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  1. jskfj45

    Progress and Update FJ45

    Yes, fully aware about the dang bezel....correction
  2. jskfj45

    For Sale  15x8 white wagon wheels, 6 x 5.5 bolt pattern

    Up for sale rims / wheels ONLY, set of 4 rattle canned grey one side only $235. True, no damage. Tires and Truck Not Included. Will Ship. Will ship. Shipping not included. I'm in Houston, Texas
  3. jskfj45

    Heater hose hook ups

    Hey folks, new here and new to what I would think to simple basic plumbing for heaters. I have gone over several posts that basically show/said nothing. Here's my inquiry.....I have an f1 engine, and original on a 1965 FJ45. Ok I got the heater and the core is good...SO, where do the two...
  4. jskfj45

    Wanted  FJ45 Vent Window Seals Bug Catcher Style

    Looking for both Passenger and Driver Vent Window Weather Stripping. I understand to have the bug catcher style where the window hinges from the bottom and opens up on the top. I think these catch more rain than I am told the regular seals will work, however would not open up. Is...
  5. jskfj45

    Wanted  1965 FJ45 Vent window weather stripping Bug Catcher style

    in Texas, looking for weather stripping for both left and right vent windows, Bug Catcher Style. These hinge outward from the bottom.
  6. jskfj45

    Wanted  1965 FJ45 Long bed Tailgate....Please!

    In (TX) looking for, yup you've guessed it a tailgate. I might, just might consider a alum repro at the right price till one comes up. Would love to have all the hardware too!
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