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  1. Kamran Khan

    Land Cruiser 105 Rear wiper blades size

    What is the size of these two rear wiper blades? I am far away from the car and want to buy trico wiper blades for the rear but I don't know it's size.
  2. Kamran Khan

    2005 Toyota Land Cruiser 105 Vibration at 140 KPH

    Hello everyone, I have got a 105 with 1HZ Engine and with R151F transmission, it vibrates bad at 140 kph and it sounds almost like grinding. I wonder if it could be from transmission or propeller shaft? I also found that the pervious owner has rim spacers installed, I wonder if that could be...
  3. Kamran Khan

    Lexus LX - Land Cruiser 100 Window Pinch Sensor Reset

    Hi everyone. Today I successfully repaired the window pinch sensor function of my car. Someone broke my car's driver window few months ago, after replacing it with new glass the pinch sensor quit working. Here is the link to video that will help you fix this problem.
  4. Kamran Khan

    2005 Land Cruiser 105 Rear Drive Shaft Universal Joint Suggestion

    Hello everyone, I am trying to buy U Joints for the rear driveshaft but when I look into parts catalogue on partsouq, it suggest two types of U Joints. One is white painted and the other one without paint, both has two different part number. Does anyone know which one is for my car? Best Regards!
  5. Kamran Khan

    Lexus LX470 - Land Cruiser 100 Cheap Dust Covers for Low Beam LED Light Upgrade

    Hello everyone, I would like to share that I was able to fit aftermarket dust cover for low beam LED headlight bulb. Dust covers are 80mm and fits as if it's made by Toyota for this car. Please check the video for further details. Low Beam LED Dust Covers Regards!
  6. Kamran Khan

    How to connect OE camera of LX470 to Tesla style Android Stereo?

    Hello, Couple days ago I installed Tesla android head unit in my 06 LX470 but I can't figure out how to connect original camera to the stereo. I do have an aftermarket camera in stock but I like to link the original camera. I know some people are able to connect original camera to this...
  7. Kamran Khan

    2006 LX470 No Crank At All

    I hit the jack pot, was trying to diagnose what's wrong with the DVD player and now the car won't even crank. I swapped the battery with my old 91 ls400 and that battery didn't crank it either. Even the aftermarket compustar remote start won't lock/unlock the doors or start the car but the oem...
  8. Kamran Khan

    2006 LX470 DVD Player External System Not Connected

    Hello everyone, The DVD Player in the middle does have power but it quit playing DVD and on the navigation screen I get the message "external system not connected" It was working fine, I wonder if the DVD player lens is worn out. Does anyone know how to fix it? I checked all the fuses and none...
  9. Kamran Khan

    Power Steering Fluid Reservoir Hose Leak

    Good Day Fellas! My LX470 is seeping power steering fluid from reservoir hose. The hose itself isn’t brittle. Should I replace its clamps or the hose?
  10. Kamran Khan

    Lexus LX470 Auto Window Goes Up And Then Down Immediatly

    My car's rear left window auto function isn't working properly. When I pull auto up button, the window goes all the way up and then comes down automatically a little bit and stops. How to fix this annoying problem? I did try some of the tricks by holding the button up for few seconds and down...
  11. Kamran Khan

    This is what a stock Land Cruiser can do without any fancy tyres and lift kits.

    79 Series tractor smuggling goods between Pakistan Afghan border.
  12. Kamran Khan

    Easiest way to clean Your car's hazy / foggy headlights.

    Hello everyone. The cruiser I bought few months ago had foggy headlights. So I decided to use a compound polish that I already had before wasting money on expensive headlight restoration kits and the result turned out to be amazing. It doesn't require any polisher or sander. Just 5 minutes of...
  13. Kamran Khan

    2006 LX470 crooked steering wheel.

    Hello everyone. I did the alignment twice on my LX470 and the steering wheel straighten up after alignment but after a week of driving, the steering wheel goes back to the old poisition and doesn't line up anymore. I had replaced the battery on LX470 3 months ago. I am wondering if battery...
  14. Kamran Khan

    Lexus LX470 Front Bumper Reinforcent Interchage with 100 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

    Hello everyone! Today I replaced and my car's front bumper reinforcement. I took the risk of ordering reinforcement of Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series and it turned out to be perfect fit. Toyota Land Cruiser bumper reinforcement is way cheaper and sturdier than Lexus LX470. Here is the link to...
  15. Kamran Khan

    2006 LX 470 Rear Wheel Alignment

    My car’s rear right wheel has uneven tred wear. Does anyone know if the rear wheels can be aligned on 06 LX 470? Thanks!
  16. Kamran Khan

    Toyota Land Cruiser 100/ LX 470 rear bumper and tow hitch removal.

    Hello everyone, I just replaced my car's rear bumper cover and made a brief video of the removal process. I posted it on YouTube. Maybe in future this may help someone. Here is the link to the video. Regards!
  17. Kamran Khan

    Purchased 2006 LX 470

    Purchased this for 14k. No rust only a couple of tiny body dings and cracked rear bumper cover and missing 3rd row seats. Mechanically in great shape. Driven only 135k.
  18. Kamran Khan

    2006 LX 470 Rear View Mirror Rattling.

    Recently I bought 06 LX and the rear view mirror is loose from the ball joint. The stem that is attached to the windshiled is tight but it is loose where the plastic ball joint is goes inside the mirror assembly. Does anyone know how to fix loose mirror? Thanks!
  19. Kamran Khan

    How to remove 2005cLand Cruiser 105 headliner?

    Hi everyone, Can someone help guide me in regard to removing headliner of 2005, 105 Land Cruiser? It's cloth is sagging and would like to replace or re-attach it. Thanks!
  20. Kamran Khan

    105 Series 1HZ RPM at 120KPH

    105 series 1HZ RPM at a little bit over 120 KPH. Isn't the RPM a little bit on the high side for this speed?
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