...
  18. 04UZJ100

    Falken AT3 - Any Proof the Compound Was Changed?

    I have seen conjecture on this forum that Falken changed the compound on the AT3W’s but cannot find any proof elsewhere online. I am thinking about these or the Toyo ATIII’s. Both receive an equal amount of positive praise.
  19. 04UZJ100

    FYI on Aftermarket Seat Mount (ScheelMann etc)

    Browsing Reddit and saw a 200 with what look like the most comfortable seats ever. I contacted the manufacturer identified in the post and confirmed that Planted Technology in Seattle makes seat mounts for most aftermarket seats for the 2008+ Cruiser. They’re $140 per side. I may seriously...
  20. 04UZJ100

    Any long term owners park outside - how’s the paint holding up?

    Due to work I need to leave my 2020 white Cruiser in an airport parking lot for 4 weeks at a time uncovered in the southern US sun. It will be in a garage for the next 4 weeks after that. so essentially parked outside 6 months out of the year. It has a ceramic coating, ceramic tint, and front...
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