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  1. jskfj45

    Vibration at High Speed Causes?

    so i'm getting the vibe too, just simply came about....This rumble vibration happens around highway speed most noticeable on deceleration even down to 45 or so. Put it in neutral, still the vibes. Going to re-balance the new tires, have new shocks.....ANY IDEAS?
  2. jskfj45

    Wanted Factory OEM 80 running boards

    Wanted 1965 fj45 right and left running boards/ side steps
  3. jskfj45

    Comment by 'jskfj45' in media 'my 1980 FJ45'

    color code? Dune Beige 416?
  4. Before Lift

    Before Lift

  5. Before OME

    Before OME

  6. After Lift OME

    After Lift OME

  7. After OME

    After OME

  8. After OME Lift

    After OME Lift

  9. After OME Lift

    After OME Lift

  10. Before Lift

    Before Lift

  11. After OME

    After OME

  12. Just for fun

    Just for fun

  13. Before lift

    Before lift

  14. jskfj45

    Yet another Vent Window Question

    Hello Folks, Kurt, left you a message at the office. I have an appointment with a custom extrusion company here in Houston next week who specializes in this kinda of "short run" stuff and has done a TON of custom seal work for the vintage aircraft industry. He is also an "old car" enthusiast...
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    Imported Item

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    Imported Item

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    Imported Item

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    Imported Item

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