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  1. Bear s

    Parting Out SoCal. 1996 LX450, 108,000 miles

    I am interested in the shifter console, do you still have it? What condition is it in and how much would you want for it? Thanks!
  2. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    I used a vaccum device to bleed the system and brakes are great! I do still have the LSPV but I did some changes on the brake lines, see my first posts! Sadly my Cruiser doesn't have the OBD 2 plug although it has the newer O2 sensor and airflow meter... I did the gauge mod and it rises...
  3. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    With the new set-up on the engine I took the Cruiser to a great LPG specialist and we spend a whole day fine tuning it. Now it runs better on LPG than it does on petrol! The LPG systems has been mapped for boost in order to make sure it won.t run lean again. After that I had some long drives...
  4. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    With a new power plant in place, it was the time to do some brake overhaul also. So the story got repeated: new Aisin master cylinder, cleaned and painted calipers, new oem gaskets and new front brake pads from the 100 series. The difference was massive!
  5. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    Time passes quickly and there went 2 years since my last post. been through a lot those 2 years and had little time to check-up the forum like I used to. Never the less, my cruiser did get some attention and did give me some big headaches (and still is!!) but I decided to catch up with you...
  6. Bear s

    Parting Out Parting out two 94' LC80's

    Hi, I am lookig for an alternator pulley. How much would you want for it? Thanks!
  7. Bear s

    Parting Out 1997 LX450 Black

    Hi, I am lookig for an alternator pulley. How much would you want for it? Thanks!
  8. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    Today I installed a nice steering column bearing. I saw that several people said that the bearing was making noises when turning the wheel, I didn't want that to happen so I took some time to remove the small black panel that the bearing gets bolted on to study the problem. I saw that the...
  9. Bear s

    Parting Out 1994 FJ80, Western Wisconsin

    Yes I meant the ABS wheel sensors, sorry. Yup, that is the sensor I am looking for. Is the power antenna working? And also shipping cost for all of them to 11377 New York? Thanks!
  10. Bear s

    Parting Out 1994 FJ80, Western Wisconsin

    Hi, Do you still have (if so, prices?): From ABS sensors and cables? Plastic case arround steering wheel column? Genuine floor carpets? VAF/MAF/airflow meter? Inner fenders? rear right seat belt buckle?
  11. Bear s

    New Noobie from South Africa.

    Hi! And welcome! What engine do you have? It this 80 the sahara version with rear a/c and fridge console? :D
  12. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    Thanks! I was nicely surprised to see that there is such a large community, full of useful information! I forgot to fill in, it's the oem mechanical winch . The vehicle in the second post is called ARO… with some major modifications. :grinpimp: Some of us, the Romanians are genius hard working...
  13. Bear s

    Backup camera question

    I have myself a backup camera mounted under the license plate, and it's quite tricky to appreciate the distances…but once you get used to it it's ok. You can very nicely route it along with the license plate illumination harness. It also gets really dirty in bad weather conditions:pig:
  14. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    Thanks for telling me!:doh: I had no idea why the heck I can't upload images! In the mean time I also removed the strange looking bull-bar.:dead: And right now I am running on the genuine suspension, since I wasn’t able to drive it without caster correction plates. I have the Cruiser for around...
  15. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    The front bump stop support did have drain holes, but they were too small and jammed with rocks and dirt, and the support was full of water. I have drilled bigger holes. In the rear the holes are already big enough but have nowhere to drain :idea:
  16. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    Hi there mudders all around the world! For quite some time now I've been watching you from the shadow, and I've finally decided to present my own Land Cruiser with my learning’s from it. Just as a small introduction, I like old cars, no-matter how stupidly they were built. For some years I've...
  17. Bear s

    For Sale 80 series partout / new items no longer needed

    Received the supercharger and istalled it! Absolutely great! The seller is an awesome person!!!I recommend it to all fellow mudders ! :steer:
  18. Bear s

    PTO wont winch in while in LOW Gear

    My PTO winch works perfectly while in Low, it's a FZJ 80 with automatic gearbox.
  19. Bear s

    80 Series Registry

    1. Year and model: 1995 FZJ 80 2. Name of owner: Cristian 3. Name of rig: not yet 4. Mileage: 162.000 (km) 5. Mods...: factory PTO, 4' OME competition coils, OME Long Sport Ome shocks, OME adjustable front/rear panhard, 35' hankook dynapro MT, some stupid bull-bar I bought the truck with...
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