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  1. Jonathan_Ferguson

    1988 4runner Door Latch Assembly part

    Hi Pappy, do you have a photograph of where the code is stamped on the cylinder? You mentioned that "the key code is stamped on the passenger side cylinder". Is this to mean that it is always on the passenger side regardless of correct driving position?
  2. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Hilux Glow plug timer for a LN65 Hilux

    I could not source a matching or equivalent from anywhere. I ended up wiring in a switch. It is also a good idea to change to post-glow capable Glow Plugs like those used in Toyota's Super Glow system. For the 2L the Toyota part number is 19850-54090. Aftermarket alternatives are NGK Y-715R...
  3. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Troubleshooting: Voltage regulator and glow plug relay?

    I had to replace my regulator and the OEM lasted circa 2 years. Voltage Regulator and Brake Mastercylinder I then replaced it with a genericised Chinese product that is still perfectly regulating the voltage to 14.4V 27700-72030 Regulator Unit for Alternator Charge Hilux & 4Runner 8/83> - ToJo...
  4. Jonathan_Ferguson

    33x10.5R15 options

    GT Radial SAVERO KOMODO M/T PLUS GT Radial Komodo Extreme Tyres4U SAVERO KOMODO MUD EXTREME | GT Radial Philippines Silverstone MT-117 Xtreme
  5. Jonathan_Ferguson

    LN106 Charging problem

    In the instances of no or low voltage output I only ever had the charge light came on. When I had low level charging I replaced everything possible. From what I could gather it was only the brushes that were the cause. For the Voltage Regulator, I only got two years out of an OEM. I replaced...
  6. Jonathan_Ferguson

    1985 Straight Axle Front Alignment

    Do you mean Caster?
  7. Jonathan_Ferguson

    altenator or voltage regualtor?

    With the engine running you should measure circa 14.4V When I did a complete tear-down of the Alternator and replaced everything I could from Toyota and the Brushes from Auto Electrics Australia, the only parts that were worn were the Vacuum Pump blades and the Alternator Brushes. When my...
  8. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Hilux hilux front wheel play/movement

    I got the parts for this job from Don Kyatt - Terrain Tamer From memory the part number for the kit is SH3 Don Kyatt Spare Parts - suppliers of 4WD four wheel drive replacement parts Terrain Tamer 4WD Dedicated Stockists New Zealand Because you haven't done this before it is much easier to buy...
  9. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Our '87 4R SR5 Honduras Coffee/Missions Rig Build...

    Cummins Filtration AP8408 I was able to find the part numbers for the Donaldson and the Cummins by using the search function on my previous posts. :grinpimp:
  10. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Our '87 4R SR5 Honduras Coffee/Missions Rig Build...

    I used to have a Donaldson Top Spin H002437, but the clear plastic developed a crack. - I replaced it with a Cummins product that has received punishment unlike the fragile Donaldson.,10-August-2007,DSCF0470,640x480.jpg...
  11. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Stuck dash board gas guage

    If it is the same as a June, 1985 then when switched off the fuel level is still shown.
  12. Jonathan_Ferguson

    List of Outboard motors available in Australia

    I will try to keep this list up to date, even if it is just for my own reference. Telwater distribute Evinrude Brunswick Asia Pacific Group (Mercury Marine) distribute Mariner and Mercury The Haines Group distribute Suzuki Marine Honda MPE distribute Honda Marine Lakeside Marine distribute...
  13. Jonathan_Ferguson

    OK, The Project BEGINS!!!

    Please elaborate on this part of the story.
  14. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Rear tray for my rusty '86 pickup

    I hope it doesn't whistle like moored yachts.
  15. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Advice for a damp 1986 Toyota 4runner

    Fractured bulkhead near to where the bonnet hinges recess.
  16. Jonathan_Ferguson

    '80 Pickup - SWAP

  17. Jonathan_Ferguson

    OEM vs. Aftermarket, when it's OK

    I've changed over to Red Organic Additive Technology without problem on my Hilux and my brother's 2004 Honda Civic.
  18. Jonathan_Ferguson

    Junior, 81 3/4 ton project

    Are the changes to the suspension authentically beneficial?
  19. Jonathan_Ferguson

    How do I center the steering wheel?

    It is that simple.
  20. Jonathan_Ferguson

    OEM vs. Aftermarket, when it's OK

    There are a lot of parts that are equal to OEM but it's not worth my effort to write a list because I'm in a different marketplace to the majority and it wouldn't be worth the effort. - Unless someone has a specific part request. For a part that is still available from Toyota but is worse than...
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