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  1. mcguirejohnson

    Shop Space

    Kind of a long shot, but does anyone have extra shop space that they would be interested in renting out? I'm stuck in an apartment for a few years and my storage unit manager is tired of me working on my junk in the unit... Looking for something decently close to Fort Collins, but I don't mind...
  2. mcguirejohnson

    Wanted  80 series 2-3" coils

    Looking for some used 2-3" 80 series front and rear coil springs. I dont care about condition or brand, let me know what ya have.. Prefer non "Heavy" springs though since its going on an 80 series with only an ARB front no winch.
  3. mcguirejohnson

    Injector Service in Colorado

    Anyone know of a shop that can rebuild my 12HT injectors in Colorado?
  4. mcguirejohnson

    For Sale  HDJ81 left over parts from swap

    I have an 81 that I yanked the motor, transmission and lockers out of it to put in an fzj80. Quite a bit of left over parts that I don't need. Stuff not available from the interior: seats, door panels, grab bar for dash, clutch pedal, steering wheel, H4 switch, gauge cluster (Speedo is up for...
  5. mcguirejohnson

    SOLD  NWF BlackBox w/ triple sticks

    I've been sitting on this for almost 2 years now, never used, all parts are included. Not in a rush to sell, just going a different direction with my cruiser.. It works with h55,h42 (late and early) & a442 paired with a 19 spline split case. 2.72:1 is added to your crawl equation essentially...
  6. mcguirejohnson


  7. mcguirejohnson

    CT26 exhaust flange

    Does anyone have a good source for a ct26 exhaust flange in the states? Looking to make a dump pipe and exhaust for my 12ht and for a 1hdt. Googling I found some for the older supras that are pretty cheap, just want to confirm that they fit before I pull the trigger.
  8. mcguirejohnson

    ARBs aren’t soccer mom proof...

    My taco received some new character marks yesterday... Prime example of why I don’t like driving my cruiser in the panhandle, people drive like maniacs!! Gonna burn in some .25” plate for new frame brackets, ARB wants $76 a piece for new ones....
  9. mcguirejohnson

    Solid Axle Summit 2018

    Mud members, SAS #2 is a go and the dates are August 7-11th in Ouray. Same deal as last year, keeping it simple and old school. We are cutting off at 50 vehicles for the event, but obviously anyone can come and hang since it’s public land. This year we will be hosting it at the Ouray KOA and...
  10. mcguirejohnson

    For Sale  ‘94 fender flares white

    Got a set of 94 flares, no cracks, paint is pretty rough. Looking to get $200 OBO plus shipping for all. Shipping from 78070
  11. mcguirejohnson

    1hdt swap questions

    In the middle of converting a 94 fzj 80 to an hdj80 and I have a few questions. First, is the PPS (progressive power steering) system worth integrating? Looking at the wiring diagrams it doesn’t seem too difficult, but is it worth the hassle? I’m under the impression that it stiffens the action...
  12. mcguirejohnson

    For Sale  ‘94 FZJ complete 80 cloth seats grey

    Like the title says I have a complete set of grey cloth seats out of a ‘94. They need to be cleaned, but I’d say they are an 8.5/10. No burn holes, a little paint spot on the drivers seat and the 2nd row is separating on the back. One small tear on the back of the DS rear seat as well. Asking...
  13. mcguirejohnson

    HJ-141 Build-Up

    For some reason I've always created a new "build thread" everytime that I do a significant change to my rig, and now I've decided that it's time to make it into one so that I can stay organized and also to keep tabs on new mods, trips, pictures, etc. I reckon while I'm at it i'll give a little...
  14. mcguirejohnson

    Fox Shocks

    I searched around for a bit and couldn't find much content on the 2.0 reservoir shocks. Is anyone running them? I want to utilize the stock 80 shock mounts hopefully without adapters.. 3" lift, no coil spacers. Or if someone has a better brand/ model in a similar price range that they...
  15. mcguirejohnson

    Wanted  4.10 front R&P fzj80

    Looking for a good used low mileage front Ring & pinion out of an fzj80. Thanks
  16. mcguirejohnson

    Wanted  Ignore

    Looking for a good used stock set of 4.11 gears for an 80 series front axle
  17. mcguirejohnson

    Solid Axle Summit 2017 Official Thread

    Attention all Toyota solid axle fans, this is your chance to be apart of the inaugural Solid Axle Summit or “SAS”. If you or someone you know has a solid axle Toyota 4WD we'd like to invite you to campout and take in some of the most beautiful trails Colorado has to offer. This will be the 1st...
  18. mcguirejohnson

    FZJ80 + HJ61= ??

    Well I have exactly a week until finals are done and I can escape back home to spend my break in the shop building what I think is going to be the ultimate 60 series. And I need a break from studying so I decided its time to start a thread to document the madness. I had been pondering finding a...
  19. mcguirejohnson

    For Sale  NLA

    Decided I'm going to run 35s when I get my 60 on the fzj frame so I need to get these behemoths out of here. Paid $2300 this past spring for everything minus the spare tire and enjoyed them for about 10k miles and a lot of awesome Colorado trails. Looking to get $1500 obo for all 5, they are...
  20. mcguirejohnson

    For Sale  FJ60 Complete SOA setup

    My 60 is getting moved onto an 80 frame & axles so I have decided to let my Spring Over Axle setup go. I did all the work myself and have mostly everything documented in my build thread (look at signature). I have had this setup on my cruiser for 3.5 years and have put countless road & trail...
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