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  1. vegasfj40

    Looking for a radiator shop

    Need an old copper radiator re cored. I've used Walker radiator in the past but they dont do that anymore. Only sell new ones. Anyone know of someone that can do this in ABQ?
  2. vegasfj40

    Today's Bring a trailer madness! For the 80 series fans!
  3. vegasfj40

    Christmas tree pass Rd Southern Nevada

    Hey guys. Hanging out at our Boulder City place and took a drive down near Laughlin. Took Christmas tree pass Rd. Beautiful area. Stopped by Grapevine canyon for some spectacular petroglyphs. The road climbs up to about 4500 ft and junipers and pinyon pine are at the pass. Lots of Christmas...
  4. vegasfj40

    Anyone running OME 851 fronts with 862 rears?

    I am currently running OME 861 and 862 springs with 10mm spacers all around. I would like to install an ARB front bumper and want to stay close in height to what I have now. Dont mind if its half inch taller. Wondering if 851s with no packers will net around the same lift with the bumper. My...
  5. vegasfj40

    Looking for a mild lift for my 19 GX

    Hey everyone. Just bought my 19 last month and trying to get info on a lift. Not looking for anything higher than 1.5 inch. I noticed DobinsonsDirect has a set of front springs that are 1.5 inches and rear of 1 inch. Thats exactly what I'm looking to do. I currently have 265 65 BFG KO2s and...
  6. vegasfj40

    Back in a GX!

    Hey guys. Just picked up a 19 in Silver with Sepia and love it! I purchased a new 200 last year and we ended up selling our 12 GX. Mistake! I really didn't like the way the 200 drove, especially the way the transmission shifted between the 1 2 up shift and 2 1 downshift. Just felt like it...
  7. vegasfj40

    2007 LX 470 towing package question

    Looking at a 2007 tomorrow. It does not have the OE hitch. Is the truck wired for trailer towing? Are they pre wired for adding a brake controller?
  8. vegasfj40

    Jemez FR 10 drive this Friday July 30

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Stephen and I will be taking a little scenic run up FR 10 Friday am. He is meeting me at my place at 730 am in Corrales. There's an archeological site about halfway up that I want to check out. We'll also take a road near the top that swings around to...
  9. vegasfj40

    California Backcountry map book

    Not sure if this is an appropriate forum for this but I picked up a really nice map book a few months ago and the cover sports an LX450! Anyone familiar with the writer? The book seems well written and great for exploring routes and ideas.
  10. vegasfj40

    Trade in my Heritage for a new Bronco?

    I got an up close view of the new full-size Bronco on Monday. I gotta say it didn't WOW me like I thought it would. Now granted, this wasn't the Sasquatch package but I don't think I'll be letting my Heritage go for one of them. I'm also not a fan of the 2.7 Ecoboost engine. It's touted as a...
  11. vegasfj40

    For Sale NM: 95 FZJ80 triple locked rust free Socal desert truck

    Gauging interest in my 95 cruiser. I've owned for almost 4 years. Truck has 226k miles. I've done extensive maintenance on it including head gasket and engine harness. Over 9k in receipts. Truck was bought new in Southern California and has spent the last few years Las Vegas and Albuquerque...
  12. vegasfj40

    Hypermiling a Heritage!

    With mileage like this, who needs a Prius! Got 19 on the first leg of my trip today from Hoover dam to Kingman Az. Drove a total of 530 miles and averaged 18.2 for the trip driving 75 mph.
  13. vegasfj40

    SOLD Corrales NM: 1990 FJ62 A440F Transmission

    I have a transmission that I picked up from a guy in Santa Fe that I was going to use in my 88 FJ but ended up selling the truck before I installed it. He told me that it has about 80k miles and was removed from his 62 back in 2000 when he converted to a 5 speed. He said it was in good working...
  14. vegasfj40

    Towing with the 8 speed transmission question

    Hello everyone. Those of you that tow a small trailer with your cruiser, what gear do you leave it in? Do you just leave it in Drive or do you put the transmission in manual mode and select a gear? I kept the transmission in 6th gear and that seemed to be fine running 60 to 65 on the highway.
  15. vegasfj40

    Breakfast pics

    Really nice turnout this morning! Nice to get out and see everyone! Lots of nicely built 80 series!
  16. vegasfj40

    New OEM Toyota front and rear driveshaft install question

    Hey guys. I have ordered new factory front and rear driveshafts and was wondering if there was any special install instructions? The FSM doesnt mention anything about new replacements. Do they come greased from the factory? Anyone else replace theirs with new?
  17. vegasfj40

    SOLD NM : 2021 Heritage Edition Blizzard pearl

    Ok. Back on the market! Selling my Heritage. 3rd row delete. I just can't bring myself to use it as I intended. And I don't want it to sit in the garage. Has 5 new Goodyear Duratrac tires in 285s E rated. Also has a Redarc tow pro trailer controller which has never been used because I've...
  18. vegasfj40

    98 Taco Driver's seat recliner

    Hey guys. I own a 98 TRD 4wd with bucket seats and my left seat recliner needs replaced. I checked with Toyota and it's now discontinued. A previous owner has welded it as a fix. Is this a common issue? If anyone has a working recliner I would be interested!
  19. vegasfj40

    For Sale Santa Fe NM, 1994 FZJ80 NO Affiliation

    Just saw this on our local Craigslist. Looks to be in really nice shape.
  20. vegasfj40

    A white FZJ80 siting!

    Took the dogs down to the Bosque today and there was another white 80 in the parking lot! Pretty nice shape too!
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