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  1. fordoford

    For Sale/Wanted

    Didn't even notice. Even better
  2. fordoford

    For Sale/Wanted Don't think this has been posted yet. If he really has had it for 17 years and it has no rust it looks to be a pretty good deal
  3. fordoford

    For Sale/Wanted

    1995 Toyota Land Crusier This one also looks nice. Seems a little cleaner than the one in the post above but doesn't have all of the PM the other one has. Only 168k miles on it too instead of the 305k on the other one
  4. fordoford

    craigslist Not mine

    That one's been up a while and I've seen him drop the price a decent amount, so someone could probably snag it for a good bit cheaper than he's asking assuming it's a solid truck
  5. fordoford

    Wanted Rust-Free, Lifted, bumpered-up 80 series under 10K?

    I got my 97 LX with 185,000 miles with a 3” slinky lift, 35s, labs rear bumper, 4.88s, and HG done for 12k for reference.
  6. fordoford

    Wanted Rust-Free, Lifted, bumpered-up 80 series under 10K?

    Prices will vary a lot based on the condition and other variables. For a sorted one lifted on 35s and bumpers expect to pay anywhere from 10-15k based off of condition/miles/maintenance/etc. Always be checking this for sale section as good deals on solid rigs come up often
  7. fordoford

    What winch to buy

    I ended up going with the comeup seal gen 2 9.5 and am super happy with it. Seems to be built quite well. I’m excited to start putting it to use!
  8. fordoford

    You have been SPOTTED!

    Who’s got the stock 40th edition at the airport?
  9. fordoford

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 Special Edition Dallas Texas

    I never understand why people say that they don't "need" to sell their cruiser to justify a crazy asking price. If you don't "need" to sell it then why put it up for sale here?
  10. fordoford

    You have been SPOTTED!

    To whoever’s red 60 I just passed on providence, texting and driving Is not cool!
  11. fordoford

    Broken down a ton Uwharrie

    No I went through everything slow to not tear the trails up, and my engine bay was dry when we popped the hood. Thanks for the tip about the battery I didn’t know that.
  12. fordoford

    Broken down a ton Uwharrie

    I talked to Anderson and we found out that it was the ignition coil. I’m gonna get it towed to a guys shop in Albemarle and buy the part and probably come back tomorrow to fix it. Anderson said it’s an easy fix so I should be alright to do it in my own. Thanks again for the help!
  13. fordoford

    Broken down a ton Uwharrie

    Checked everything y’all have said. All my fuses look good and it isn’t starting with a jump. It’s now not really cranking anymore so I think it’s an alternator issue. We’d been planning this trip for a few weeks and weren’t gonna do any tough trails where we’d have to tear anything up, but...
  14. fordoford

    Broken down a ton Uwharrie

    Hey everyone I’m at uwharrie right now at the beginning of wolf den and my cruiser just shut off. We went through wolf den once and then came back around to run Rocky Mountain loop and it just died while I was driving. I’ve tried cranking it and it’s just not turning over. I know it’s not the...
  15. fordoford

    For Sale/Wanted

    Wow y’all just made this a lot more tempting. Man I need a job
  16. fordoford

    SOLD 1997 LX450 201,000 miles $6,000.00

    I'm honestly surprised this thing hasn't sold by now. Looks like a pretty good deal for a somewhat modified 80. Maybe it's the monsterliner but I personally like it
  17. fordoford

    ONSC Chat

    Well I think I decided my LX is gonna be called "Florence" now because that dang hurricane made me wait like a 6 year-old on Christmas for an extra week before I was able to get her
  18. fordoford

    New owner intro

    maybe by the time I’m 50 there’ll be 10 other Fords in this club
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