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  1. Jfcol

    Belt Moulding

    Just dropped it off for service. Headed to "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" tomorrow. If I survive, I'll get photos early next week. I will say again how much better the new ones look. Hard to believe that something so relatively small could bother me so much. I think it's because it's...
  2. Jfcol

    Door Lock Actuator Replacement

    How has your Camry actuator held up? Mine was working great until this weekend. I can hear the motor doing it's thing when I press the lock/unlock button but it's not pulling the lever. My guess is that the "L" shaped piece that I transferred over from the original actuator has worked its way...
  3. Jfcol

    Hate My Wheels-LX470 ('06)

    Love this look including the classic FJ40 color of the wheels! The ones I've found online are either silver or black. Did you paint yours? If so, do you know the color?
  4. Jfcol

    Belt Moulding

    This was my experience, too. I used some plastic trim removal tools and elbow grease. The old ones end up getting bent but no damage to the doors. New ones pop in much easier than the old ones come out. I was worried that they might not be as secure. It’s been several months and no issues. They...
  5. Jfcol

    Poverty Pack Modifications / Feature Delete Thread

    That looks great. And I did just check shipping. Yikes.
  6. Jfcol

    Poverty Pack Modifications / Feature Delete Thread

    You gave me a good idea about just getting new unpainted bumpers. Relatively cheap on partsouq (about $160 each). Do you know if they are a nice, uniform black or do they have swirls in them and other imperfections from the molding process that would need to be covered by paint?
  7. Jfcol

    Rear Wind Deflector

    Sorry you’re confused. I’m not selling anything. I’m just taking advantage of yet another helpful, informative mud post that happened to result in the possible sale of some parts as a favor more than anything. Snark is unnecessary.
  8. Jfcol

    Rear Wind Deflector

    If you’d bothered to look back at the thread you’d see that it wasn’t a post to sell anything. That came about as people weighed in with options to replace/delete the wing. I PMed the seller as soon as it made sense.
  9. Jfcol

    Rear Wind Deflector

    Hey! Sorry. I never got the ping. $20 works for me. I’ll private message you for the rest of the info.
  10. Jfcol

    What does your truck smell like? I'm intrigued. Never loved the taste of squash but the smell is pleasant enough. Just ordered from $4 cheaper than amazon. Thanks to @LXneewb for the recommendation.
  11. Jfcol

    Death wobble after installing wheel spacers

    I've had Bora 1" on mine for a while. I've had the 60 - 70 mph shimmy both before and after I added the spacers. On my truck at least it's all about the balance. And I've learned the hard way that some garages are better at achieving it than others!
  12. Jfcol

    For Sale  Nice time of year to come to GA

    Catch a Braves game, eat some bbq and head home with a nice truck. He's asking top dollar. But he has also spent some money on maintenance, etc.
  13. Jfcol

    Rear Wind Deflector

    If you mean the brackets that mount to the hatch, it was me. Hope so at least. And not sure what happened to the post. Standing by. Thanks.
  14. Jfcol

    clunk on stepping on the gas

    The clunk is also just a quirk with these trucks. Lubing will help some, but you'll also just get used to it. I've found that feathering in the acceleration (if that makes sense) will minimize it.
  15. Jfcol

    Mesmerizing and insane!

    In spite of his choice of vehicles, I can't believe the time that went into this... both in the restoration and the filming.
  16. Jfcol

    Lx470 mounting Offroad lights with stock bumper

    The bolts that come down from each light are the only ones holding the bracket. My thought was that the little bit of extra reinforcement would be enough. It would also make a firmer surface to tighten the washers and bolts down. If I remember correctly, I was able to push the lights through the...
  17. Jfcol

    Door Lock Actuator Replacement

    Just fixed my driver's side this morning with the Camry actuator. I had a moment of slight panic after I removed the white "L" shaped plastic lever from the old unit to swap out with the green lever that comes on the Camry actuator. I didn't pay attention to how the lever sits. Since it just...
  18. Jfcol

    Who Daily Drives their 100?

    East Cobb to Buckhead. Occasionally take 400 but usually back roads. I'm guessing the Tollercoaster, as I've heard it called, has made a big difference in your commute!
  19. Jfcol

    Who Daily Drives their 100?

    30 miles round trip for me. I could drive an older C-Class MB but I find myself grabbing the keys to my LC instead. Weird to kinda look forward to Atlanta traffic.
  20. Jfcol

    For Sale 2004 LC in Atlanta. Ad just posted

    One of my favorites.
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