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  1. 1tontoy

    For Sale  45 Bed Crossmember

    Removed from a 65 FJ45 LPB when I shortened the bed. Solid part, no issues. This is the crossmember that goes between the wheel wells and is slightly shorter than the ones that go from bed side to bed side. Free plus shipping
  2. 1tontoy

    For Sale  New Carb Rebuild Kit for Early AISIN Single Barrel Carb

    Brand New in Box. Fits Toyota AISIN carbs up to 1966 - Kit includes All gaskets; accellerator pump plunger; float needle and seat; main jet and slow jet; idle adjust screw ; air horn gasket, base gasket; misc packing and gaskets and boot $22 plus shipping Located in San Diego
  3. 1tontoy

    For Sale  Early 45 Tailgate bumpers

    Early 45 tailgate bumpers . (4) $60 shipped CONUS
  4. 1tontoy

    For Sale  40 series 2F Water Pump NOS -SOLD

    SOLD Never installed - Genuine Toyota - New Old Stock - Discontinued Part. Fits 2F for 40 series (and probably late model 55's). $195 plus shipping
  5. 1tontoy

    For Sale  60 series Hood Ornament

    A little BLING for your cruiser! New Old Stock. Never installed, for 60/61/62 series but would fit on a 70 series variation. $90 shipped
  6. 1tontoy

    For Sale  NOS 40 series Window Regulator Vent Window Style

    Brand New, never installed. Genuine Toyota new old stock. Fits newer style 40/45/47 series with vent windows. Right hand side . $140 shipped CONUS
  7. 1tontoy

    For Sale  NOS Hood Lock and Hook - SOLD

    SOLD Brand New Genuine Toyota. Discontinued Part. Fits 1972-80. Includes NOS hood hook. $190 plus shipping
  8. 1tontoy

    For Sale  40 series Vent Window Frames Only - SOLD

    SOLD Got a pair of vent window frames in good shape with no latches. The glass has some welding slag damage, so the glass should probably be removed/replaced. $30 plus shipping Located in San Diego Please send a PM (conversation) if you want them. :cheers:
  9. 1tontoy

    For Sale  BJ42 / HJ47 Fuel Tank Skid Plate

    Locate in San Diego Powdercoated. Some pitting and an area between spot welds (pictured) that rusted through on one side but still structurally OK. Condition is probably 8 out of 10. $75 plus shipping. :cheers:
  10. 1tontoy

    For Sale  Vintage WARN Hubs

    $150 shipped CONUS
  11. 1tontoy

    For Sale  40/45 series Vent Windows - Window with Frame Only - SOLD

    SOLD $120 for the pair shipped CONUS. From a 1979 HJ45. Locate in San Diego
  12. 1tontoy

    For Sale  1HZ Intake crossover pipe and gasket

    $50 plus shipping Located in San Diego.
  13. 1tontoy

    For Sale  Early Transmission Hump cover with hole already in it

    Originally on a column shift cruiser . Already had a hole in it for someone doing a floor shift conversion. Rust free condition and no dents. $150 plus shipping
  14. 1tontoy

    Wanted  FJ40 Speedo Drive Worm Gear and Speedo Driven Gear Housing

    Looking for a good used Speedo Drive Worm Gear from a non- split t-case. Also looking for the associated speedo drive gear housing in good condition. This link has some good info and pics of what I'm looking for except it doesn't show the worm gear that is inside the t-case on the rear output...
  15. 1tontoy

    For Sale  Big Window SD40 Carb - missing the sight glass

    Located in San Diego. $100 plus shipping
  16. 1tontoy

    For Sale  3 Speed Transmission Cover with a hole already in it

    Very good condition with a hole already in it. Came off an early FST 40 with a centered rear diff. Located in San Diego. $200 plus shipping
  17. 1tontoy

    For Sale  45LV/45V Tuff Duck Slip Covers from SOR - New In Box

    Front and back seat covers from SOR for 45LV/45V. Brand new still in plastic wrap and boxed. Never installed. SOR charges $225 ($191 with membership) for each, front and back. $400 or best offer, plus shipping. Page 309 Land Cruiser FJ45LV Wagon Tuff Duck Slip Covers :cheers:
  18. 1tontoy

    Bandeirante  1990 Cabine Dupla OJ55LP-2BL - The Knowledge Build

    From the first time I saw a Bandeirante Cabine Dupla, I wanted one. Back in 2005, I lived and worked in Brasil for 6 months and had the opportunity to check them out close up and drive one with 14B engine. Recently, they have started to trickle into the USA (finalmente!). So, I bought one...
  19. 1tontoy

    For Sale  H Bellhousing for 40/45 series - SOLD

    SOLD Extremely rare part. This BH is from an HJ45 and has the mounting ears that attach to the frame like earlier gas powered 40 series. Comes in handy if swapping H/2H diesel into a gas 40 series which does not have the transmission cradle. Located in San Diego. $250 plus shipping.
  20. 1tontoy

    For Sale  Tailgate hinges from 60's FJ45 LWB

    SOLD 3 hinges - One is broken and other 2 should probably be rebuilt. Located in San Diego. $100 shipped
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