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    M12000 Winch - What Fuse to use?

    Thanks for all the good info guys, I think this answered my questions.
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    For Sale 97' LX450 lifted/locked/geared

    Great looking rig, What can you tell me about the maintenance on it?
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    Parting Out FZJ80 with tons of parts

    Is the battery tray available?
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    SOLD Built 1996 FZJ80 in CO

    Thank you for the response back and the pictures.
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    Another Sub Speaker Question

    Was it the whole hog one? FJ80 Subwoofer and Amplifier Mounting
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    SOLD Built 1996 FZJ80 in CO

    Great looking rig, well setup and sorted too. I'm helping a friend looking for an 80. A couple questions about it. Hows the rust? Has it always been in Colorado its whole life? How many owners has it had and how long have you had it? How much of this did you do, and how much was previous owner...
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    MICTUNING dual voltmeter.

    Thanks for the info on this and pictures. I think I am going to get one and use Georges mod for it. I love this forum and all the information. Thanks guys.
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    MICTUNING double voltmeter

    Actually, nevermind, I did a little more searching and found out the info. Thanks.
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    MICTUNING double voltmeter

    Thanks for the great information on this George. I like the looks of this and am wondering what the OP asked as well if this will fit in an 80 factory knockout spot? If it does I will your little diode removal and it will be just what I'm looking for.
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    For Sale 1971 FJ40 Off-Road Monster – MPI V8-Dana 60’s-40’s-Rock Crawler-Kansas City

    This is a great person to buy from, I bought an 80 from him and it was amazing and exactly as described. He does things the right way and doesn't cut corners. Beautiful rig, that thing would be a blast.
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    97 LX gets a v8 and more!

    This thing is rad, just read through it, and man would that power and MPG be amazing. Thanks for the pictures and documentation.
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    Seat Coolers

    These are awesome, my sweaty butt would love these. I am going to have to examine the priority list. Thanks for making these available.
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    For Sale 1996 LX450 - Built Locked $15000 Phoenix AZ

    This thing looks great, nice rig. Surprised this hasn't sold yet. Good luck with sale.
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    For Sale 97 Lexus LX450, Built Triple Locked 4:88s 149k miles UT

    Sold to Brad in Colorado who will get some good use out of it. Thanks
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    For Sale 97 Lexus LX450, Built Triple Locked 4:88s 149k miles UT

    I will know tomorrow, I will update with what happens. Thanks for asking.
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