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  1. vfrer

    Wanted MA: FZJ80 rear bumper corner covers

    Hi... looking for a clean set of rear bumper corners for a 97 80. Got to be some floating around after that Luke's group buy! Please let me know. Regards, Eric
  2. vfrer

    Wanted WTB: Front FJ40 HFS 4" leaf spring (old style)

    Hi all... Looking to replace my bent spring. CCOT says they changed their springs about 6 years ago and the are not backwards compatible? I'm not too sure what that means actually but they said it wouldn't work. Regards, Eric
  3. vfrer

    NEA meeting 5/5

    A little late but thought I'd put a little summary of the NEA meeting hosted by Summit Crawlers in RI on May 5th... Overall I thought it was a well run meeting with good discussions. Some things I wrote down: Land: Maine - NEA is looking for land chair for Maine CT - working to...
  4. vfrer

    M8000 fit between the rails with Saginaw?

    Will a Warn M8000 winch fit between the frame rails with a Sag PS conversion? From just looking at pictures of things it doesn't look like it but wondering if anyone has tried. Thanks, Eric
  5. vfrer

    pitman arm nut and washer source

    Anyone have a source for a saginaw box pitman arm nut and washer? I bought a napa J20 steering box but they do not supply and can not get the hardware for the pitman. About to go to the junkyard and grab one but would prefer new if possible. Eric
  6. vfrer

    Bushing replacement for my 80

    Hey all.... so I have a set of OME bushings I want to put in my 80 and wondering if anyone has a recommendation for where I could go to have it done. I am planning on getting a landtank template but do I need the press tool as well or would a shop be able to do it without? If I need one does...
  7. vfrer

    Wanted dual fuel Propane set up for 2F

    Hi... looking for full kit or parts to convert a gasser 2F to propane/gas dual fuel setup. Thanks! Eric
  8. vfrer

    different length shackles on same axle to fix lean?

    Hey... Is it ok to have different length shackles on the same axle? I have a 4" HFS and had a noticeable lean to the passenger side in the rear... not the normal FJ lean. I decided to flip the rear springs around for more wheel base and when I did that I removed the CCOT leveler block...
  9. vfrer

    ROTM - vfrer

    So I guess I'm doing a ROTM, I guess it is a build thread too.. I had a 1967 40 that was basically my first toy and my introduction into auto mechanics and such. Had alot of fun driving, wheeling and fixing it. Got really familiar with the world of 4-wheel manually adjusted drums and what...
  10. vfrer

    60/62 front & rear ARB bumpers for sale in MA

    Not affiliated but looks like a good deal... wish they fit a 80 Toyota Land Cruiser ARB Bumpers
  11. vfrer

    New toy... looking for an ARB bull bar

    Hey all... I recently expanded the collection and bought an 80, actually thanks to Jim who posted it here... The addiction is real! I wasn't really looking but couldn't pass it up, too good of a deal. She's in pretty...
  12. vfrer

    full throttle for highway speeds?

    Hi all... I am getting up to around 50-55 mph before the secondary is opening and it needs to stay open for anything above that. Just wondering if this is normal. I rebuilt the carb a while back and the kick-up is set per Haynes but I thought it should get up to a higher speed without needing...
  13. vfrer

    OHV park in RI petition

    Got this link from another board... not sure what the real potential is but the more support the better. I do know that there is money availble from the state but don't know how it can be used. This is active and is...
  14. vfrer

    new guy wants to go wheeling

    Hi everyone... long time lurker but never really introduced myself. I got my FJ40 back together and have been driving it for about a month and now I am looking to enjoy it the proper way... off road. I was wondering if anyone was going wheeling sometime and wouldn't mind if I joined up. I am...
  15. vfrer

    steady vacuum gauge?

    with no vaccum leaks, will the needle move at all when checking manifold vacuum or should it be absolutely rock steady?
  16. vfrer

    Another 'newbie' (and a vacuum/hesitation question)

    Hi all... been lurking for a long time and have learned a ton from you all. I just finished a 10 month hybrid resurrection project and now I finally have a FJ40 again! It is a '76 chassis with a '67 body and a desmogged '78 2F. Nothing too pretty but this one is for fun. I have been...
  17. vfrer

    Wanted FJ40 drop-down tailgate hinges/catches

    Hi all... looking for the three hinges that run along the bottom of the drop down tailgates on a FJ40. Also will need the latch catches that mount to the body. TIA Eric Rhode Island
  18. vfrer

    newbie hello and 4spd tranny help

    Hi all... joined a few years ago when my '67 40 was on the road but never posted. The '67 suffered from terminal frame cancer a couple years back so now I am in process of doing a rebuild/resto on a '76 I picked up in June. So far have... - cleaned/POR'd frame and axles - added 4" HFS -...
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