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  1. spdwaver1

    I'm going to Idaho

    We're gonna drive up to Boise (yeah, I know, it's pronounced, "boy-see"), Idaho, at the end of December, to scope it out and to just be somewhere else other than Калифорния for a few days. I'm Cruiserless, so that means I'll have to rent something to cart us around through a possible winter...
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    2022 Canceled?

    So much for all those plans I hadn't even thought of making just yet.
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    Tips For Your First Thread

    If you're new to the IH8MUD forum, you'll need a few pointers to make friends and influence strangers. We'll help you along the best we can, but if you want to skip ahead and try something new, please read ahead. Here's a few ideas to get you started: 1. Don't read any other threads or attempt...
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    Annoying Singers

    Coincidentally and by happenstance alone, I happen to have a particular style in mind to kick this bizznitch off. It's known as the "indie girl" voice, AKA "hip-singing," a vocal style that is ubiquitous with modern female vocalists, where the poor infected soul will utter every known vowel...
  5. spdwaver1

    Amateur Archaeology

    I am always intrigued by watching recordings of visits to ancient civilizations - namely their inscriptions, rock drawings, megaliths and other archaeological finds. Post up about the ancient sites that you've encountered or wish to discuss. Megalith from the Baalbek quarry (image source...
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    Places to see: Albuquerque or Gallup?

    My family and I will be traveling in the very near future through New Mexico on our way to Colorado. We will be essentially taking the long, scenic route - taking in the local sights as well as trying to avoid big, busy cities - to reach our destination. Many of you know about my daughter's...
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    Your Favorite Tribute Bands

    I went searching for live acts that pay tribute to the great bands of yesteryear that no longer perform (or shouldn't be allowed to perform), that sound exactly like the original or take the original past where they left off. I began by looking for a Pink Floyd act that keeps the show going...
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    Did Chat get moved?

    Just wondering.
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    For Sale  1993 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80, Santa Clarita, CA.

    ***All this truck needs to be a daily driver is a battery. I am selling this truck below what most other Cruisers sell in wrecked condition. This one is not wrecked, and it runs very well, along with a lift, tires and recently serviced axles. Sale price ends July 31, 2012.*** $3,500 - MUST go...
  12. spdwaver1

    Trade  FS/FT [CA] - 2002 Harley-Davidson Road King, For Your FJ40 ($12K OBO)

    ***This is my father's bike, but I will accept all PMs and / or emails from interested parties - then I will forward such inquiries / contact information to the seller.*** PRICE REDUCED For sale or trade (trade details below): 2002 Harley-Davidson "Road King" - $10K, OBO, PARTIAL TRADE...
  13. spdwaver1

    I need some advice on buying MIG welders; old vs. new

    I am in the process of buying a new or used MIG welder, but I need help in making the right decision with regard to buying new or (potentially) getting more with buying used. With a new unit, I know I will have a machine that has some guarantee that it will work; and if there are any issues, I...
  14. spdwaver1

    New Paint

    I decided to break up the 'white wall' effect, and add a bit of contrast, while trying to avoid a black-on-white scheme; so I came up with this mockup (GIMP'd [Photoshop alternative]): And, here is the final product. I used rubberized under-body coating on the flares and in the area just...
  15. spdwaver1

    Stuck and need advice.

    1993 fzj80 aussie locker in rear (which may be the culprit). driving on the way to work this morning, i was rolling to a stop when i felt what seemed like the rear end is in pieces...really jerky and locks up when trying to move forward. my question is this: if the problem is the rear...
  16. spdwaver1

    Look what found it's way into my garage...

    A Lincoln Idealarc TIG 250. Now, I am going to need a little help (okay, more than a little) with getting what I need to get this hooked up. I have only welded with flux core (Lincoln SP135T), so this is completely new to me. I am not asking how to use it (but feel free to offer any...
  17. spdwaver1

    Wanted  Birfields for 1993 Land Cruiser

    I am in need of a set of Birfields for a 1993 Land Cruiser. I already have the seals/bearings on order, just need a good set of Birfields now. Please post up or PM me with what you have, listing the condition when doing so. Thanks, Sean
  18. spdwaver1

    For Sale  FS/Trade+Cash 2005 Toyota Sequoia SR5 2WD

    FS/Trade+Cash 2005 Toyota Sequoia SR5 2WD (Santa Clarita, CA.) Located in Santa Clarita, CA. (Near Magic Mountain). As seen on Craigslist: 2005 Toyota Sequoia SR5 with 100K Warranty - Black 2005 Toyota Sequoia SR5 VIN: 5TDZT34A15S245087 Registration Paid through Feb. 2011 -...
  19. spdwaver1

    Best tool(s) to cut .25" mild steel shape cuts on a regular basis

    I need a tool that will be best for reliably cutting .25" mild steel shape cuts, on a very regular basis. These shapes will range from squares (I am currently using my circular saw with a .125" or .1875" blade) to shape cuts that are irregular in form. I have designed parts for the heavy...
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