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  1. emac

    FJ62 rear cargo light

    I had some free time today and decided to look into why the rear cargo light would not work when I opened the rear hatch. I removed the latch and to see if I could figure out how it makes the ground when it unlocks. It doesnt come apart easy. With nothing to lose, I sprayed it with brake parts...
  2. emac

    Rear axle pinion nut

    I had my driveshaft off to remove the tranny on my 88 FJ62 and noticed the pinion nut was loose (partially staked) and there was a lot of play. I tightened it up but it seems like (according to FSM) that I have too much tension and need to replace the crush spacer. Part 41231 in picture. My...
  3. emac

    Replacing Rear main seal, anyone know Adrian?

    I had some free time today and decided to get rolling on replacing the RMS. It didnt take long to get everything disconnected, and have the tranny out. I did find a few surprises. Oil leak pretty bad. Not coming from oil pan. If you look closely around the area of the O2 sensor you can...
  4. emac

    Door hinges...what I learned today

    My rig is painted and back together. Doors have always shut well and solid. I replaced all the weatherstripping. When I drove it I noticed some creaking in the driver door. After trying several things I noticed a lot of play in the driver door hinges. I bought new hinges. I learned that it is...
  5. emac

    Oil leak RMS or oil pan

    Chasing down one of my last oil leaks. It drips pretty good after driving. I have replaced all the engine gaskets except the RMS and oil pan. I cleaned everything real good and have been driving it. Drips several drips after running for a while. It is oil. I haven't owned this rig long and dont...
  6. emac

    New tires on my 88 FJ62

    I am very close to finishing up my 62 refurbishment. It had 30x9.5x15 tires on it when I got it. They had great tread but looked awful. After a lot of reading on here I went with BFG AT 31x10.5. I have been nervous about these tires being too large. I am not a big tire guy. I had 33x10.5 on...
  7. emac

    New FJ62 window switch assembly

    My window switch assembly was in pretty rough shape and one of the switches wasnt working. I bought a new one from switch doctor. It was $88. It only comes in brown. The description says you can easily swap the outside trim from your old one. I got the switch in about 2 days. It is very high...
  8. emac

    door lock button/knob

    I may have lost all my door lock buttons during the paint work. I think the body shop removed them. I am going to check with them Monday. I was looking at the parts diagram for the 88 FJ62 and it only shows brown. I guess I could paint them, but I was wondering if other years and models would...
  9. emac

    Wanted Wanted FJ60/62 fenders

    Looking for a clean set of fenders for an FJ62. Thanks!
  10. emac

    Wanted FJ62 fenders

    My fenders have a lot of bondo, and I am searching for some replacements. It seems no one (CCOT, cruisercorps, etc) have them in stock. SOR is the only place and they want 1500 shipped! $521 for shipping. Crazy. Anyone have any other thoughts? I have tried junkyards and classifieds but no luck...
  11. emac

    electrical gurus, please help explain this circuit

    @Coolerman , @Pin_Head @Poser and others wondering if you guys could help me understand the charge circuit on my 62. The charge light, brake light and A/T temp light are all illuminated on the dash. My alternator is brand new. All fuses are good, and I get 14V at the battery when running. I...
  12. emac

    trifecta of warning light(charge/brake/AT temp)

    New to me rig. Wasnt charging, but no lights were illuminated. I replaced the alternator as it wasnt putting out any volts. The alternator was a rebuilt unit from Oreilleys. Fired up and meter shows 14v at alternator and battery, gauge also showing good voltage. Drove around a little and seemed...
  13. emac

    replacement hose for valve cover to intake

    This ventilation hose is discontinued but I found a replacement in anyone needs one. Just cut to fit. Dayco 80393. After doing several other heater hoses, this may work in some other places.
  14. emac

    squealing crank pulley

    Working on my FJ62 3FE and thought i would post here as well just in case someone else had this issue and I know this crowd better! I replaced and rebuilt all my front engine pulleys, new water pump, rebuilt PS, idler pulley bearings, front timing seal and gasket.Now I have a squeal. I have...
  15. emac

    Front seal squealing??

    Well, I just got done rebuilding the PS pump, new water pump, new bearings in the idler pulleys, new timing cover and front seal. Cranked it up and I have a squeal. At first I thought it was the PS. I started removing stuff, and I got all the way to no belts and still have the squeal. It is...
  16. emac

    duplicate thread

    duplicate post, sorry
  17. emac

    Looking for a front right FJ62 fender

    I need a front right fender in very good condition, any color will do. I prefer a 62, but I think a 60 can be made to work. I am in the upstate, but I can travel. Thanks!
  18. emac

    Wanted FJ62 Right front fender

    Looking for a very good Right front fender for 1988 FJ62. Color doesnt matter, just needs to be straight. Ship to 29620. Thanks!
  19. emac

    69 fj40 50K

    29K-Mile 1969 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FST I know its a lot of money, but what a nice example!
  20. emac

    Wanted FJ62 tailgate carpet backer board

    Looking for the backer board that the carpet goes on. I have new carpet just no baker. Thanks!
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