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  1. Red Beard

    Are 06-07 Cruisers affected by the Pin 60 problem?

    I've been doing some reading and a lot of my symptoms point to a Pin 60 problem. It's consistent with the prius documents as well. I can repair or try to replace with this from Aliexpress. My question is, are 2006 Cruisers affected by the same Pin 60 problem? I thought Toyota fixed the Pin 60...
  2. Red Beard

    SOLD Philly: FZJ80 belt mouldings

    Well last time it was my fault, this time it was Toyota’s fault. I ordered the belt mouldings for my 100 series and received 2 80 series ones. See below for the parts. I threw the one bag before realizing it was an 80 part again 😑. Apologies I don’t have the bag with the part number but I’m...
  3. Red Beard

    Bracket for cut glovebox support bar, no screws required

    Go from a cut glovebox support to a fully functional one again If you have cut the plastic glovebox support bar to service the evaporator, this bracket is for you. Normally to repair the severed support bar, you'd need to purchase some sort of metal bracket and attach 2 or 4 screws to hold the...
  4. Red Beard

    Where exactly does the evaporator temperature sensor clip on to?

    Here is where the sensor was clipped when I pulled the evaporator out yesterday. The FSM isn’t super clear where to put it other than a vague drawing. I do know it has to go on the left side (closest to the driver) of the evaporator so it can connect to the harness nearby. Does it really...
  5. Red Beard

    Replacing rear AC lines with aftermarket?

    Has anyone completely replaced their rear AC lines with some after market solution like Cold hose? Looks like they take your hoses and create new. Im leaning towards that because: 1. My rear lines were capped by previous owner so I don’t know which parts actually leak. Plus, the lines have...
  6. Red Beard

    Who else spotted the LX 470 in the LX600 commercial?

    Right around :20
  7. Red Beard

    For Sale Near Philly, PA: 2006 LC, 48k Miles, Gray interior (Not my listing)

    This is not my listing, it just popped up on my iSeeCars alerts nearby me and figure I'd post it in case someone is looking for an expensive 100. 48k miles. Looks like a Georgia truck :eek: . Asking $49,950.00. Wow. At that point you gotta get a 200, right...
  8. Red Beard

    For Sale PA: FJ/FZJ80 Window Belt Moulding LH

    I ordered the wrong part :D If you're looking for 75720-60021, I have one. $34 + shipping.
  9. Red Beard

    Windshield + wind noise

    I posted in another thread about wind noise, but I wanted to start a new thread rather than fully hijack. I have an aftermarket PGW windshield installed by the PO. I have wind "rushing" noise at high speeds or if the wind blows at high speeds. It's loud enough I have to crank the music up to try...
  10. Red Beard

    Front AHC sensor linkage adjustment hack

    Just use zip ties! Jokes aside. I cranked a little hard on the heim joint and broke it. It sucks, don’t do what I did. The adjuster nut was worn down so I had to use a vise grip to turn it and it broke. New one on the way, $80 from Toyota since Partsouq is sold out of that side for some...
  11. Red Beard

    AHC - Harsh ride to smooth by flipping between Comfort and Sport

    I'm almost certain I saw someone mention this method in one of the million AHC-related threads out there, but couldn't find it. I recently replaced the globes back in August and paired with the new control arms, the ride was super smooth. However, sometimes I notice the Cruiser's ride is...
  12. Red Beard

    Wanted 100 Series OEM Skid Plates

    Looking to replace my OEM skids with some rust free OEM ones. Interested to see if anyone just took their stockers off for some after markets.
  13. Red Beard

    Undercarriage coating photos

    My cruiser is up at Garden state undercoating in New Jersey. Another member got it and evidently a ton of FJ Cruiser and 4Runner guys in the area use them. I wanted to share some photos of the progress. He cleaned, grinded, primed, painted, and is now coating with fluid film. I know this...
  14. Red Beard

    PartSouq Delay and Dubai holiday

    Just FYI for anyone ordering from PartSouq. It seems their Toyota supplier is facing delays due to Covid and some renovations. Additionally, Dubai will be on holiday for Arafat Day and Eid Al Adha next week. I ordered some stuff last week and it's been delayed. They've been communicative and...
  15. Red Beard

    Lots of parts. What should be my order of operation? What can I tackle this weekend?

    Long post ahead. I have acquired all the parts I'm expecting to need to refresh my front end and rear end components. I was a little shy about doing all of this but I figure I might as well commit and get all the parts at once so I can do more stuff "while I'm in there". The question is, what...
  16. Red Beard

    For Sale 2006 LC headlights, inoperable, for parts

    Selling these after my retrofit. They’re inoperable because they are missing the pieces that help aim the headlights. I used the pieces from these Toyota lights inside my new Depo lights. The lenses are foggy but the inside are clean. I baked them and the lenses are separated from the housings...
  17. Red Beard

    Steering wheel removed, what do I do in the meantime?

    Ok, dumb question time. I sent my steering wheel off to get rewrapped so I’m not going to be driving my cruiser anywhere until it’s back. The battery is still disconnected from removing the wheel and airbag. Is it ok to have the cruiser sit with the battery disconnected for 3 weeks? Should...
  18. Red Beard

    Steering Wheel Rewrap - To perforate or not?

    For those of you who have rewrapped their steering wheels - did you do the perforated leather? Do you like it? From what I've gathered, it looks awesome and could add a little bit more grip. But I wanted to see what everyone thought after having it installed for a while. I'm looking into Craft...
  19. Red Beard

    Where to purchase headlights like Depo? Projector headlight project

    Might be a dumb question but I couldn’t find an answer via search. I’m planning my projector headlight retrofit project and have been trying to source a new pair of headlight assemblies. Since mine are already faded and yellowed, I’m following a suggestion of just ordering the Depo replacements...
  20. Red Beard

    CDL Switch moved to panel left of steering wheel

    After hitting my CDL switch with my knee a couple times already (once on the highway), I'm wondering if anyone has moved their CDL switch to the panel left of the steering wheel below. (Photo is from here: Factory Switch to Control Air Lockers – Part 1 -...
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