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  1. Strait Cruisin

    Vac booster pushrod length

    Any idea what it should be? Say protruding from the booster past the plane of the master? The FSM is vague.
  2. Strait Cruisin

    gooseneck flatbed

    I'm looking to get one, 20-22k, a 14k wont work. Lots of options, BigTex 22GN's are nice but it looks like if you want it built tough, there are lots of stiffening and heavy duty options available for it. Any opinions on BT or other brands? I'm looking at new cause I'm seeing very few for sale...
  3. Strait Cruisin

    SBC carb hat, remote air filtering, snorkel

    Has anyone put one in a SBC and remoted the air filter? I found this gadget that could be used as a start for remote filtering and snorkeling system. Comments? From AIRAID:
  4. Strait Cruisin

    Upper dashpad support shelf angles

    Mine may have become 'misaligned' somewhere along the way. The bracket that screws to the dash pad then clips in support shelf on the upper inner dash doesn't line up on mine. Either it binds the dash pad hard and scraping paint or the shelf is bent (not an impossibility). This is what I got...
  5. Strait Cruisin

    Pop quiz: whats this bracket?

    I painted it so i want to bolt it on somewhere. One leg is slightly longer. I suffer fro m CRS. That means i Can't Remember Somerhing something... Whatz it by Strait Cruisin posted Oct 29, 2017 at 12:02 PM
  6. Strait Cruisin

    Combo meter pin out (mid 70s) flavor

    I've been working the pinouts on the combo meter / speedo. 2 questions. Pin 7 says it a 'Reed switch / emissions computer'. Any ideas on it's functionality? 2nd, on the upper back near the cable connection on the speedo., there are 2 fairly heavy gauge brass with screw on blade connectors...
  7. Strait Cruisin

    Square vs. round motor mounts with a SBC

    I think I finally figured out I reused the stock motor mounts when I converted it to a SBC. (Thanks who ever posted a picture of the stock mounts). For some reason, I can't remember what I used back then. Anyway, I see the updated stock mount is square. Are there any issues with it as a...
  8. Strait Cruisin

    Climate Change: Project Global Warming '76 fj-40

    Ok, I’m finally going to do this. I’ve meaning to start a build thread for mine but being the expert level procrastinator that I am, I was always waiting for tomorrow. Anyway, in previous posts , I’ve described my progress on my truck as being glacial, so I am naming this thread: Climate...
  9. Strait Cruisin

    Edit Title test

    Are titles read only after posting. Film at 11.... ...and the answer is..... ....wait for it..... ...drum roll... No. <how embarrassing> Yes.
  10. Strait Cruisin

    Radio options

    Hey all, Whats a good off the shelf radio replacement for the dash hole? It'd be good if it had input from Bluetooth or just a mini input plug and perhaps switchable output to an intercom system. Speakers are a nice novelty too but are really just there for looks when you're whining down the...
  11. Strait Cruisin

    Inside frame rails mufflers/exhaust - v8

    I'm about to do the exhaust on my glacially progressing rebuild. I remember seeing some frame off pictures a while back of a really nice example of twin mufflers mounted behind the t-case. I thought I saved them but over the years there's lots of stuff I thought I saved. Anyone have pictures of...
  12. Strait Cruisin

    How much paint for a -40?

    At long last, I'm about to apply body paint the beast. I think I read somewhere that 1 gallon was stretching it, 2 gallon was better, gave you some leeway for making mistakes. (Not that I make any of those....). I figure it will be better to buy one big batch where supposedly they can make it...
  13. Strait Cruisin

    Using phosphoric acid

    I've been doing some experimenting with it. The driver's side floor pan of my -40 has a lot of surface rust. I first stripped the remaining paint with a chemical stripper. I then sanded with my D/A and 60 grit. With each application of phosphoric acid (I've done 3 24 hour soaks so...
  14. Strait Cruisin

    "T" paint codes

    I've been looking for paint codes and I'm not getting far. I see that wheel color, as a consensus on this site, is something called T1447 medium grey. I took that number to my local PPG guy and got absolutely no where. He called some color library on the phone and they'd never heard of it...
  15. Strait Cruisin

    Determining suspension lift

    Any one have measurements, say center of axle up to the bottom of the lip of the fender, both front and back, for a stock suspension? I'm looking to get some new shocks and with the mix of parts I have, along with the fact I haven't seen a stock crusier in decades, I'm not sure whether to go...
  16. Strait Cruisin

    Nut plates - rear doors

    I need a couple of nut plates for where the ambi door hinges attach to the tub. Quick search is failing me, are there new ones available? Make your own suggestions? TIA!
  17. Strait Cruisin

    Recovering Rear Heater Lines

    Anyone have any tricks/tips/ideas for replacing the insulation on the rear heater hard lines?
  18. Strait Cruisin

    Front driveline replacement for SBC

    I'm in need of a new (to me) front propellor shaft for a '76 -40 with a SBC (done with an AA kit way back in the '80's). I know I'll have to cut it to fit but is the best candidate to start an original length front driveline?
  19. Strait Cruisin

    Battery Type

    I am moving my battery into one of those MAF shock tower mounts. It also means I am getting a new battery and new cables. So side or top posts for the battery? I can do either. Ideas? Perferences? Or is it mostly philosophical, like "Ginger..... or Mary Ann?"
  20. Strait Cruisin

    Battery box - V8 conversion

    Anyone got any ideas, pictures, etc on underhood battery mounting, position, location for a '76 FJ-40 Chevy V8 conversion? Sorry if its been asked before and I didnt find it.
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