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  1. surfpig

    Backpacking food 2021

    Looking for updated options/ideas for lightweight backpacking food for an upcoming trip. For a weekend/long weekends I really don't pay much attention to weight and I can usually just grab stuff out of the pantry. If the trip extends toward a week I really need to pay attention. Not just to...
  2. surfpig

    Tamarack fire/Barney Riley?

    Hi, any of you locals have information about the Tamarack fire and Barney Riley trail/hot springs? Looking at the fire maps it does not look good... :( :( :(
  3. surfpig

    1997 CE; buy?

    There is a decent looking 1997 CE in a mechanics lot down the street from me. $6000 on the for sale sign. Cursory look, could use a front axle rebuild. No other info at the moment. No idea about lockers, mileage, etc... I feel like I should just buy it. LOL
  4. surfpig

    Water crossings + 1000 miles...

    Kind of a question, though I probably know the answer... We did a lengthy road/offroad trip recently (I won't use the word "overlanding" ... ) and did some water crossings early on in the journey. Is there some point where any water sucked into the differentials get boiled off? Or is it...
  5. surfpig

    FREE: Yeasu FT2900R "Mini Manual"

    I have a mini-manual for a Yeasu FT2900R I no longer need. I'll send it off to whomever wants it! first come, first served. Yaesu FT-2900R / FT-2980R Mini-Manual
  6. surfpig

    Pit Master Santa Maria grille

    Shameless plug, my niece at SLO is marketing this thing as her team’s senior project. Looks pretty cool.
  7. surfpig

    RTH! Rear axle stuck! WTF?

    Hi kids, Doing a reseal/bearings on the rear axle (locked) and the RH side axle is stuck about an inch from the hub. And now I can't pull it out,, either! It hangs up about 2 inches from the hub. Can't turn it, can't do nuthin. Have I screwed the pooch here? I've read bunches of threads about...
  8. surfpig

    Wild Mushrooms? Not THOSE. Well maybe...

    Does anyone here gather wild mushrooms? I'm talking about the culinary kind specifically, but I've picked my share of the "magic" variety as well... I want to go out and find some morels this weekend, as I've never found them before (actually, I found 4 in the neighbor's front yard a couple...
  9. surfpig

    Carson/Virginia city camping?

    Hi kids... We're looking to do some camping/exploring in the Reno/Carson/Virginia city area sometime in mid March. Even further east if there is good scenery, etc. We want to camp a couple of nights too... Our interests are ghost towns, archaeological sites, rock hounding, hot springs, and...
  10. surfpig

    This should not be necessary...

    Did the alignment thingie a few weeks ago at the local tire monkey place, I've been generally happy with their service. They torqued s*** way too tight. :mad: I broke three sockets, two lug wrenches, several adapters, and shared off a few wheel studs trying to loosen up what they fxxxed up...
  11. surfpig

    I'm at my absolute wits end - antenna thread!

    Seems to be the trend here, maybe I can get a 30 page or so thread going... :lol: Is there something I can just plunk in there and forget about it? I've done the replacement mast thingie, and it works fine, when it feels like it. It decides to not work at the most inopportune times. Tired of...
  12. surfpig

    CHAT: 80 Sacramento REI

    Sighted this today shopping for backpacking boots...
  13. surfpig

    Con Ferr roof rack (4x7') Sacramento

    For sale, a Con-Ferr style roof rack, 4 x 7 foot dimensions. Decent shape, with expanded steel mesh floor. This rack has seen a lot of use over the years, it needs a good home. Slee gas can carrier and Hi-lift mount included. No you can’t have my hoist. $150, local pickup only, Sacramento CA
  14. surfpig

    BRC contributions?

    Never mind, not worth the trouble...
  15. surfpig

    Sacramento to S. CO or N. AZ?

    Greetings, I'm trying to get a FJ55 fuel tank, some rocker panels and a couple of other things from Sacramento to somewhere near Durango CO.
  16. surfpig

    Cali emissions questions and some info that may help people...

    I had my piggie tested yesterday and the CO and HC numbers were kind of high, but passing. I'm trying to sell this thing. Well I know I've gotten better numbers, even from when I first bought it, piston ring free and who knows how many cracked/missing vacuum hoses... So I looked back at...
  17. surfpig

    Wanted 80 Series sway bar link

    I need a complete rear sway bar link for my 80. It's this type: thanks!
  18. surfpig

    1977 FJ55 Sacto CA

    I keep forgetting I'm supposed to be selling my piggie! :crybaby: Link :
  19. surfpig

    80 Series Rear Bumper/Carrier [CA-Sacto]

    Hello, I have a custom made VERY well built bumper + swing down tire carrier. Bolts right on to the rear frame. You'll need to remove the crossmember... Tire carrier is impractical for my purposes, and the neighbor would get pissed if it crashed down on his Prius! :lol: Asking $450...
  20. surfpig

    For Sale 1977 FJ55 Trail Rig...

    For sale, my beloved 1977 rustbucket FJ55: I've owned this thing since 12/02. Since that time I've had the engine rebuilt (5/04), mini-truck p/steering (1/05), new springs, 2 1/2" lift (6/05), recent axle rebuild/rear locker, lots of other stuff... It runs strong. Passes Cali emissions...
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