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  1. 1tontoy

    For Sale NOS Hood Lock and Hook - SOLD

    Good question - I would guess that the compatibility is with the hood which would is usually on body of the same year.
  2. 1tontoy

    1990 HZJ77

    Nice. Recommend at least 1 flex joint section (maybe there's one there but can't tell by the photo), 1 close to the turbo before the bend. I put 2 in my 3" from the turbo, 1 small one before the bend and a larger one once the tube straightens out.
  3. 1tontoy

    For Sale 60 series Hood Ornament

    Be the first to have an awesome hood ornament on your US 60! It would look sweet on the brown 60 in your avatar!
  4. 1tontoy

    For Sale 40 series Stainless Steel Dual Battery Tray

    Just saw this - That's a nice piece. Unfortunately I don't own a pig :( or I would trade. Thanks for the offer.
  5. 1tontoy

    For Sale 60 series Hood Ornament

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