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  1. Yota76

    air conditioning line torque specs

    Just replaced 7 o-rings on the ac system. Not sure if there's anymore. Found torque specs in FSM but already snapped one bolt. Anyone have a clear understanding of the torque for each?
  2. Yota76

    Heated Seats for JDM VXL 80 series build start

    Ok, Decided to get an early start on heat seaters before winter sets. AC compressor just arrived so hopefully get that done soon for July. Mine is a 96 1hdft VX limited. Anyway decided to take drivers seat off to have a look. Was perplexed by this blower but found out its for rear heat...
  3. Yota76


    Is this a filter ?
  4. Yota76

    Distance to bumper

    Hello friends, Picked up this restored BJ42 a few years ago and never liked the huge Bullbar. I've noticed that it appears they welded extensions to fit the bumper. Is it me or is it a few inches further than stock? My plan is to put stock back on. Looks like I'll need to cut.
  5. Yota76

    Wanted Bj42 front bumper

    ISO: 82 BJ42 front bumper. Assuming FJ40 is the same. Currently have a huge bull bar. Want back to factory.
  6. Yota76

    JDM 80 rear spoiler install

    Hi guys, Most of you probably have US spec 80's and I noticed that most don't have the rear spoiler. My JDM 80 didn't come with one but I bought one to install. Has anyone had history with these. It looks as though I don't have to drill holes.
  7. Yota76

    BJ 42 cracked manifold

    Looking for a new exhaust manifold. How easy to find a replacement? Should I go turbo now?
  8. Yota76

    Climate control question 80 series (96)

    Just imported a 96 diesel from Japan. When i push auto on the climate control for heat, the AC turns on and it goes directly to floor. When i push AC off the auto button dims but doesn't seem to be in auto mode anymore. Wondering why AC turns on when i set for hot? and why when i select...
  9. Yota76

    First peak under hood questions

    seems to be a vac hose completely missing. EGR? And this random cover was sitting under hood. Also I don't see the gvwr sticker. Only tire pressure recommendation.
  10. Yota76

    Headlight washer question

    My 96 VX80 JDM import has the button for headlight washer but I don't see any nozzles on the bumper.
  11. Yota76

    Dead 80. Batteries or diesel

    Just imported an 80 from Japan. My importer drove it from the city out to his shop. Then the polar vortex hit. He COULD not get it started even with high amp industrial charger. Turns over but no love. Its the 4.2 diesel. So i'm thinking glow plugs? or frozen fuel lines? Alberta -40
  12. Yota76

    KC vs non KC

    Looking at HDJ81V models on the auctions. Some of the have KC in front. What does that denote??
  13. Yota76


    Looking to do conversion on BJ-42. Thx
  14. Yota76

    Actively seeking bj42....might settle for fj40

    Hi guys, New member but trolled yrs ago. Active Toyota lover. Currently on 2nd Tacoma. Always had love for the 40. Currently live in Edmonton, Canada but need a ride for my place In phoenix. Willing to fly anywhere to pick up a bj42. Regards, Matt
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