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  1. george_tlc

    Eureka dunes to Saline Valley via Steel Pass

    Another bit of video from my Mar 2022 DV trip. This section covers extracting a bogged Ram 4wd with 2 80s working together to winch him out. Then the drive through steel pass. Doesn't catch the dedeckera entrance since I forgot to turn the gopro on during that bit. Oh well, maybe next time :) A...
  2. george_tlc

    Mojave Desert Preserve

    Back in March of this year I went on a 2 week trip to the Mojave National Preserve (for a few days) and then the rest exploring Death Valley. I hadn't been in the preserve before and went there since my older son had planned a quick zoom through parts of the Mojave Road. He lives in socal...
  3. george_tlc

    12V pump for water transfer

    I've been using this setup for a bunch of years when back in oz and I have the same setup here in the US. Often I want to pump water from a spot that is hard to access or trying to get to the water to fill a container directly is tricky. So, what I've ended up using is a Whale pump (GP1352...
  4. george_tlc

    FREE CA, SJ area, 80 series front bump stops

    Upgraded to king air bumps, so have these laying around if someone wants to pick them up. Rubber still in great condition. cheers, george.
  5. george_tlc

    Anderson powerpole 3D print for 'coin' holders

    I posted a couple of pics in the what did you do with your 80 thread a few days back. Anyhow, V2 looks pretty close. I'm just sizing up the roll pin hole a little to make it easier for the roll pins to be inserted. So, this is the latest 'look'. The grey is too light, so I'll probably just use...
  6. george_tlc

    Lippincott Road Death Valley

    Another bit of video from my March Death Valley trip. This one covers bits of the Lippincott road as I headed from Saline Valley to the Racetrack. Bumped into the Socal 80 cruiser group again. I had stopped at a wide turnout area after what I think is the 'exciting' part of the road based on...
  7. george_tlc

    Death Valley (Goler wash/Mengel pass)

    I spent about 10 days wandering around death valley a couple of weeks ago. Took lots of video and will eventually sort it into clips. First clip is done, basically myself in an 80 exploring and just having fun - the whole point of going camping. No silly music track, just me blabbering some...
  8. george_tlc

    Camping food (dehydrated)

    So, just back from a short 5 day camping trip and figured I'd give a quick report on a new (at least to me) product that I tried out. Bit of history first. Coming up to 2 yrs ago I had some major ticker surgery and of course the doc specified low sodium (not that I was ever one to need a salt...
  9. george_tlc

    For Sale 80 series OEM front control arms

    A pair (of course) of front control arms. Not brutalized and straight, with stock/original OEM bushings. Local pickup (things are bloody heavy). I'm in the SF south bay. $80 Now $60 for the pair. cheers, george.
  10. george_tlc

    SOLD Pair front 80 series Coils OME850 + pair 2.0 fox shocks

    EDIT: Coils sold. Shocks pending. ---------- Upgraded my front suspension, so have coils & shocks for sale. I'm in the San Fran south bay area (sunnyvale), so would clearly prefer local pickup versus shipping. Ignore the box in the pic - these are OME850 coils and the Fox 2.0 shocks...
  11. george_tlc

    SOLD 80 series 1.5" front coil spacer

    $80 shipped (USPS flat rate priority. US only). Used pair of 1.5" aluminium spacers. 2 part quality construction. Anodized. Steel thread inserts. What one of the pair looks like installed. Lowers the factory bump stop. Sway bar spacer NOT included. PM if interested. Pickup if local (SF...
  12. george_tlc

    S/C Throttle Body Coolant Hose

    The other day I got a call from my wife that smoke/steam wisps were coming out the front of the vehicle when she was stopped at a light. She drove a bit further to her destination and I got her to pop the hood. In her words there was a noise like some animal eating things, well more like weird...
  13. george_tlc

    New front seat covers

    I've had SOR covers on the driver/passenger side for a bunch of years. The second set has started to shred (driver's side) due to my wife having to slide out to get to the ground. So, figured I'd give a different brand a try. These from seatcoversunlimited. They took a couple of months to come...
  14. george_tlc

    Jul-Aug 2019 Oz trip into the bush

    Well, last year I took my newly graduated son to Oz to see some of the bush and sites. It was a fantastic trip and we had 5 weeks in oz (western) and 3 1/2 weeks in the bush covering some reasonably remote areas. Took a bunch of video and just threw it all into a single youtube upload. Near 2...
  15. george_tlc

    Re-purposing gear while out camping

    After many years of camping & refining 'tools' for the oz bush I still dream up new uses for stuff that I take. Couple or so months ago my older son who had just graduated from uni and I visited oz and I had a chance to take him out and see many of my old haunts and some new as well. 3 1/2...
  16. george_tlc

    mq patrol - diesel torque

    One reason I like my old 1980 patrol, diesel just purrs and idles happily over stuff. Trip to oz, just a few weeks ago. Near the tail end we're following an old fenceline that comes to a dry creek. Clearly no one has driven along this way in many years. We choose a path across and the old...
  17. george_tlc

    When heatshrink won't work

    So, I've been using a conductor/connector coating material for quite a while. Was just prepping some cables today and figured I should post up the product description and how it can be used. Most of the time I will use heatshrink with the meltable inner liner, this works great when the shrink...
  18. george_tlc

    Paint quality (or visited the sun...)

    So, was parked at the bank and noticed this parked nearby - is this a common malady for the 100 series (lx470) or the result of flying too close to the sun?? cheers, george.
  19. george_tlc

    SPOT sale/rebate

    Just received an email from Spot (I have one of their units). Limited time (next few months) chance to purchase the hardware and then get a rebate cheque to cover the cost. Obviously you have to pay for the service, but for anyone thinking of purchasing Spot, now is a good time. Here's the...
  20. george_tlc

    Decent shop tyre inflator

    After putting up with a cheapo HF inflator for more years than I should, I went shopping for something that will last forever and has a gauge that I can actually trust. I have a mate that has this style of inflator and I remember as spring chickens seeing it in use by my mate's dad. So, I...
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