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  1. Carp

    Any idea on these bumpers?

    I was perusing TLC's website the other day and came across this 62 that had some some of the more unique bumpers I've seen in a while. Does anyone know if these are one-off's by TLC or are they from another source? I like that they are protective, but not cutting into the approach and departure...
  2. Carp

    Pressure in cooling system

    The last few times I've driven the 60 I've noticed a wet spot under truck for several days after parking it. Under further inspection, it was leaking from the hose connecting to the heater valve. Once I tightened that, the leak moved to the t- stat neck. That's when I opened the radiator cap and...
  3. Carp

    2f vs LS - A Character Discussion

    I know that the virtues of both powertrains have been discussed ad nauseum and I understand the pros and cons to both. What I was hoping to hear from people is how they feel that the character of the truck changed after going from the 2f to the LS? In particular, part of the fun of driving one...
  4. Carp

    June Monthly Meeting!!

    Back by popular demand, we will be having a monthly meeting in June! Date: Saturday June 9 Time: 4:30-until Where: Quaker Steak and Lube, 10 Chrome Drive, Greenville, SC Why: We haven't had one in a long time, and this place will give us group parking, we can take beer outside and stand/sit...
  5. Carp

    Bender HAMOM Investigation Thread

    There has been a lot of talk about doing a bender HAMOM lately. If we still have the bender, which I think we do, I'd be willing to work on setting up the event, but would need to get some ideas on some details before we can get started. I'm thinking it could be a late winter event, but we'd...
  6. Carp

    Combined Order from Cruiser Outfitters?

    Going to order the TRE kit and extra front leafs from Curt at Cruiser Outfitters today. Does anyone need anything and want to see if we can get reduced shipping? I'm going to order by lunch today.
  7. Carp

    Mud ship help.

    Got a friend of a friend who bought a 74 FJ40 in Asheville and needs help shipping, trailering, etc. it back to Wrightsville Beach. Anyone headed that way sometime soon? Let me know.
  8. Carp

    Cargo Light Circuitry

    Does anyone have a picture of the rear cargo light (without cover) or an electrical diagram for it? I took mine out before the move, and now I can't find the thing. I am going to replace it with an aftermarket LED light, but want to make it work like a stock light (on with either the door or...
  9. Carp

    Help upgrade the Bull

    I posted this question in my local chapter forum as well but wanted some feedback from some 60 owners with different backgrounds. For the general wheeling that I do, think southeast rock and minimal mud, do you think it is best to be armored, expo'ed, etc. to the hilt, weight be damned, or do...
  10. Carp

    Help upgrade the Bull

    For the general wheeling that we do, do you think it is best to be armored, expo'ed, etc. to the hilt, weight be damned, or do you think appropriate mods for protection with an eye towards keeping the truck light would be the best approach? Drew is convinced that my 60 goes so well because it's...
  11. Carp

    GSMTR 2011 Caravan Thread - Post up when you're heading up

    Thought it would be good for everyone to post up in here when you're leaving, where from, and see if you might find a fellow cruiser head to follow up. Plus, it gives support in the event of a break-down. I'm leaving Wed after noon from Simpsonville, going up 25 to I26 to I40... Any time...
  12. Carp

    Carp's 65 Nova Thread

    So, I've got the new daily driver. It's a 1965 ChevyII Nova. It's got the inline 6 and powerglide transmission. Only has 73k miles. Nice car, fun to drive, makes decent power and drives great. Not sure what all I'm gonna do to it, but mostly gonna drive it all over the place.
  13. Carp

    Beasley's Knob

    Anyone know when Beasley's opens? I got a hankerin' for that steep red clay.
  14. Carp

    ROTM - Bull

    I grew up with Toyota's in my blood. My uncle used to race dirt track Celica's and specialized in Toyota repairs. I had a few 2WD mini's along the way, but never got into the 4WD thing, even though I grew up about an hour from Tellico. Fast forward 14 years, and I was autocrossing a miata...
  15. Carp

    Anyone used RockAuto?

    I think that this is mostly off-topic, but it might be useful for everyone to know. Has anyone ever bought parts from I am getting ready to do a timing chain job in the DD Saturn, and their prices are a good bit lower than Advance or Autozone, and significantly lower than NAPA...
  16. Carp

    'Nother Baby Carp

    It seems that there has been a baby rash in UC lately. I've been meaning to post up about our new arrival, but have been so busy with all of the kids, I've been just trying to stay afloat. Owen David Carpenter was born on Valentine's Day. He was 7lb 11oz and 20" long. He has a head full of...
  17. Carp

    Build a Cruiser for a Fallen Soldier T-Shirts

    UPDATE: Please visit Upstate Cruisers Store to purchase the shirts. I'm putting this here in hopes of getting more traffic, more t-shirts, and in turn, more money for the project. The Upstate Cruisers have taken on a project to rebuild a 1972 FJ40 for a soldier (Joshua Reeve's) who was...
  18. Carp

    Play on Playas - Golf Tourney Info

    Guys and Gals, I'm helping to host a golf tournament next Thursday (Oct. 22) at Pickens Country Club. The cost is $50/person for a captains choice tournament that starts at 1:00PM. The proceeds (read anything over the cart fee) will be donated to the church's St. Vincent de Paul fund, which...
  19. Carp

    Could Moab Close and keep Tellico Closed?

    Don't know how I haven't heard of this until today, but Congress is to vote on a bill TOMORROW (Oct 1) that could close Moab, Chimney Rock, and San Rafael Swell in Utah - roughly 9.4 million acres to the OHV community. If this bill is passed, I think it will provide the legal precedence for...
  20. Carp

    TrollHole Cruisers Carb Install on a 60

    Got my new 2F desmog carb directly from Trollhole. He's importing and selling F and 2F carbs for desmogged motors. You can read more about them here. I decided to do this before our club's annual Over the Mountain Tour run, which was being held at Coal Creek OHV this year, 4 hours from home...
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