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  1. Tapage

    Builds Live in Texas, drive a pickup: HDJ79 single cab build

    I did not like the PVS lights and therefore I remove them .. I replace with Miks Build to last and while not perfect .. I appreciate the hole customer service and support that PVS have, that does not mean they are better to deal than Mick...
  2. Tapage

    Builds VDJ76L-RKMNYV - Cleopatra

    Like everything with my personals these days .. very long overdue project .. This it's the light I use with a standard switch ..
  3. Tapage

    The Official 1HD-T/FT Fuel Pump Mod Tuning Thread

    I never saw a benefit .. stock ( healthy ) injectors are very capable .. with a healthy Fuel pump, proper tunned fuel pin I had plenty fuel available across the range ..
  4. Tapage

    WDYD What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Nice collection my friend .. Troopy have electric or cable lockers ?
  5. Tapage

    Need clutch help

    I'm with your gut ..
  6. Tapage

    1KD-FTV (Prado) Intercooler on 1HZ Turbo build

    IMHO each one have their own advantage .. Simplicity vs some moving parts to make it work and worth ..
  7. Tapage

    VDJ 78 Meter Assy

    Like the finish in your dash .. a more wide shot of it would be very appreciated ..
  8. Tapage

    H55F Compatibility

    sure it is .. correct bellhousing and correct input..
  9. Tapage

    Rear Door Cards

    they look awesome .. what kind of material you use ? can you share a pic of the front door cards ?
  10. Tapage

    Rear Door Cards

    Hello there .. I was looking to buy the factory rear door cards for my 76 series with the surprise there are nowhere to be available .. but like they never exist or been available .. There is close to factory look aftermarket replacement .? thanks ! David
  11. Tapage

    Random 70 series pic thread

    VDJ 76 bet imported from Dubai ..
  12. Tapage

    Fold Down Tables

    did you add additional structure to the door in order to hold and secure the table ?
  13. Tapage

    Fold Down Tables

    Hello .. for you guys using J**p tables .. are those a wide match for the 70 series door ? What I'm looking for it's to be able to attach the table frame to the door card anchor points .. or how do you install it to the door ? My main concern it's about rattling
  14. Tapage

    Bixenon Retrofits and other FullyLitLED products

    Hello and thanks .. but with LED technologies these days, you rather take an HID than an LED ?
  15. Tapage

    Bixenon Retrofits and other FullyLitLED products

    Wonder if you would be able to do something like this ..?
  16. Tapage

    2H vs. 3B engines

    Hello .. !!! I've been dealing with my lovely 2H for more than 20 years .. Tencha it's boosted about 14 PSI since 2006 ..
  17. Tapage

    Builds VDJ76L-RKMNYV - Cleopatra

    A little update .. As I'm always looking new ways to create " issues " with myself .. I wasn't pleased with the quality over the PVS setup .. some flaws but the most importa was the thread adjutster .. So those got replaced with Mick units .. got perfect alightnment ..
  18. Tapage

    Builds VDJ76L-RKMNYV - Cleopatra

    No afiliation
  19. Tapage

    Registry Post Pics Of Your Modded 7x Series

    you can run a turbo on that 3L you can go bolt on from Australia ( Turbo Glide, AXT etc ) or you can create your own .. would not be a rocket but will improve. You can even go very cheap and simple with 2L-T Turbo components .. You can swap a 5L little improvement or of you are ready...
  20. Tapage

    Builds VDJ76L-RKMNYV - Cleopatra

    I have a set of flanges ( actually you gave those to me ) for Tencha and they worked flawless on my birfs for Factory hub .. This it's an issue for post 2007 7* series .?
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