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  1. toadshade

    Double Sun Visor Mod

    I am looking for different options on some double sun visor mods. I wanted to see if anyone has had any luck with finding any that work? Of course it would be nice to have a set of Rosens, but I can't make myself pay for them. I am looking at Good ol fashion Rosco's (What you find in a school...
  2. toadshade

    Vendor Green Locked 94, Rust Free with ARB, OME, Sliders, Texas

    PIAA lights still available?
  3. toadshade

    80 series Center console cooler with ice maker

    I will be very interested to see that. More than anything I would like to see how much it could raise the height of the fridge off the floor though. I would hate to cut into the deck just to install it, but getting it to sit lower is a real priority. I will probably order one soon so I can...
  4. toadshade

    80 series Center console cooler with ice maker

    I am looking into this too. I would like to see any mounting ideas people have come up with. There is a little bump between the console and the shifter. Did that have to be cut out? Or would it be better if it was? I might need it to sit further back anyway or it could get in the way of the...
  5. toadshade

    Got my Cruiser a Christmas Present....Dometic $320 Ebay

    You going to put it in the console? Have you installed it yet? I am interested to see it if you do. I am planning on replacing the center console with one. I have only found one thread where someone did it.
  6. toadshade

    RTH - Vibration developed on road trip. Currently Miami

    I would recommend doing both while you are at it. There is a great guy in Norcross that did mine (Highly recommend balancing). I have the rear set I won't need now so you are welcome to it. Probably feels like a new truck. Sure did when I rebuilt mine.
  7. toadshade

    How to remove the mirror or mechanism in the side mirror

    It's the simple things like this that make this website so worth it. Thanks for the photo. Easy enough to do so I can get a look at my weak motors.
  8. another light

    another light

  9. and yet another light

    and yet another light

  10. light


  11. toadshade

    Interior LED option on Ebay

    Here are some photos. Sorry they took so long. I have been out of town. I did not take them at night so you cannot see what they would look like in the car, but it is kind of pointless. My camera would adjust for the light and correct for it. I could make the dimmest light look like a...
  12. toadshade

    Temp gauge vs. thermostat 1HD-T

    That would suck. Let's hope that isn't the problem. Heat comes on fine and engine has been cooling down fine. Even my rear heater still works incredibly enough. I really need to get the system flushed properly and a new t-stat. Radiator didn't blow last night so that's all that matters...
  13. toadshade

    Temp gauge vs. thermostat 1HD-T

    Something occurred to me an hour ago before it got down to 21 degrees tonight here in GA. I just bought my HDJ80 from the Canary Islands where the low temps are 56 degrees F. I hydro'd my coolant which I have not flushed yet and sure enough, I am not prepared. I drained a few gallons and...
  14. toadshade

    Interior LED option on Ebay

    I know interior lights come up every now and then. I decided to take a cheap chance on some Chinese LED's and they are actually pretty nice. They really are 190 Lumens (or so) and the color is a nice warm 3000 K. Here is the link below: Warm White Car Interior 48 SMD LED Lamp Light Panel...
  15. toadshade

    Disco seats and LSeat covers

    Never did it. I have so many things going on with my new truck I decided to hold off on the seats for a little while. Turns out my '92 does not have power seats. I would have to run a power supply to it. Not a big deal, but not priority now.
  16. toadshade

    Steering Wheel threads/spindles on Toyotas

    Thanks. Never would have thought it was there. I just looked it up in the FSM. It is kind of crazy. It tells you how to test and deploy the airbag to check it! Obviously it means you need a new airbag but at least you can see if the system is working. Luckily, the airbags are a dime a...
  17. toadshade

    Steering Wheel threads/spindles on Toyotas

    In the console?? Really surprised about that. Can you tell me where? I have taken the entire dash and interior of my '95 apart and I could not imagine where that would have been. I have also never run up on anything in the cars I have disassembled. I have never done any research on this so...
  18. toadshade

    Steering Wheel threads/spindles on Toyotas

    Special Effects. I get to blow stuff up all day. Great job. Part of that is blowing up a lot of cars. We have to de rig the airbags, then we get to have fun with them :). But that is the extent of my knowledge of airbags. I have never put one back in. But I am pretty comfortable handling...
  19. toadshade

    Steering Wheel threads/spindles on Toyotas

    I can’t wait to check out that weighted ball thing. I work with the bags a lot but not the activating mechanism.
  20. toadshade

    Steering Wheel threads/spindles on Toyotas

    I think soldering the correct pin on the car side (not the airbag side) is the best solution. You should use a galvanometer to test the pins before connecting though. Really is risky business. The TATA thing is a different deal though. It is specific to a few named sources. But the fact that it...
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