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  1. turbotoyz

    06 LX470 Gas tank leaking

    I just filled up my tank 2 days ago. After coming back to my car yesterday I noticed after I pulled away from the parking lot my fuel gauge was reading 1/4 after 57 miles. It was raining out so I didn't notice if there was a fuel leak. I went to put a little fuel into it and it was gushing out...
  2. turbotoyz

    For Sale  Portland OR 275/65R18 Cooper Discovery AT3

    Selling four (4) Cooper Discovery AT3 275/65R18 tires. 60% (8/32") tread life left, new is 13/32". Good condition and even wear. New $200 each. Asking $300 for all four. Willing to ship on your dime. -Josh ur (4)
  3. turbotoyz

    Mark Levinson Amp

    Well it appears that my ML amp, on my 06 LX, is on its way out. I am getting loud popping noises and then the audio quits and I can not adjust the volume. Sometime this happens after a couple mins of use and sometimes close to a hour goes by when it quits. I did some searching and all signs...
  4. turbotoyz

    Wanted  Mark Levinson Amplifier for 2006 LX470 (WANTED)

    Hello, Looking for Mark Levinson Amplifier to replace the one going on my rig. Thanks, -Joshua
  5. turbotoyz

    AHC and VGRS Help

    Hello, I just bought my 1st 100 Series, a 2006 LX470 last week. I am in the process of baseline and cleaning it up. The dealer i bought the car said they just performed the alignment and showed me the service report on it. When i drove the car home the steering wheel was off center to the...
  6. turbotoyz

    Wanted  2006-2007 Land Cruiser/LX 470 Near Portland OR.

    Looking for a clean 2006-2007 Land Cruiser/LX 470. Preference is with around 150,000 or less miles but will consider higher mileage if the price is right. Will travel for the right one. rust free with Clean interior is a must. No rips/tears dents ect. email, call or text. Thank you...
  7. turbotoyz

    For Sale  A340F Transmission & Tcase, ($400 Lower AL)

    Toyota v6 auto transmission and transfer case. A340F 88-95 truck/4runner. rebuilt 2000 miles ago from transmission planet in TX. I swapped it out for manual transmission, $400 obo. Includes Transfer case.
  8. turbotoyz

    For Sale  5.29 V6 low pinion third, Open, ($300, Lower Alabama)

    5.29 V6 third, opened. I had in the front so it has low miles on it. I swapped it out for High pinion. $300 obo.
  9. turbotoyz

    For Sale  TG Chromoly Drive Flanges New (South Alabama, $140)

    I have brand new Trail Gear Creeper Flanges. Kit includes 2 flanges, 2 dust covers, 2 cover seals, drill bit and 12 heavy duty studs. retails $156 asking $135 Shipped.
  10. turbotoyz

    For Sale  96 FJ80 Front Axle Part Out ($1, Lower Alabama)

    Parting out FJ80 Front Axle. It is non elocker housing, only thing missing is center section (third member, Chunk). Steering links, panhard bar, hubs, spindles, drive flanges, knuckles, calipers, Birfields and axle shafts. Birfields $50 each Housing 50 obo spindles $25 each. Make me an...
  11. turbotoyz

    For Sale  Trail Worthy Fab H1 Recenters 37 tires. ($1300 Lower Alabama)

    Trail Worthy Fab H1 recenters 6 on 5.5, 3.5 backspacing, PVC inserts, Rock Rings and 37 Goodyear MT 75% tread. $1300 obo. Located lower Alabama.
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