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  1. dieseldog

    Wanted WTB: 7x-series front bumper extensions for OEM winch

    I've got a 1988 BJ-73 with stock front bumper. I've sourced an OEM 24volt electric winch and controller. Now all I need is the extensions and/or anything else needed to mount the winch and make it look somewhat original. Any ideas? Parts?
  2. dieseldog

    New headlights needed

    My two 70-series trucks each have headlights patterned for Japan/UK. They are H4 units with replaceable bulbs. On my '93, it is the rectangular units--one on each side. On my '88, it is the round units. Anybody have an idea where I can source proper replacements? FWIW, I have already tried...
  3. dieseldog

    HiLux tranny/LC transfer

    Anyone have any experience mating a Toyota truck tranny to a Land Cruiser transfercase? The transmission will be an autobox from a mid 90's HiLux/Surf and I'd like to use a LC transfercase so that both front and rear shafts are offset to the right. Any ideas?
  4. dieseldog

    Post Counts

    Not sure why; however, it seems that my post count is "stuck" at 46. I've posted several in the last day or so and it doesn't seem to raise.
  5. dieseldog

    New Member

    "Howdy Y'all", from Houston, TX. I am a new member here and just joined TLCA for the first time as well. I have been on for quite a while; however, I just never got around to checking out this website. I've been a Land Cruiser fan all my life and have owned several in the last...
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