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  1. drenmaster

    Clutch issues or my imagination.

    I have a 87 HJ61 which I try to drive every other week. The clutch pedal seems very soft on it now, like very easy to push. First time I noticed I bled the system and it felt normal but driving today it feels soft again. If I pump on the pedal it will get more firm but that goes away. There are...
  2. drenmaster

    Electrical cable makers in Tucson?

    Anyone know or recommend any local places that make heavy duty electrical cables in tucson? Need 2 roughly 12’ cables to run from a winch to battery. Trying to locate something local if possible. Thanks!!
  3. drenmaster

    Winch power / ground questions

    I have searched and I am still trying to get a definitive answer on grounding to the battery vs frame. Its all split from what I have seen. I know the recommended method is directly to the battery, however my battery is located in the cab and I need roughly 10-12 feet of cable to reach it...
  4. drenmaster

    Wanted Looking for camper shell or cover 1990 pickup.

    Longshot but looking for somthing that will keep my gear dry. Would prefer a camper shell/topper but really just want to see whats out there. I am located in az.
  5. drenmaster

    E-locker help

    So the 90 pickup i bought has an e-locker in the rear. Previous owner said it works but if you lock it it will not disengage and the index/clocking needs adjusted. I had a 400 miles drive home at the time so I took him on his word.. that is my mistake. When i finally had time to troubleshoot...
  6. drenmaster

    SOLD Tucson, Wrangler MTR 37x12.50x15 (Tires only)

    Mods this can be deleted
  7. drenmaster

    Shops in Tucson that will work on bead lock wheels?

    Bought a mini that has bead lock wheels on it. The truck currently has 37s and I would like to go to 35s but the only place I have found that will mount them charges 115 per wheel and requires new hardware... I do not really need bead locks at all or the hassle, so if all the shops are this...
  8. drenmaster

    Chiva falls difficultly?

    So friday I have the opportunity to go on a trail ride instead of being at work.. Tough choice right? Problem is the other folks going will be on side by sides or dirtbikes. So I wont be alone but recovery options may not be there. How tough is that trail without lockers? I hear there are...
  9. drenmaster

    Tucson body shop

    Have a rust issue that needs repaired and is beyond my skill level. Anyone have a shop in tucson they recommend? Or if anyone has body repair skills and want to take on a small project? Its just too tight of a space for me and i really have no idea what i am doing with it being double walled.
  10. drenmaster

    Toolroll discount

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but there is a discount today, well atleast the site says today only.. i got 3 bags for $60 shipped. Use promo code "bundle3"
  11. drenmaster

    SAS#5 sign up!!

    Solid axle summit 5 registration is now up. Get on it now if you want a spot they go quick.
  12. drenmaster

    4x4 bumper build help?

    I am in the market for a rear bumper and i really like 4x4 labs design and the fact that building it can save over $1k. The real problem is do not have a welder and have no idea how to weld. Wanted to reach out to you guys and see if anyone would be willing to lend a hand and help me build/...
  13. drenmaster

    Bighorn fire

    Is anyone affected by this? If someone is MUD might be the last place they look but figured a post is worth it. If anyone needs help shoot me a PM. Ill do what I can to help our community out.
  14. drenmaster

    12H-T fly wheel bolts..

    Seems to be an on going question when i have searched with mixed answers. When installing these bolts do you follow the FSM and use engine oil on the threads or do you use thread lock? And which color? Pretty sure the bolts i pulled were original they were pretty dry and no sign of thread...
  15. drenmaster

    SOLD PTO Tucson AZ

    Have a PTO for sale. Came off a HJ61. Everything In the picture is included. Will not come with the boot/plate that mounts to the tub. $350 prefer local pickup but shipping can be worked out
  16. drenmaster

    SOLD PTO, Tucson AZ

    Have a PTO for sale. Came off a HJ61. Everything In the picture is included. Will not come with the boot/plate that mounts to the tub. $350 prefer local pickup but shipping can be worked out.
  17. drenmaster

    Clutch replacment.

    I plan on replacing my clutch soon. I am located in Tucson and I was wondering if anyone has a machine shop recommendation for having my flywheel resurfaced. Also does anyone have a transmission Jack I could rent from them? I plan on getting one from HF but figure I'd ask first because this...
  18. drenmaster

    For Sale Stock HJ61 leafs

    Maybe someone out there wants this. No clue how old it is or brand/oem.. local pickup from Tucson. Make an offer. Edit: Guess it needs a price. $100
  19. drenmaster

    SAS #4 is open for registration!!

    If anyone is interested in the event now is your chance to sign up. I missed out last year, but would like to convoy up there again with the AZ crowd.
  20. drenmaster

    Speedo cable grommet..

    Seriously what's the trick? The grommet for the floor is killing me. I tried grease no grease, all kinds of tools.. i just can not get it to sit correctly. It either tries to slide up into the cab or just slides back down. It slide into the cab for a second time and i called it a night and...
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