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  1. alkarich

    craigslist  2 FJ62's for sale

    Two 1988 Toyota Land Cruisers FJ62
  2. alkarich

    craigslist  2 FJ62's in Minnesota

    Two 1988 Toyota Land Cruisers FJ62
  3. alkarich

    craigslist  1988 FJ62 Duluth Minnesota

    1988 FJ62
  4. alkarich

    craigslist  M416 in MN/IA $350/BO

    No affiliation. Army jeep trailer
  5. alkarich

    craigslist  Con-ferr frame box $15

    No affiliation: Landcrusier FJ40 Storage Box
  6. alkarich

    craigslist  ARMY trailer - $500 (M100)

    No affiliation (Green Bay, WI): ARMY trailer
  7. alkarich

    craigslist  1973 Toyota Lancruiser FJ40 Parts

    No affiliation: 1973 Toyota Lancruiser FJ40 Parts- LOTS OF PARTS
  8. alkarich

    craigslist  toyota land cruiser hard top - $300 (cokato)

    No affiliation: toyota land cruiser hard top
  9. alkarich

    craigslist  1976 FJ40 with plow (Wisconsin)

    No affiliation: Plow Vehicle
  10. alkarich

    craigslist  Warn 8274 winch - $500 (princeton)

    No affiliation (Wisconsin): Warn 8274 winch
  11. alkarich

    craigslist  Warn Winch - $375

    No affiliation:
  12. alkarich

    '10 Taco, 3" spacer lift from Low Range Off Road

    Hello, Just wondering what you guys think of spacer kits? In particular the one offered by Low Range Off Road: LRT 2005-2010 3†Leveling/ Lift Kit for Toyota Tacoma - Suspension Kits - 2005-2010 Tacoma - Toyota 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine just did an install on this and they seemed to...
  13. alkarich

    craigslist  FJ62 ARB Bumper

    No affiliation. Nice price. Fj62 Landcruiser ARB Full front bumper
  14. alkarich

    craigslist  1991 Land Cruiser Parts (incl. 2nd Row Seat)

    No affiliation: 1991 Land Cruiser Parts (incl. 2nd Row Seat)
  15. alkarich

    craigslist  1977 Toyota FJ 40 $1900

    No affiliation: 1977 Toyota FJ 40 Land Crizer 4x4 like a jeep
  16. alkarich

    craigslist  1977 Toyota FJ 40

    No affiliation: 1977 Toyota FJ 40 Land Crizer 4x4 like a jeep
  17. alkarich

    craigslist  3 Land Cruiser in Rochester, MN

    No affiliation. He's got a '68, '69, and '74. All sound rusty, he was planning on scraping them. landcruiser parts
  18. alkarich

    Cold weather cycling gloves/mitts?

    What do other winter riders wear to keep their hands warm? Planning on riding all winter. Currently using xc skiing gloves, but they aren't warm enough for my morning commute (now 0-10 degrees, and will get colder). Might be switching to Gripshifts so I can wear choppers. Lobsters...
  19. alkarich

    Interco Super Swampers TSL S.S. 34x9.5x15

    Has anyone ever used these on a 60/62? Narrow S.S. | Interco Tire NARROW S.S. The Super Swamper TSL with the patented TSL tread design offers unsurpassed traction under the toughest of conditions. Nine years of developing and testing produced the ultimate tire tread design. Short...
  20. alkarich

    For Sale  Con-ferr center console

    I've got an old Con-ferr center console for sale. It's in pretty good shape. Comes with the lock and key. Some scuffing of the original paint (original Con-ferr sticker on front still intact). One seam of the upholstery has split. As for the stitching, pretty easy to get to the back side...
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