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  1. OffRoad Rage

    MudShip - Tucson to Phx

    Bump for tomorrow, anyone? Thanks to Joe and Heather for making the trip up to the CBT Show N Shine with the cage in tow! MudShip complete.
  2. OffRoad Rage

    MudShip - Tucson to Phx

    Bump - in case anyone is coming up to the show and shine this weekend and might have room for the cage. Thanks, Norm
  3. OffRoad Rage

    MudShip - Tucson to Phx

    Many thanks to Will @yotadude520 for offering to make this happen. It just wasn't urgent enough to warrant a special trip. Thanks to Joe for getting the dimensions to Will. It will work out here eventually. If anyone else is making the trip coming up let me know. I was thinking maybe some of...
  4. OffRoad Rage

    How cool is this - Toyota-hilux-galaxy-camper

    Do not tempt the camper junky with such a cool rig!!! The over/under on him tracking down another one, or very similar one and purchasing it is 3 weeks. #Toyotaguywithacamperproblem
  5. OffRoad Rage

    CSC Random picture thread

    I know this is a picture thread and not "Flip that bezel!" but that picture begs a question. Was the bezel a port installed or dealer installed item? I'm trying to wrap my head around why the bezel would be taken off an essentially new vehicle (2-3 years old) and installed wrong. It clearly...
  6. OffRoad Rage

    MudShip - Tucson to Phx

    That would be awesome! Keep me posted and I can meet you on Sunday if it works out.
  7. OffRoad Rage

    MudShip - Tucson to Phx

    I'm looking to pick up this cage that @wildling has down in north Tucson for my 40 project. Any local members or Mudders traveling this way with a trailer or full size pickup in the near future? We can talk compensation (cash, parts trade, cases of beer, etc.) just let me know. Arizona...
  8. OffRoad Rage

    Arizona Classifieds / For Sale / Wanted

    I'll take it if I can arrange a mudship up to Phx. Big fan of Redline products. PM sending.
  9. OffRoad Rage

    80 series head gasket poll

    1997 - 214K miles - work done by CBT - can't say enough about the job they did and how much power it had after new HG and re-mapping the injectors. HG,PHH,several seals,intake boot, and injectors $2200 ish. (sold) 1996 - 112K miles original HG
  10. OffRoad Rage

    4Wheelers Supply - Closed?

    Looks like we may have lost another long time valley 4x4 shop. Bay doors all shut, no vehicles in the main parking area, no RTI ramp, space available signs out from, phone number out of service . . . . . Anyone have additional info? Bought my first Wells AZ Trails book from them when I first...
  11. OffRoad Rage

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm brisket :grinpimp::cheers:
  12. OffRoad Rage

    FS: 1997 FZJ80 TLC Collectors Ed. Black/Grey 225K miles – Magic Dial Equipped

    Sale pending, would be staying local, a new 80 owner, and who knows maybe a new CSC member SOLD!!!! (updated 11/15/18)
  13. OffRoad Rage

    What did you do to your Land Cruiser/Toyota/Lexus 4X4 this week?

    That is not your garage, or your lift . . . :flipoff2: I thought this was "what did you do to your Land Cruiser".
  14. OffRoad Rage

    FS: 1997 FZJ80 TLC Collectors Ed. Black/Grey 225K miles – Magic Dial Equipped

    Bump with some more pics. Posting on CL later today. I was out of town for a bit but now back and ready to see someone else enjoy this rig.
  15. OffRoad Rage

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    I know they were shopping Bucannon, but this would be bad. And would Larry be next . . . . Fitzy in a Pats uniform? :censor:
  16. OffRoad Rage

    Arizona Cardinals Talk

    Still ugly, but it was a win. I'm putting out a BOLO for our running game. Hit the damn hole DJ! The D played lights out - game ball to them. Stand out performances by Chandler Jones, Hasan Reddick, Tre Boston, and Josh Bynes. As long as the drops and overthrows can be fixed by the end of...
  17. OffRoad Rage

    You've been spotted

    . . . when hot rod guys try to build vintage 4x4s. Ain't nothing right about that rig!
  18. OffRoad Rage

    You've been spotted

    "Wonder what the metal grate window covers are for? Rocks, beer bottles perhaps?" Uuuuuhhhhhh Zombies, right?! "it looks like bed liner" Surely a special zombie proof coating with light and sound absorbing capabilities to elude detection.
  19. OffRoad Rage

    FJ40 body pieces for sale

    I'd be happy to call back up "dibs" Claudia if Cruiserhiggs is still MIA.
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