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  1. vegasfj40

    Events/Trails Club Meeting - Breakfast at Daily Grind - Saturday September 17th 9 am

    Looks like a nice turnout! Sorry I missed it. Drove my 80 back from Vegas on Saturday. She ran great and got respectable mileage with a 20 mph tailwind helping me along!
  2. vegasfj40

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Just drove my 80 back from our place in Las Vegas NV to our place in New Mexico! Got almost 18 mpg with a 20 mph tail wind the whole way!
  3. vegasfj40

    Poll: What size tires are you running?

    285s BFGs on stock rims. Mild lift. Not a daily driver.
  4. vegasfj40

    Looking for a radiator shop

    Thanks! I'll do that when I get back in town.
  5. vegasfj40

    Looking for a radiator shop

    Need an old copper radiator re cored. I've used Walker radiator in the past but they dont do that anymore. Only sell new ones. Anyone know of someone that can do this in ABQ?
  6. vegasfj40

    Recovery practice in the Jemez yesterday

    Wow! Good job with the recovery! Wish I was there to help and learn a thing or two. Unbelievable that it was an 80! I mean, what are the odds of that!
  7. vegasfj40

    Reputable glass shop

    I second Horizon. I used their Rio Rancho location to replace a 200 windshield. They have repaired a few windshields for me as well. Never had an issue with them.
  8. vegasfj40

    Wanted: pics of 2.5 lift w/ 31.5 vs. 32.5's

    Thanks! Yes, I have the factory installed hitch. I believe the BFG KO2s are slightly undersized compared to other tires. The spare fit fine with maybe a quarter to half an inch of room to spare. You can also try to loosen the bolts on the hitch and see if you have any wiggle room. Sometimes you...
  9. vegasfj40

    Wanted: pics of 2.5 lift w/ 31.5 vs. 32.5's

    I have Dobinson springs that are more mild at 1 inch lift up front and 1.5 inch lift in the rear. Have 265 65 18s BFGs. The spare is also the same and just fits with the hitch. Might be able to go to 32 in the spare area.
  10. vegasfj40

    OEM GX460 springs…

    We'll be heading down to Phoenix Wednesday am then up to Vegas. On our way back to NM we'll come across 40 and could meet in Ash Fork if thats better. Probably be Aug 8th or 9th.
  11. vegasfj40

    OEM GX460 springs…

    Not sure if the stock GX springs will help you. I replaced my springs with Dobinsons and that helped my nose dive. I got about an inch or so of lift with the ones I installed. I'll be heading to Flagstaff tomorrow, maybe I can find room to bring them and you can try them out.
  12. vegasfj40

    P0420 Exhaust Leak Bubbles Between Cats 1 and 2.

    I had the same issues a couple of years ago. I tried sealing between the cats. I didnt have any leaks at the Y. Ended up replacing the rear cat with a new OE cat and that solved it. What surprised me was Toyota had no core charge on the new cat! So I got 125 bucks for my old one at the...
  13. vegasfj40

    "Chasing MPG in my 80 series Lx450" How I increased my gas mileage.

    I am usually at 15 to 16 on the hwy. Usually cruising around 65 to 70. But like others have said, I don't drive it daily.
  14. vegasfj40

    SOLD New Mexico, 1979 Pickup ***UPDATED REDUCED PRICE***

    Thats a really cool truck!
  15. vegasfj40

    Undercarriage condition

    If you havent test driven it yet, make sure the transmission torque convertor goes into lockup. It'll feel like a shift around 50 mph and RPMs should drop a couple of hundred.
  16. vegasfj40

    Undercarriage condition

    It'll be a slow ride, but the 3FE is a reliable stout engine. Looks good underneath. How's the interior?
  17. vegasfj40

    1997 FzJ80 - Let's Begin a Baseline!

    Take a hard look at the PHH. Since you are draining the radiator to do upper and lower hoses and the water valve and tstat I'd probably go ahead and replace that. Might also replace both crankcase ventilation hoses and PCV valve and grommet.
  18. vegasfj40

    2018 GX, can you identify this sound?

    Well, its good that you were able to capture it on a video. You can at least let the dealer know of the issue and have them listen. If they cant fix it or if its intermittent, creating a paper trail will help with coverage after the warranty expires. You'll have to keep good track of when it...
  19. vegasfj40

    2018 GX, can you identify this sound?

    Does it have the same tone regardless of engine RPMs?
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