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  1. BajaCruiser94

    For Sale  SOLD - SoCal - 80 Series - Caster Correction Plates (Wits Version)

    Hi, I recently re-did my suspension setup from 2.5" up tp 4"; so Im selling my previous 2.5" caster correction plates pruchased from WitsEnd, worked great, as I mentioned, just went taller - Going for 120 shipped. This was the original purchases product - Link Will post pictures later. Thanks...
  2. BajaCruiser94

    For Sale  FZJ80 - Rare OEM Orange Hub Fan Clutch for Sale

    I sold my supercharger and im in the process of a LS swap, so I have no use for this Super Heavy Duty Fan Clutch; like new 300 bucks shipped, OBO. Can be used with or without supercharger; pulls air like a mother**... Can post pictures if needed; but this is the one...
  3. BajaCruiser94

    Sideview Mirror - Glass Only Replacement Source?

    For a 2008, the driver side glass is shattered; ordered one thru Amazon, they sent incorrect model; ordered another one thru RockAuto; and again; incorrect one sent! AutoZone has one listed; at this point my trust is eroded.... Has anyone sourced one successfully? Thank you.
  4. BajaCruiser94

    3" Front Tundra Lift Spacers Mistake - Danger?

    So, I ordered the 3" incorrectly; my bad; for "testing" purposes I had the spacers machined down as MSCruiser indicated and installed over a set of new OEM shocks; after all the adjustment possible camber was .25" positive on the left side and .50" on the right tire, I got a hold of a set of...
  5. BajaCruiser94

    Wanted  FJ80 - Shifter Assembly (91-92)

    If you have any shifter assembly for a 91-92 FJ80; let me know - Thanks -Emerosn.
  6. BajaCruiser94

    '08 Engine Problems - Options

    Here we go... Found what a good deal on a '08 Cruiser 2500mi away from me last December; less than 100K on the odometer, faded paint on hood, some interior wear and bumper rashes, nothing severe, price was less than 10K. Driven all the way home with no issues; until a week ago; while passing a...
  7. BajaCruiser94

    Shock Interchangability? - 2008 vs 2016/17 Shocks

    Are OEM shocks interchangable between years? I see several PN's for newer models in the Toyota part sites; but there not listed on Tokico Catalogue... Thanks. -Emerson
  8. BajaCruiser94

    Wanted  200 Series Stock Suspension

    Anyone with a stock and good condition 200 series suspension? If so, Im interested on purchasing it; Im not quite ready yet to get a lift now. Thanks -Emerson.
  9. BajaCruiser94

    TRD Pros '18 vs RockWarriors

    Here's the deal, I currently ride a 100 series, my new to me 200 series is on the paint shop (Super White color) and will be back soon so I can finish the build. The 100 series rides in a set of Tundra TRD Pro's and 285's KO2; I wanted to duplicate the setup on the 200 series but just can get...
  10. BajaCruiser94

    For Sale  FZJ80 Magnuson Supercharger Kit (Used) for Sale

    SOLD! So, its time to announce this. On Monday, I will remove the Magnuson Supercharger from my 97 FZJ80 rig, the kit was bought win the group buy organized by 2fpower on March '16. My plans with my rig became different, nothing is wrong with the supercharger; I actually just replaced the...
  11. BajaCruiser94

    Parting Out  1993 FZJ80 - LeftOver Part List

    Hi All - Here's a list of parts leftover my donor 80, grey interior trim, PM if you need any part; I can provide pictures if needed; located at 92231 shipping is on your dime. Thanks. ECU Main 89661-60170 Passenger Underdash Cover AC Amp - 88650-60060 Steering Box Rear sliding windows (L&R)...
  12. BajaCruiser94

    FZJ80 Supercharger ByPass Valve - Part Number? Supplier?

    My bypass valve is shot; anyone has the PN, and/or a supplier info that has stock? I need to overnight ship it so I can install on time. Thanks for your help. -Emerson.
  13. BajaCruiser94

    BajaCruisers - Ultimate Expedition 2017 - Videos @Facebook

    Hey guys, I know this is not tech, but its the forum that gets more attention and I wanted to share some significant 80 series action thru Baja. Basically, last November, Six 80's, 11 days, ~2500 miles, 14 persons, 2 drone and video production experts, resulted in a great and well documented...
  14. BajaCruiser94

    Control Arm Bracket Split & Broken from Front Diff Housing

    I've been using my 80 quite heavily in the last months, almost every single weekend, and I also did the complete Baja peninsula on early December (~2000miles) 70% OffRoad. On Sunday, while driving back from the San Pedro Martir Mountains, I felt a metal clunk while driving around 65mph on the...
  15. BajaCruiser94

    BajaCruiser Club - Baja Mexico

    Hey guys, forgive me if this is not so tech, but just wanted to share anyway... We have had a Land Cruiser Club on Baja Mexico for almost a year now; I wanted to share some small clip from our latest trip last January. I'll upload the second part soon. p.s. - Working on the subtitles also...
  16. BajaCruiser94

    Intercooler or Methanol for Summer temps?

    Summer is approaching fast, and I want to keep my SC engine temps cooler this season; I read about both setups; I’m leaning over the simplicity of the methanol option; but my concern is about IAT while idling and/or slow going stuff. Can methanol be used at idle in small amounts to aid IAT and...
  17. BajaCruiser94

    97 FZJ80 + SC + Baja Heat = High Coolant Temperatures

    Current Form: 1997 FZJ80 - 40th Anniversary Edition 190K Miles Head Rebuilt and Gasket done 500 miles ago with OEM parts. Magnuson Supercharger Installed during head rebuild Orange Hub Fan Clutch sourced thru LandTalk Running Stock Non-Ringed Fan Thermostat done 1 year, 1000 miles ago. Radiator...
  18. BajaCruiser94

    4x4Labs Front Bumper with 305 Tires, any pics?

    I'm debating on getting the 4x4Labs Bumper, I'm currently running 305's KM2, but I'm planning to go up to 315 next year; anyone has a pic of a rig running the 305's and 4x4Labs front bumper combo? I worry that it may look funky the the tire height. Thanks -Emerson.
  19. BajaCruiser94

    For Sale  Clean 1994 Land Cruiser – Factory Lockers – 141K Miles

    Here’s the story… Bought this cruiser from used car dealer; owning already two already built 80’s (‘94 & ‘97) I don’t think we can manage a third one, so, as nice as this is, I just can’t make it a partster, it’s too nice! I need to let it go to a Mud member to be built properly. When bought...
  20. BajaCruiser94

    Rear Diff Housing damage? From inside?

    So after a whole day off roading with my 94 and 97 '80's while heading back home I noticed the rear diff of my '97 was leaking oil, upon inspection I was very surprised to find the housing damaged; it seems it was from the inside out? No weird noises, no grinding, nothing, just dripping oil thru...
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