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  1. Jfcol

    For Sale  Nice time of year to come to GA

    Catch a Braves game, eat some bbq and head home with a nice truck. He's asking top dollar. But he has also spent some money on maintenance, etc.
  2. Jfcol

    Mesmerizing and insane!

    In spite of his choice of vehicles, I can't believe the time that went into this... both in the restoration and the filming.
  3. Jfcol

    For Sale  2004 LC in Atlanta. Ad just posted Could be a special one. Or a very persuasive seller. Hope it works out for someone!
  4. Jfcol

    For Sale  GA 99 100 Listing just popped up. Looks nice (except for the gold emblems, but that's just me.)
  5. Jfcol

    For Sale  GA 2006 LC

    Looks like a nice 'un!
  6. Jfcol

    Lesson learned

    Just got my 05 LC back from the 180,000 mile service. Turns out mine had never had the 90,000 mile service! The mechanic said that the water pump and thermostat were original, which meant that the belt was likely original as well. He also said that it looked like the Denso plugs had never been...
  7. Jfcol

    Windshield shop in Atlanta area

    What started as a small crack at the bottom has turned and is creeping upwards. In reading some of the posts, it sounds like installation on 100 series is tricky and many do it wrong. Who around here does it right? Thanks.
  8. Jfcol

    Foglights mounted on a stock bumper?

    Has anyone tried this on a 100? I was told that they would vibrate in the wind if just mounted to the top of the bumper, which makes sense. I know it's an option on the FJ but I'm assuming there are brackets.
  9. Jfcol

    Hood blackout panel group buy

    Not sure why the original thread has lived all this time in the small business section but there's another group buy going on for 100 series LC/Lexus hood blackouts. It's an old thread that has been revived several times. Trevor at needs seven or so of us to knock $20 off the...
  10. Jfcol

    Any recommendations for a good welder?

    Specifically someone who makes sliders in the metro Atlanta area. Someone on another thread said that you can come out ahead because you avoid shipping costs.
  11. Jfcol

    Isolated rust. Or is it??

    I've owned an 05LC for a couple of months now. Was blown away at the condition inside and out. Spent most of it's life in Maryland. Now with me in Atlanta. The only blemish, shown in the photo, is a rust bubble to the left of the rear wiper arm just beneath the glass on the hatch. But there are...
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