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  1. emorth

    Wet Swap Meet

    Well, it looks like Mother Nature must be a Heep lover. She is intentionally and maliciously sending hurricane Ian this way for the sole purpose of raining on our swap meet. 😉 Do we have a rain date, plan B or just prep for getting wet? Hopefully, it will change course and miss us. 🤞
  2. emorth

    Tank Farm Open House

    Americans in Wartime Experience 2022 Tank Farm Open House Nokesville, Virginia September 24 & 25 10am – 4pm Both Days
  3. emorth

    Programming radios for Fall Crawl

    If you want to get your radio(s) programmed for Fall Crawl, bring it (or Mud ship it) to the September club meeting. I will program it and return it to you at the October meeting, swap meet or Fall Crawl. Or, you can stop by my house and pick it up. Whatever works for you. Label the radio with...
  4. emorth

    Mid Atlantic Overland Festival
  5. emorth

    Tank Farm open house 9/24 & 25
  6. emorth

    Mudship to Relic Run

    Anyone going to RR who can Mudship some radio stuff from Burke, VA?
  7. emorth

    ONSC standardized comms

    @JohnVee invited @StaleAle and me into an ONSC thread regarding the standardization of GMRS channels/freqs. Thoughts? Options regarding the Motorola radios: - Leave them alone, it ain’t broke. - Print lots of CLCC to other radio...
  8. emorth

    Hamfest 3/27 NVCC Annandale
  9. emorth

    NoVA Labs (makerspace)

    Moving to Fairfax (near Rt 50 & I66) in 2022 Lots of tools to play with.
  10. emorth

    Winch - Audio Amp wiring

    Regarding the amp noise troubleshooting yesterday, I have another thought. Sorry, I forgot your Mud name (senior moment brain fart). Send me a PM. 🤓
  11. emorth

    Military Vehicle Shows

    September 25th & 26th Americans in Wartime Museum (Americans in Wartime Experience) 2021 Tank Farm Open House 10-4pm both days. Open House 2021 | Americans in Wartime Experience - October 7-10, Maryland, 47th Annual East Coast Military Vehicle...
  12. emorth

    Ham radio boot camp on line

    On line classes for new hams.
  13. emorth

    Element Fire Extinguisher

    Group buy??? 10 pack for $673
  14. emorth

    FJ40 drum to power brakes on TV 11AM Sat 5/9

    Verizon ch 631 Motor Trend @ 11:00 AM on Sat May 9. removing original FJ40 drum brakes and adding power brake system.
  15. emorth

    FJ40 wipers 101

    Received a request for some info on the wiper motor circuit. Hope this helps.
  16. emorth

    Ham class & test

    At the meeting last night a request to have another Ham (Amateur Radio) class and test was discussed. So let's do it. Attendance - If you are interested, please post so we know how many test packages to order. Date: Saturday 2/29/2020 Let's leap into this :rofl: Location: Kings Park...
  17. emorth

    CLCC radios <---> Midland GMRS radios

    At the swap meet yesterday I noticed several trucks equipped with Midland GMRS radios. I also heard that someone tried unsuccessfully to use a Midland radio to communicate with a CLCC radio. So, I did some research. Here are the frequencies that are programmed into the Midland GMRS mobile...
  18. emorth

    Fall Crawl Comms

    Base stations at the CLCC canopy - CB channel 14 (alternate channels in case of interference 24 & 34) - VHF Ham radio 146.58 MHz no PL/CTCSS (alternate freq 146.55) Amatuer Radio License required. - GMRS (CLCC Club Radios) channel 1 simplex & channel 2 repeater (alternate channels 3 & 4 ) GMRS...
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