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    Wanted 80 Series Oak Shifter Console, Front Door Panels, Glove box

    Looking for late model 80 series Oak color non-wood crack free Shifter Console and Front Door Panels with armrests/pulls and pockets still attached and a Glove compartment. Condition of the leather doesn't matter but the plastics must be free of cracks and holes. Send pics and prices if you...
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    Diesel shop recommendations

    Planning to import a diesel 70 series this year and was wondering if there is anyone in the area that has experience working on Toyota diesels? Perhaps from other club members that have done imports?
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    Wanted 2F Intake Manifold

    Looking for an intake manifold for a 78 2F in good shape. I believe that would be part number 17111-61010.
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    Wanted FJ60 Gray Front Seat belts

    Looking for front seat belts in very good condition, with covers intact, for an 1985 FJ60, grey interior.
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    Wanted FJ60 E Brake Handle

    I am searching for a black emergency brake handle assembly in very good condition for an 85 FJ60 with grey interior.
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    Where does this vcv hose go?

    Trying to undo a badly done desmog job on a 78 2F. Where should this hose go from the vcv?
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    Wanted Rheostat lighting dimmer knob FJ62

    I'm actually only in need of the knob, but will buy the whole rheostat if necessary.
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    Wanted Camshaft Thrust Plate

    Now discontinued. Looking for one in good condition. My understanding is they were the same through all F, 2F, 3F and 3FEs.
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    Wanted FJ60 gray door panel

    Looking for a left rear door panel for an 85 FJ60, in good condition.
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    Wanted 2F Smog Parts

    I recently picked up a 1985 FJ60 that has been desmogged. I'm looking to resmog it. Ideally I'd like to buy the lot from someone who desmogged and kept all the parts. Piecemeal works too though. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    For Sale 2016 Tacoma TRD Off-Road Access Cab, $35,500

    SOLD 2016 White TRD Off-Road Access Cab, Automatic, with Premium & Technology Package, dealer installed TRD intake, Toyota bed mat, Toyota paint protection film. So occasionally used it still smells like a new car inside.
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    For Sale BMW seats w/ Torfab brackets

    $300 One pair of E46 tan leather power BMW seats, with Torfab brackets. They are a direct bolt in for 1986-1990 60s and 62s with the brackets. The driver seat has some typical wear, but in good condition otherwise and so much more comfortable than the stock seats! They are located in Chesnee...
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    New old member, and a question

    Hello! I've been a Cruiser owner for many years. Joined MUD when the SOR forums members merged 9 or 10 years ago. But recently I acquired a 1988 Xtra Cab. It has become by daily driver since the MPG is so much better than my built 80 and stock 40. Immediately after buying it I sunk more...
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    IPF headlight harness question

    I'm looking for any tips with the IPF / ARB headlight harness on an 1988 Pickup. I grabbed a couple of these kits and stuck one in my 1983 FJ40 with no problems. On the pickup I'm running Roundeyes and it powers the lights, but the high beam indicator on the dash doesn't work. I know its...
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    2F Manifold Insulator ideas?

    So you can see in the blurry pic the state of the part I need to replace. Toyota parts reference refers to it as Manifold Heat Insulator No 1 and its discontinued. So far I'm not having any luck finding one in good used condition. I imagine something can be fabbed to perform the same function...
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    Wanted 2F Manifold Insulator

    Looking for a discontinued part, what Toyota refers to as "INSULATOR, EXHAUST MANIFOLD HEAT, NO.1" for my '83 FJ40.
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    Odyssey batteries on closeout at TNR

    In case anyone is looking for an Odyssey I noticed they are selling them lower then I've seen them before. Just picked up a PC-1500 for $195 + $24 shipping, which comes in about $50 less than last time I bought one. Link: Odyssey Batteries
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    Good match to bronze tint

    After reading this thread about matching tint I started calling around to my local tint shops to find anyone using Llumar Bronze 35. It seemed there was little call for bronze colored tint these days and nobody stocked the stuff. Because it could only be ordered in rolls of 100 feet the...
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    eBay "1994 Toyota Land Cruiser Troopie"

    No affiliation, just noticed it and drooled a bit before wondering how they got it imported. Toyota : Land Cruiser:eBay Motors (item 330382098938 end time Dec-06-09 17:28:25 PST)
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    OE Foglight clear bulb replacement

    Although I like the OEM fog lights for the 40 I'm not a big fan of amber. After quite a bit of searching I found a clear replacement bulb for anyone that may be interested. Eiko 40210 1195 Light Bulb Update: I've been running these bulbs for almost 2 weeks now and am impressed. As clear...
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