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  1. jatree

    Wet seatbelt

    After a week of being parked in the rain (nose uphill), I came back to a wet DS seatbelt... The first couple things I did when I bought the truck 18mos ago were water related. I could see old water stains on the headliner and noticed carpet getting wet so I: - Removed headliner, removed and...
  2. jatree

    YAP0401 Thread

    Hi all - I got a P0401 driving back home through the pass last week. When the CEL came on, I plugged in my OBD and had my passenger read it while I kept driving. Once I saw it was a P0401, I decided to just keep going since we were only 15-20 miles from home. I have driven it around the...
  3. jatree

    Your alarm/unlock remote stops working one day...

    I just realized I have no idea how alarm systems work...I know I use the same button to lock or unlock and the red light goes blinky but what if I lost the remote? My spare key is the valet key so I could get in but wouldn't the alarm just keep sounding after I unlocked it? I guess the same...
  4. jatree

    Ignition and Starting Diagnosis

    Hi all, I am on a slow baseline of a new to me truck (details in signature) that is parked for the winter where I have a chance to work on it every 2 weeks. Well, I changed the fusible links and put in a new battery last week but a starting issue remains Here's a video: 19_0218_nostart.MOV I...
  5. jatree

    Wanted  Five (5) 80-series Wheels, Good Condition

    My rig came with 2016 4Runner Trail Edition wheels and nearly new BFG K02 265's. Unfortunately it's not the combo for me so I'm looking to buy a set of 80 series wheels. Please post up if you are selling some. Thanks.
  6. jatree

    Starting after left sitting for 3 months

    Hi all - I just got back from an extended work assignment and am excited to finally start baselining the truck I bought in May 2018 (thread to come). However, the last time I drove it was Oct. 12, 2018 and the last time I filled fuel was likely two weeks before that. I experienced a no-start...
  7. jatree

    Troubleshooting brake pedal

    Hello, For various reasons I asked a shop to install new rear rotors/calipers/pads for me. I had bought the truck a few months back and it came with one rear rotor that was very scored due to what looked like a rusty caliper. I let it sit for 4-6 weeks and one day it developed a slow brake...
  8. jatree

    Rear brake kit

    Anyone have experience with this kit from CarID? EBC® - Stage 14 Light Truck and SUV Plain Brake Kit I will be pairing this kit with Napa Eclipse Calipers (link). I know a lot of people like the EBC Green pads but has anyone used their rotors? How do they compare to OEM? I'm getting OEM...
  9. jatree

    Caliper leak?

    Hi all, newbie here - Bought a used 80 with no real history a couple months back and haven't started baselining due to travel/many reasons. Last week before going out of town I thought I noticed something on the pavement below the Rear Passenger tire but it had just rained so didn't look...
  10. jatree

    Places to work on your truck

    Anyone have experience trying ? Just bought a 96, needs a lot of stuff and I'd like to do all I can...
  11. jatree

    Seeking Portland, OR area PPI

    I have already tried Landcruiser NW and Willamette Boulevard Service Center. LCNW is very hard to get responses from by phone or email and when I finally did learned they are booked up for two weeks. Josh from WBSC is not there on Saturdays and he does all their inspections. I will ask the...
  12. jatree

    Could use some second opinion(s)/buying advice

    Context: Never had an 80, would like one. No garage at the moment, just surface parking. However, perfectly happy to do as many minor things as I can. So had a quick test drive of a 1995 (with cloth!) last night as it was getting dark. Today I go look at a 1996 for comparison. Neither has...
  13. jatree

    Any HDJ's local to Seattle area or PNW?

    I've been speaking with an importer and am interested in going down the path of importing one of my own...but I'd like to try driving one first. I've driven a JDM FJ but never an HDJ. I always see a ton for sale in Oregon but not around here. If anyone has imported or bought one and wouldn't...
  14. jatree

    Wanted  2000+ TLC or LX, under 175k miles, PNW

    Hi there, Trying to help a friend find a vehicle. 2003 would be great but at minimum a 2000 100-series. Maintenance and Records are the main priorities 90k service done Cleaner is better Close to stock is better Looking to stay under $12k. Thanks
  15. jatree

    HDJ81 Owners

    How is it holding up? It's 2018 now so I expect to start seeing 1993 models rolling into the states. For those of you who imported from Japan, Canada, or elsewhere - have you run into any big issues with repairs or finding parts? Most of the threads from owners a couple years ago seemed to...
  16. jatree

    Talk me down...or up

    So I’ve been off and on looking for a while now and came across this LX 450 at a used car dealership about an hour away from me. Well I spent the majority of the last couple days doing my due diligence and reading every single thread and resource I could find since I’m pretty green (thank you...
  17. jatree

    craigslist  Unique looking JDM in Seattle

    1992 with 1fz-fe and low miles. Looks lifted, RHD... FZJ80, Land Cruiser with 4.5 liter I-6, only 106K miles, Original JDM
  18. jatree

    craigslist  1995 80 in Portland, 232k miles, white

    Not sure if any issues and it's a salvage title but doesn't look half bad in the pictures...and good price depending.. 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser Has anyone called on this or checked it out?
  19. jatree

    Is there an import to USA thread with costs?

    If not, any interest in one? I see 1990-92 diesel cruisers for sale in the $15-20k range here in the US or in Canada and have always wondered what it would take to get one over here from Japan directly. My limited initial research indicates that these might be overpriced but I want to make sure...
  20. jatree

    Grants Pass mechanic or shop

    Can anyone recommend an 80-experienced mechanic or shop in Grants Pass? Specialized would be best but I'll settle for anyone who knows their stuff at least somewhat specifically. Thanks
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