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  1. Ezra

    Landcruiser specialist on the east coast?

    Perhaps the wrong forum, please move if this is more appropriate somewhere else. I was going to have Mudrack do the power steering mod on on 73 this spring, but he is backed up multiple months and I am unfortunately move back to the east coast probably before he can get to it. It’s a bummer...
  2. Ezra

    OEM soft top box question

    I picked up a soft top bow set that was mostly complete with the exception of the horizontal bars. So I ordered just the two bars from an eBay vendor, but I believe his aftermarket setup is a bit different from oem, specifically I believe the Mounting point that the center roof bow connects to...
  3. Ezra

    Drum brake screech.

    My brakes are REALLY loud, and pull to the right and grab when cold. Much better when warmed up but the screech is still there. I have replaced the pads about a year ago and put new pistons in the front. It seems to have made things worse. I have also tightened to right brake slightly in...
  4. Ezra

    Hard top restoration.

    overall my hard top is in good shape, but I fear that if I do not address a few things soon it will not be in great shape for too much longer. I have some rust bubbling through on the rain gutter. Nothing inside, it’s all on the outer edge. The top was repainted and the paint did not adhere...
  5. Ezra

    Drilling holes for rear emblems

    my 73 was a FST, with the spare on the passenger side, and emblems on the left. The rear panels were replaced some time ago and the emblems were never added. I have a set, and am looking for a template or measurements for where exactly to drill the holes for the TLC and 4WD emblems. I would...
  6. Ezra

    OEM roll bar mounting hardware and location

    i am adding an OEM rollbar to my ‘73. I have the smaller jump seats in there already, but will have to relocate them a bit. The rollbar has been powdercoated and I have new rubber and new hardware for the bar itself, but unsure of the mounting hardware that attaches the bar to the tub itself...
  7. Ezra

    For Sale  OEM License plate bracket

    bought it, but my winch was in the way so never mounted. A few scratches from being moved around. $30 + shipping Located in SF CA
  8. Ezra

    For Sale  73 FJ40 brake booster for parts

    has an audible vaccume leak. I replaced it with a new city racer booster. $20 + shipping Located in SF CA
  9. Ezra

    For Sale  FJ40 OEM mirror arm.

    Needed the mirror, not the arm. Located in SF CA $20 + shipping
  10. Ezra

    For Sale  79-84 Fj40 fuse box cover

    bought for my 73. Obviously didn’t fit. Never took it out of the plastic. $20 + shipping
  11. Ezra

    For Sale  Fj40 australian mirrors

    bought these for my truck, but didn’t like that the backs were plastic, so never put them on. I believe they are the Australian style. One is missing the mounting screws. $20 + shipping.
  12. Ezra

    For Sale  Large con-fer roof rack.

    i have a large con-fer roof rack. This is the one that is slightly larger than the Fj40 roof. It includes 6 brackets, not sure of the size but they are a touch too small for an Fj40 roof (the roof rack will touch the roof). All could use a paint job. I bought it off a guy who used it on a...
  13. Ezra

    For Sale  Warn winch cover

    13918 - fits 9.5xp, xd9000, m8000, m6000, and all VR winches. Bought it and realized it won’t fit my 8274. Never used, cover is like new, packaging looks like it has been thrown around a garage for a coupe years. $20 + shipping.
  14. Ezra

    FREE  ‘73 starter core

    Free i believe it to be the original. Located in SF, CA. Free - it started to go and I replaced with a later gear reduction starter. Good candidate for rebuild. You pick up, or pay for packaging shipping from 94131
  15. Ezra

    dimensions for cooler/jerry can swing out?

    I am going to have a swing out tire holder / jerry can carrier made for my FJ40. I have been reading around a lot and understand there are some issues with the Man-A-Fre rear swing out not allowing enough space for some popular cooler sizes. Can any suggest ideal inner measurements to allow...
  16. Ezra

    Did OME discontinue their kits for the FJ40s?

    It seems there is no information about the 40 series on their site now.
  17. Ezra

    2nd rear hatch handle broken this year...

    The first one was poorly adjusted, and needed a good tug to open the rear hatch. This lead to it cracking. When I replaced it I adjusted all the linkage to avoid any extra muscle. After about 6 months I cracked another one. What gives? I have read these should be lubed, but I didn't find...
  18. Ezra

    Two bolt shackle mounts for winch recovery?

    My 40 has a custom bumper on it, basically a big slab of steel welded to the frame. There are 2 sets of 2 holes on each side. I assume these are for shackle mounts? I need to measure them but has anyone seen 2 bolt shackle mounts? Or maybe there are for something else. I have seen a few two...
  19. Ezra

    Tire chain reccomedation.

    I am heading up to Tahoe in a few weeks. I suspect there will not be much snow, but Donner Pass requires you have chains in the car when there is any snow (as I understand it). My 73 FJ40 is sitting on 32x11.5 BFGs. Is there a recommended set? Also front and back or just two wheels...
  20. Ezra


    Two days ago a new squeak started to appear on my Fj40. It appears after driving for about 20 minutes. It is tied to the engine speed and sometimes stops for a second when accelerating. Wheel speed has no effect. I was worried that it was a bearing or something but now think it’s just a...
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